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Who Needs The Best Pasta Maker Machine

Updated on May 16, 2015

Do You Need a Pasta Maker?

Paste makers and items like Atlas pasta maker attachments are becoming the rule in kitchens these day rather than the exception.

More and more people are making the decision to begin search for great recipes like the Kitchenaid pasta maker recipe so they can enjoy restaurant quality pasta in the comforts of their own homes. But, is this a tool for you?

Do you need a pasta maker?

What can a commercial ravioli maker do for your kitchen and your interests in spending time in it?

Pasta Maker Machine
Pasta Maker Machine

Who Needs Pasta Makers?

Budding Gourmets

Pasta machines come in many different shapes and sizes. They offer a great deal of appeal to men and women everywhere who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Not everyone likes to cook and for some people this is a tool that isn't needed in their kitchens.

But budding gourmet chefs are not the only people who can enjoy the benefits of adding a pasta making machine to the long list of items, gadgets, attachments, and tools in their kitchens. There are plenty of people who just enjoy eating fine foods and know, all too well, that the best way to enjoy more of these fine foods is to learn to make them at home.

Pasta maker reviews will help you figure out which pasta makers and tools are best for you to use.

Commercial Ravioli Pasta Machine

Electric Pasta Maker Machines

Who Buy's Them?

There is another group of people who are increasingly turning to hand pasta makers as well as pasta maker attachments for other kitchen appliances. That group would be mothers who are growing increasingly concerned about the foods they are giving their children and the ingredients in them.

Concerned Moms More and more parents are turning away from prepackaged and processed foods in search for foods that offer more health benefits and fewer question marks. Making your own pasta is a great way to be sure you know exactly what is going into the foods your children are eating - even the pasta.

You'll need to do a little homework before you pick the ultimate pasta making tool for your kitchen. Some people prefer using a pasta hand roller while others are more inclined to purchase a motorized pasta maker instead.

There are plenty of brands to choose from. Some of the best brands you might want to take a look at include: Cavatelli pasta machine, Marcato pasta makers, Popeil pasta makers, and Presto Pro pasta maker. The hard part may really be picking just one.

Which Pasta Maker Is Best? - Tell us which is the best pasta maker machine

Always interested to hear the opinions of others and their pasta makers

Which models of pasta maker machine would you rate as the best?

See results
Weston 6 Inch Traditional Style 6" Traditional Pasta Machine
Weston 6 Inch Traditional Style 6" Traditional Pasta Machine

The Roma Pasta Machine couples together old world tradition with modern technology to provide you with years of use. The Roma Pasta Machines knead the dough and shape the pasta with ease! Easy to attach cutting heads are available to make any type of pasta including: Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Linguini, Lasagna, Lasagnette, Fettuccini and Half Moon & Square Raviolis

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro - Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle
Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro - Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle

The Traditional CucinaPro 150 Imperia Pasta Machine, has a 6-inch wide roller and a double head cutter that makes wide 1/4-inch fettuccini as well as thin 1/16-inch spaghetti noodles. Made of chromed plated steel, the heavy duty CucinaPro 150 Imperia also has an easy-lock dough roller adjustment dial, and an endless variety of noodle styles thanks to additional attachments available for purchase.

Weston Electric Pasta Machine, Red
Weston Electric Pasta Machine, Red

Unfortunately the Weston 01-0601-W Roma is one pasta maker that is not doing too well in the reviews Reports of breaking easily and stopping mid pasta batch make this one you should maybe stay away from.


Picking the Right Pasta Maker to Bring Out Your Inner Gourmet

Every man, woman, and child has a true gourmet hidden inside. Some require a little more digging to find it but everyone has a touch of creative genius when it comes to making culinary delights in the kitchen. That's why kitchen pasta makers of all shapes and sizes are becoming all the rage in modern kitchens.

We all want more power in our own kitchens and more power over our kitchens. Taking control of the pasta making process is just one more step you can take to add bolder new flavors and get even more out of your time in the kitchen.

But how do you pick the right pasta maker for your home? Are there any considerations you need to make? You better believe there are. Keep these things in mind and you're sure to have a pasta machine for your home that is a picture perfect fit for your space, tastes, and cooking style.

Where Will Mr Pasta Making Machine Live? - The storage and ability question!

One thing that is so hard for us to understand when it comes to kitchen is the law of limited spaces. It's true. I've never yet met a woman who believes her kitchen is too big and wishes she had less cabinet or countertop space. Kitchens need so much but there's only so much room for storage available.

Make sure that the motorized pasta maker or pasta maker attachment you choose for your home is something you have the room to store and access easily or it will end up being something you rarely use due to its inaccessibility.

Coooking Pasta Tips
Coooking Pasta Tips

Your Pasta Maker Machine

Countertop Space

Even with an electric pasta maker machine it still takes some countertop space to actually make the pasta. Make sure you have a kitchen that invites pasta making or you can easily relocate to a dining room table for some of the heavy lifting, mixing, etc.

Making pasta, even when using a homemade pasta maker machine or attachment, can be a family affair for added fun. Try it for yourself and see. You don't want to make a big investment in a pasta machine if you don't have the countertop space to really make it work for you.

Cooking Style

Every person has a unique cooking style that works for him or her. You need to take your cooking style into account when you pick your own pasta making tool or machine.

If you tend to do a lot of hand mixing and rarely think to pull out the big tools you have in your kitchen then you might do better with a pasta hand cutter rather than a pasta maker motor driven machine.

Now that you know things that are important to consider so that you get the right pasta making machine to meet your pasta making needs it's time to put those things to work and buy your homemade pasta maker today.

You really must try making fresh pasta

Using A Pasta Maker Machine

Picking The Right Pasta Maker

You'll need to do a little homework before you pick the ultimate pasta making tool for your kitchen.

Some people prefer using a pasta hand roller while others are more inclined to purchase a motorized pasta maker instead. There are plenty of brands to choose from.

How to make perfect pasta

Whether you're new to cooking or you've made mounds of spaghetti over the years, pasta is easy to make. Follow these steps for foolproof pasta:

1) Use a large pot to cook your pasta. Rule of thumb: use about five pints of water for each pound of pasta. If you don't use enough water so the pasta can move around while it cooks, you'll end up with sticky pasta.

2) Boil the water before you add the pasta. Add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of salt (once boiling). Make sure the water is at a rolling boil before you gently add the pasta (all at once for even cooking).

3) Bring the water back to a boil. Stir the pasta and cover it tightly with a lid. Keep close tabs on the pasta so the water doesn't boil over. Once the water boils again, remove the lid, turn down the heat and let the water boil without overflowing. Stir the pasta occasionally to keep it from sticking together.

4) When cooked, drain the pasta in a colander and shake to remove excess water. Once drained, add the pasta to a large bowl and pour your sauce over the pasta. Toss it and serve immediately.

Have you got any pasta maker cooking tips to share? - Have your say and spread the word...

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