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Wine Opener Gift Set

Updated on November 29, 2015

Wine Opener Gift Set

If you are looking for that perfect gift to give then look no further than a wine opener gift set. These timeless gifts are great for everyone. Newlyweds, bosses, college graduates, grandparents, and parents all can use a good wine opener. A good wine opener set will last a lifetime and every bottle they open they will be reminded of that special day that you gave them their wine opener.

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Electric Wine Opener Gift Set

An electric wine opener makes the perfect gift for someone who struggles to open bottles of wine with a manual corkscrew. These outstanding electric wine opener sets take all the effort out of opening any bottle of wine. The way I look at it is if they don’t struggle opening the bottle, they will enjoy their wine that much more.

Screwpull Wine Opener Set

Screwpull wine opener gift set not only looks great but opens wine bottles easy. You simply screw down the corkscrew, and it lifts the cork right out of the bottle for you. Minimal effort to uncork a bottle of wine make the Screwpull wine opener sets very popular.

Wine Bottle Opener Gift Set

A themed wine opener gift set may be just what you are looking for to give as the perfect gift. You can find these themed sets to celebrate occasions such as weddings, and fashionable wine opener sets in totes for the person who likes to take their wine to the great outdoors. There is a wine opener gift set for every occasion.

If you are looking for simply the best wine opener gift set then you have found it in the Metrokane VIP Sterling Rabbit Corkscrew with Black Leather Presentation Case. This is THE wine opener that will impress anyone you give it to. It has an awesome feel when you hold it in your hands, and you will be even more impressed when it removes that corkscrew in seconds. Metrokane has not only made an impressive corkscrew, but the best wine opener set there is on the market today.

Rabbit V.I.P. Polished Sterling Corkscrew in Leather Case (Black)
Rabbit V.I.P. Polished Sterling Corkscrew in Leather Case (Black)

Luxury gift for wine connoisseur

Presentation/storage case made of genuine leather with polished chrome base and top

Sterling edition Rabbit corkscrew made of die-cast metal with polished chrome finish

Chrome foil cutter

Extra spiral included


Metrokane Houdini Wine Opener Set

Metrokane did it again and this time with the Houdini wine opener gift set. This wine opener does just what you think it may do, and that is make the cork disappear from the wine bottle. It has a very simple approach to opening a bottle of wine. Make sure you check out the demonstration of the Houdini wine opener in the video below.

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