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Wilton's Ultimate Decorating Set -- A Cake Decorator's Dream

Updated on March 9, 2012

Everything You Need to Decorate Beautiful Cakes.

Cake decorating can be a fun way to make a delicious treat for holidays, birthdays and any other celebration.

I took cake decorating classes at my local craft store last winter, and I had a blast. The only thing I wished I would have had is a cake decorating kit with a storage caddy. It would have made taking all of my stuff to class each much easier.

Many of the other students in my cake decorating class had the Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set. It had everything they needed to use during class all kept in a clever tote. It was so neat that I decided to add it to this year's Christmas list.

Cake decorating is a great way to personalize a celebration.

The Biggest Cake Decorating Set on the Market

This cake decorating set has over $250 worth of tools and supplies. When you buy the Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set, you get everything from decorating bags and tips to fondant rollers and cutters. The case alone is worth $50! It really does has everything you need to start making beautiful cakes that will be the talk of the party.

Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set- Discontinued By Manufacturer
Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set- Discontinued By Manufacturer

The Ultimate Decorating Set has everything you need to start cake decorating. There are decorating tips for icing flowers and decorations, fondant tools, icing bags, and more. It even includes a caddy to keep it all in.


What I Love About My Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set

I bought my Wilton Ultimate Decorating set in early 2011 when I took Wilton cake decorating classes at my local Michael's store. I absolutely LOVED it that I didn't have to buy a new supply kit for each class I took. After the first class, I could show up with my Ultimate Decorating Set and know that I had everything I needed. Also, the caddy provided me with an easy way to tote my cake making supplies to and from class. Some of my classmates had to juggle several bags to get their things to and from their car. All I had to do was grab my caddy and maybe one bag with my icing and a few other things. Then in class, many of my classmates had to dig through grocery bags to find the tools they needed to complete the lessons. All I had to do open the appropriate drawer in my caddy and I had what I needed in an instant.

Now that I've finished the basic cake decorating classes, I still find my Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set to be useful. I now have a convenient place to keep all of my smaller cake decorating supplies. Everything from decorating tips to flower forms to fondant cutters have a place in my caddy. I don't lose these things because they all have a place and I always know exactly where to find them. My decorating tips are neat and organized and easy to find instead of jumbled up in a bag or box. Each drawer of the caddy has a different type of supply. One holds my food coloring, another hold my fondant shaping tools and a third holds my flower making tools. I love being able to keep my supplies nice and organized.

Photo by Pirate Alice

The Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set replaces the Wilton Class Supply Kits for ALL of Wilton's basic cake decorating classes...and includes an organizer!

When you buy the Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set, it's like Christmas. When i got mine, I had a ball unwrapping all of the tools from their plastic bags and wrappers, and envisioning all of the cool cakes I was going to make with these supplies. Here's a list of what you'll find when you open the box.

Photo by anneh632

  • 4 Spatulas, with both Angled and Straight Handles
  • Decorator Bags, both Reusable and Disposable.
  • Practice Board with Patterns
  • 6 Pc Forming Cups, Flower Nails and Templates
  • Parchment Triangles
  • 17 Decorating Tips, Couplers, and Silicone Tip Covers
  • Thin and Thick Foams, Gold Foil
  • Brush Set
  • Flower Cutters and Formers
  • Scallop Ruffle Cutter, Ribbon Cutter/Embosser, Round Cut Out Set
  • Dishwasher Pouch, Dusting Pouch
  • Green Ball Tool, Green Veining Tool
  • 8-inch Cake Circles
  • Rolling Pin, Dowel Rods, Modeling Sticks
  • The Ultimate Tool Caddy

Learning to Use Your Kit

If you haven't already, you should definitely take cake decorating classes. Wilton has a series of three classes.

The first is called Decorating Basics, including how to ice a cake, how to torte a cake (cut it in half), and how to use a decorator bag.

The second class is called Flowers and Cake Design. You get to learn how to make all kinds of flowers using buttercream frosting and royal icing.

The third and last class is called Gum Paste and Fondant. In this class you get to channel your inner Cake Boss and learn how to decorate a cake with fondant and gum paste.

All three classes are really fun, and in the end you will be able to make and decorate cakes that will be the centerpiece of any celebration you go to.

Wilton's Ulitmate Decorating Set was designed so that it contains everything you will need when you take the three Wilton Classes. Some of the ladies I took the classes with had this set, and it was easy for them to carry all of their stuff to and from class. My supplies were stuffed into reusable grocery bags and were very cumbersome to carry. I always had to make two trips to the car to get everything in without dropping the cakes I decorated in class.

Image: Easter Basket Cake I made for Easter 2011. Photo Taken by Me.

Wilton Auctions

EBay is a great place to find Wilton's Ultimate Decorating Set. Definitely something to check out. Happy Bidding!

What are your favorite cake decorating tools?

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    • profile image

      MintySea 5 years ago

      I have never taken a class. I am not very skilled with frosting. Though I can make a tasty one its not very pretty like fondant. Ps the kit looks cool.

    • krakensquid profile image

      krakensquid 6 years ago

      Great lens!

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 6 years ago

      I think I'll take the Michael's cake decorating class. You've totally inspired me. My Mom is in a rehab facility for the elderly and I'll be the elderly folks here would love a cake! Great idea. Thanks.