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Wine Racks, Wine Storage and Wine Accessories

Updated on September 18, 2015

Let's talk wine. Even better, let's drink wine! But before we uncork a bottle of Merlot or Pinot Grigio, there are plenty of wine products and accessories to enhance the look of your wine collection and make wine drinking an even more pleasurable experience.

If you've taken the time to select some tasty reds, whites, roses and sparkling wines, it only seems right to display and store them in the best way possible with this great range of designer wine racks, wine coasters, wine stoppers, wine glass holders and champagne buckets.

Define cube wine rack
Define cube wine rack

Wine Racks

Wine storage has never been easier or more stylish with the variety of wine racks available on the market right now. There's a design to suit every taste from wooden wine racks, metal wine racks, free standing wine racks or wall-mounted wine racks.

If you prefer a classic wooden rack but with an added contemporary look, the Define Cube Wine Rack holds 9 bottles in Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is often referred to as Indian Rosewood - a beautiful hardwood with a deep chestnut colour.

Define 10 bottle wine rack
Define 10 bottle wine rack

Want that same Sheesham wood look for your wine rack but with a simple clever design? Go for the Define wooden rack that balances up to 10 bottles on top of each and provides a talking point during any impromptu get-together with friends?

Wooden free standing 12 bottle wine rack
Wooden free standing 12 bottle wine rack

For those of you wanting a wooden wine rack which holds up to 12 bottles, leading design company Furnantics have crafted a wine storage product that will look great anywhere in the home.

Stainless steel cactus wine rack
Stainless steel cactus wine rack

If your taste is for something cool, contemporary and a little off-the-wall, how about the j-me Cactus Wine Rack. Made from stainless steel with a mirror finish, this product provides storage for up to 8 bottles of your favourite vino.

Brushed stainless steel wine rack
Brushed stainless steel wine rack

Free standing wine racks are great if you have floor space to accommodate them, but for many people they need their wine wall mounted. If a wall-mounted wine rack is your preference, this inspired design from Black and Blum Flow is finished in brushed stainless steel and will hold up to 8 bottles.

Define steel wine stopper with a black soap stone top
Define steel wine stopper with a black soap stone top

Wine Accessories

What do you do with any leftover wine? Simple, drink it all! However, on those rare occasions when there's some left and you want to preserve it, you'll need to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle. Oxygen triggers oxidation and it's this process that makes your wine taste of vinegar if left uncorked.

Stuffing a cork back into the bottle isn't the best way to stop oxygen getting into the wine as there may be holes in the cork made from the corkscrew or it can be a bad fit and therefore won't seal the bottle properly. A better, and more stylish option, is to buy a steel wine stopper. These inexpensive products not only look great but can help to keep your wine last for up to three days.

Brushed and polished steel wine bottle coaster
Brushed and polished steel wine bottle coaster

Fed up with those annoying drips of red wine running down the bottle onto your prized dining room table? Place your wine bottle on one of these brushed and polished steel coasters to prevent wine stains.

Bath tub wine glass holder
Bath tub wine glass holder

After a hard day at the office, or as a means for total relaxation, what could be better than running a hot bath and easing back in the tub with a glass of wine. And what simpler way to keep that glass close to hand than with this innovative bath tub wine glass holder.

Red enamel champagne bucket
Red enamel champagne bucket

Some occasions call for a special wine, champagne. If you're celebrating or just feeling a little decadent, don't spoil the moment by stuffing the bottle back in the fridge to keep it cool, buy a champagne bucket and keep the bubbly on ice in style.

Some Other Fabulous Wine Lenses

If you're a wine lover, you might enjoy reading these other lenses

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