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Wine Tasting Parties

Updated on January 31, 2012

Wine Tasting Parties

Here is everything you need to start planning your wine tasting party, including wine party instructions and ideas, party themes, wine party invitations and coordinating postage stamps, wine tasting party videos, wine party games, wine accessories, and more.

Wine Tasting Party Themes

  • A gathering of friends and/or family
  • Housewarming parties
  • Open Houses
  • Birthday parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
  • Grand openings
  • Holiday parties
  • New Years Eve parties
  • Wedding engagement parties
  • Retirement parties

Wine Rack

This 6 bottle metal wine rack is a dramatic way to display your favorite bottles of wine.

Leopard High Heel Wine Bottle Holder

This leopard print high heel wine bottle holder is a fun way to display your favorite bottle of wine! Leopard print with rhinestone detail.

Wine Tasting Party Planning


Decide on the location for your wine tasting party, such as your home or a local winery.


Send out wine tasting party invitations. Theres are some great customizable wine tasting invitations right here on this page. Ordering is easy and they can be shipped in 24 hours after placing your order.


Bowls of grapes.

Use wine bottle for vases; fill them with flowers.

Use wine bottles for candle holders; place tapered candles in them.

Use decorations that are the colors of wine, such as deep reds.


Assorted cheeses




Cured meats


Red and white wines. 1 bottle per 3-4 guests. For wine tasting, 1 bottle should provide 15-18 tastes per guest.

Wine Glasses

Use clear glasses not colored. it's easier to see the wine.

Use the proper wine glasses. (White wine glasses are smaller than red wine glasses and have more of a bowl shape to them.)

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting sheets and pencils. Prizes are optional.

Place each bottle of wine in a brown paper wine bag and tie a ribbon around the neck area of the bottle so that your guests can't see the bottles or labels. Have your guest taste the wine one bottle at a time and write down the name of the wine on their wine tasting sheet. The winner is the one with the most correct. Award the winner a prize. A bottle of wine or wine glasses are great wine tasting prizes. (See the videos below for a more details)

Other Fun Stuff

Create custom labels for your wine bottles.

Use wine theme name tags for your guests.

Play wine tasting type games

Wine Tasting Party Favors

These wine magnets make great party favors to give the guests that attend your wine tasting party. You can customize any magnet for free! You can even replace the photo with your own, as well as change the text message, font and color.

Another great idea is to mail theses magnets to your guests instead of the tradition paper invitations.

Click on any magnet to start customizing with your own wine tasting party details.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This electric wine bottle opener removes the cork in seconds! It will open about 30 bottles of wine on a single charge. Recharging base included!

Wine Tasting Party Invitations and Postage

Wine tasting party invitations for home parties and corporate events. Each invitation includes an envelope. Customize the front and back of the invitations for free! No minimum order required. Save 10% on 25 or more invitations. You don't have to buy multiples of the same invitation to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 25 or more wine tasting invitations!

Click on any wine tasting invitation to start customizing with your party details.

Real US postage! 20 US postage stamps per sheet. Save on 2 or more sheets of postage. Customizable! You can add a name, date or other text to any stamp - for free! Postage is available in 3 sizes and 7 denomination.

Click on any wine postage to purchase.

Wine Tasting Game Ideas

Word Search - as shown in photo

Wine Toss

Line up bottles of wine and have guests toss small round rings or round wine glass charms to try to ring the neck of the wine bottles.

Cheese Tasting

Cut up several different types of cheeses in small bite sizes. Have each guest taste the cheese and guess what type of cheese it is. The guest with the most correct matches is the winner.

Matching Wine To The Description

Print out typical descriptors for each of the wines. Let guests taste small amounts of each wine and then try to match the wine to the descriptions. The guest with the most correct is the winner.

Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Wine Tasting Party Game

With this wine tasting party game you can host a fun party wile expanding your wine knowledge. This wine game allows your guests to learn and practice the 5 S's of wine tasting: Sight, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Savor. This game is so much fun, even for first time wine tasters. It's a great game for wine tasting parties, game night, and holiday parties. It makes a great gift too!

Wine game includes instructions on how to play the wine tasting game, 10 Tasting Tip Sheets, 50 Tasting Note Sheets, 10 Numbered Wine Bags, 50 Paper Wine Glass Tags, and 10 Pencils.

Purchase Wine Tasting Game Kit

Double Wall Wine Glass

Double wall clear glass creates an isolation barrier, which keeps wines at their optimal temperature longer. Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Wine Glass ID Tags

These reusable wine glass ID tags allow your guests to lay claim to their wine glass during parties, tasting events, or any occurrence in which wine glasses could be easily confused amongst those enjoying them. Washable tags include a marker with ink that easily rinses off with water.

May 25, 2012 is National Wine Day!

National Wine Day Celebration Ideas

Host a wine tasting party.

Visit a local winery.

Make homemade wine.

Attend a local Wine Day event in your area.

Gift a bottle of wine to a neighbor or friend.

Write a blog post about National Wine Day.

Wine Tasting Party Stickers / Labels

These customizable wine party stickers can also be used as address labels, name tags, wine bottle labels, decorations, food labels, and envelope seals. Customize any wine sticker for free! Easy peel and stick back. The round stickers come 20 per sheet or 6 large ones per sheet.

Click on any wine sticker to purchase.

Wine Poll

What is your favorite type of wine?

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