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Wine Glasses: From Cheap to Stylish!

Updated on May 11, 2014

Introduction to the Wonderful World of Wine Glasses!

Wine glasses are a beautiful and fine addition to any collection. From the inexpensive glasses designed for practical use to fine crystal wine glasses that stick out as showing class and sophistication - you can find them all here. Wine glasses serve their elegant purpose by allowing wine to air out as well as provide a very specific type of glassware for a unique alcohol. Wine has special needs that beer or hard liquors do not, and some good wine glasses can really set you apart as someone of sophistication who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. If you're looking for wine glasses, you'll find something that will meet your needs here!

Search for Cheap Wine Glasses on Amazon!

You can search to find a wide variety of affordable yet classy wine glasses for any special occasion.

Finding Cheap Wine Glasses

Cheap doesn't have to mean low quality glasses for wine

If there was a time when wine glasses were always expensive, an obvious sign of sophistication and income, those days have passed. There are a wide array of glassware available that fit all styles from the casual wine drinker to the serious connoisseur. When talking about cheap wine glasses, there are actually several directions you can go. This is a pretty nebulous term, and it can mean anything from the very cheap plastic wine glasses you might have for an outdoor barbecue or special get-together, to buying wine glasses in bulk for a discount. Both options can be a good way to get a deal on this specialized glassware, depending on what it is you actually need.

Want discount bulk wine glasses? There are plenty of providers out there. Even a site like often has several competing vendors and you can also enjoy free shipping on order over $25 - which is no small amount to sneeze at depending on just how many you want. Cheap wine glasses can be found individually or they can be bought in sets. There are many different types of inexpensive glasses for red and white wine, and as you would expect some are more expensive than others - finding a cheap engraved wine glass might be a bit of a challenge, for example - but there are always many affordable options available to suit whatever needs you have.

Look for Fine Crystal Wine Glasses on Amazon

You might be surprised how many excellent and fine glasses for wine you can find on Amazon.

Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal glasses just give that extra bit of opulence

One of the most interesting thing about crystal wine glasses is just how many different types there are. Many people love the modern design and elegance such as the group of six in the picture just to the right. Crystal designs can vary greatly depending on what you're looking for. Many people have a specific company or design they prefer such as Waterford crystal wine glasses or Baccarat Crystal or are looking for a specific type of antique like lead crystal wine glasses. Each person's individual style and taste is going to vary, and when it comes to fine china and crystal it can be very easy to see how there are so many different opinions and preferences.

Then there is also crystal based on international designs. There are commonly a lot of people who want Czech, German, Italian, or Irish crystal wine glasses. If you want to find these high end glasses at an affordable rate, then it might take time and some effort to find high quality crystal wine glasses for sale. If you can find a special deal, free shipping, or other deals. Many people have a specific idea of which designs are ideal for them, but if you're not married to any particular design or company then it's worth the time to shop around. Depending on how wild a design you want, you may even find a great deal on black crystal wine glasses.

Variety of Painted Wine Glasses from Amazon

You may even find some unique and excellent hand painted glasses from Amazon sellers.

Painted Wine Glasses

Hand painted wine glasses

Painting wine glasses is a more recent tradition, and one that some people love while some traditionalists tend to scoff at. One of the benefits of painted wine glasses is the ability to customize the decorations or get ones that represent specific holidays like Christmas or Mardi Gras or even special occasions like weddings and birthdays. These are often used for decorative purposes and can add a very nice touch to a dining room or living room. However just because they are meant as decorations doesn't mean that you can't drink out of them. Hand painted wine glasses in particular have become extremely popular recently and there are even companies that are becoming well known for providing this particular type of glassware.

Lolita hand painted wine glasses are one popular example of this. They're known for being excellent funky hand painted wine glasses, and their popularity is hard to argue with. While this isn't going to be for everyone, and certainly is not what you would use for formal occasions or traditional wine tastings, they can be a nice gift or change of pace. For the right people these make excellent gifts whether for birthdays or Christmas.

Acrylic Wine Glasses

High quality plastic wine glasses

Acrylic wine glasses are a low cost and convenient solution when you want some decent glasses for a special occasion, but you don't want to risk broken glass or you just wouldn't use normal ones often enough to make it worth the investment. Acrylic is a clear and durable type of plastic that makes it ideal for cheap cups, plates, or dining ware. This type of plastic is much more durable than the kind you would find with say a Dixie Cup, and it's stable enough to use with drinks like wine and you don't have to worry so much about broken glasses - or actual glass that can cut you. This makes these ideal for large one time get-togethers, especially if they're based outdoors for a 4th of July picnic, family reunion, or anything similar in nature. These come in conventional form, the type of design you think of when it comes to that type of glass or you can also find acrylic stemless wine glasses as well.

Engraved Wine Glasses from Amazon

Yes, you can even find engraved and personalized wine glasses on

Engraved Wine Glasses

Also known as Etched Wine Glasses

Engraved wine glasses, also commonly referred to as etched wine glasses, are often seen as high end barware. Many people love the idea of engraved or etched wine glasses and it's not hard to see why. This type of extra decorative work is almost never done with cheaper glassware but is associated with higher end stuff and it's easy to see why. If you're going to spend a large purchase amount on crystal or expensive sets of wine glasses then why not get your initials or a family saying sketched on them? Custom printed wine glasses are increasingly popular because everyone likes a personalized gift, that nice little extra touch that makes it distinctly unique. Custom logos are also another excellent option if initials and letters just don't quite do it.

These tend to be more common in modern times, although there are many examples of antique etched wine glasses and they are in very high demand by collectors. Etched fish wine glasses have quite a following, and there are also examples of decanters that are engraved with personal messages or initials to complete the set. Normally these come in sets of 4, 6, or even 8 glasses. This makes sense when you consider that etchings and engravings are for very important occasions. The options for customization are limited only by your ideas.

Decorative Wine Glasses

Decorative wine glasses come in a wide variety of designs. This could be like the etched glasses for wine in the picture just to the right, or go on to customized patterns. Whether you're looking for hand painted decorative wine glasses or monogrammed stemless wine glasses, there are plenty of ways to go decorative when it comes to fine drinking glasses. When someone asks about decorative wine glasses, the biggest issue in finding the perfect ones is figuring out what exactly "decorative" means to each individual person. Frosted glass? Etchings? Customized glass work? All of these fall under the loosely defined word of decorative.

If you like wine and are looking for some glasses that set you apart from the same old, same old, then these are definitely worth taking a look at. Remember: just because they're for show doesn't mean you can't drain a glass of your favorite red or white!

Colored Wine Glasses

Acrylic or old antique glass?

Colored wine glasses can refer to one of two main types. There are many colored acrylic wine glasses, which are colored plastic and designed for one time or just a few time use but hold up well for outdoor events. The majority of the time this is probably what someone is referring to. On the other hand, there are a few people who may be looking for antique colored wine glasses. In this case the glass might be depression glass or Vaseline glass, or something similar. These are less common and often very decorative, almost like a cross between a wine glass and a glass goblet, but these can also very much be considered colored wine glasses and definitely stick out from a collection.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are often used as a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, or other similar events. These are sometimes decorative in nature, and at other times it's just as simple as having a custom etching or engraving done. Often times engraved wine glasses are personalized and customized, so they're all referring to more or less the same thing. With modern technology, it's easier than ever and more affordable to get the perfect glasses for drinking wine that fit you just perfectly. Why settle for generic when you can have your own personalized wine glasses that are set to your own personal tastes and standards? These are sure to remain popular for years to come, especially with how affordable an entire set of these custom engraved wine glasses can be. When you go for custom printed wine glasses you know you won't be disappointed because you're in control of the glass design and what they say!

Introducing Stemless Wine Glasses

There are a lot of options when it comes to wine glasses without stems.

Stemless wine glasses are an extremely popular version of this glassware, and are also fairly common when it comes to acrylic makes and models. Stemless wine glasses as wedding favors have jumped in popularity, and based on the sheer number of people who continue to like the stemless versus regular, they're not going anywhere. These glasses remind some people of brandy snifters just because the lack of a long neck. The advantage to this when dealing with traditional designs made from glass is that the delicate neck stems aren't there to break. Acrylic stemless wine glasses are extremely popular because they are easy to stack, easy to buy in bulk, and serve their purpose perfectly for any type of outdoor event.

In fact, the demand for this particular type of drinking glass is so high that there are multiple companies even specializing in it. The easy ability to palm the glass makes it ideal for a lot of people. Whether you're into reidel stemless wine glasses or libbey stemless wine glasses it doesn't matter - you're getting quality drinking cups to enjoy your afternoon libations. In other words, you're enjoying the healthy heart benefits of wine in a glass that will be much less likely to break than the traditional ones.

And if you love that personal customized touch, even monogrammed stemless wine glasses are available.

Champagne Glasses on Amazon

Technically a true champagne glass is referred to as a champagne flute.

Champagne Glasses

These are actually champagne flutes

Champagne glasses have their own distinct design. While many people group them in with normal wine glasses, it's worth noting that champagne flutes are actually a very specific design. These glasses tend to be thinner and longer than your normal ones for wine and they also commonly come in groups of six, eight, or more. These are commonly used during weddings or other celebratory events and it never hurts to have several around if you're planning on hosting a high class New Year's Eve party.

While there are acrylic champagne glasses available, this is one time when many people will choose to go that extra little distance and buy the traditional glass champagne glasses. This doesn't mean you have to go all the way and spring for high end crystal ware, but it can be nice to have some actual glasses to clink when the time comes for a toast.

Redneck Wine Glasses

No reason wine tastings always have to be so serious!

Redneck Wine Glasses

Admittedly I'm a bit of a wine snob, so the idea of a redneck wine glass doesn't hit me the way it has apparently tickled the fancy of hundreds of thousands of others - but to each their own...I've drank Don Perignon campaign out of a mason jar before so who am I to judge? Redneck wine glasses have gained enormous popularity and while it might seem like one of those "I can't believe someone made a million dollars off of that idea and I didn't think of it first," type of ideas, wine glasses for rednecks have become extremely popular in recent years and while this trend may pass, it is an interesting take off of a modern or "redneck" version of a wine glass.

Great Cheap Wine Glasses from eBay - Find inexpensive bar glassware here!

Never a bad idea to scan eBay for great deals on classy but inexpensive wine glasses.

Wine Glass Poll

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Wine Glass Videos on YouTube

You might be amazed by just how many options there are when it comes to wine glasses. And with something like this a picture is definitely worth a thousand words...

Did you like this lens? What is your preference when it comes to wine glasses? Thanks for sharing!

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      @JadaFuego: Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this lens all about the many different styles of wine glasses available.

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      I am loving the variety of wine glasses you have presented!!

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      Oh My! Those redneck wine glasses are hilarious! Loved the idea of them!


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