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Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

Updated on November 29, 2015

Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

Opening a bottle of wine starts with a good wine bottle foil cutter. It may be hard to find a good one, so that's why I made this wine cutter list.

Many people donât appreciate the value of using a foil cutter on the top of their wine bottle, and simply use just anything to cut it off. This often leads to a sloppy looking band on the top of the wine bottle, and in my opinion jagged foil on top kills the presentation. It is also unsafe using a regular knife because you may cut yourself in the process of removing the wine bottle foil.

So make sure you keep your fingers safe, and your wine looking good with any of these high quality wine bottle foil cutters.

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Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

There are many different types of wine bottle foil cutter styles. Here are three different styles of foil cutters that you will find on the market today. They range from basic looking to a more complex look. Make sure to pick one that fits your wine opener's style.

Wine Bottle Opener With Foil Cutter

If you are like me then you may want to have an all purpose wine opener that has the wine bottle foil cutter built right into it. If that is the case then these top of the line wine openers are what you have been searching for.

Using A Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

Normann Copenhagen Foil Cutter by Aurélien Barbry

The Normann Copenhagen Foil Cutter by Aurélien Barbry is a simple and yet sophisticated wine bottle foil cutter. It has a classic cork design with a blade implanted into it. The way that it removes the wine foil makes it very popular among wine enthusiasts.

The best wine bottle foil cutter is truly one great foil cutter. Everything about it is just perfect, from the design to it’s awesome european design. This is the essential foil cutter that any home bartender or wine enthusiast must have.

Wine Foil Cutters for Gift Baskets

It is very common to put together a wine themed gift basket to give as a special gift. In the gift basket all of your wine accessories can be found. When building wine baskets many people only buy a corkscrew and simply overlook the wine bottle foil cutter. Here are a few inexpensive foil cutters that would make welcome additions to any gift basket.

Bottle Foil Cutters And More Demonstrations

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