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Mustard Gifts - The World of Mustard

Updated on September 12, 2014

The World of Mustard

As I opened a new jar of Chinese Hot mustard the other day, I was thinking about the many types of mustard there are. Personally I don't even have a favorite mustard, but I do enjoy various varieties of mustard with particular foods such as these

Hotdogs - I like a spicy brown mustard or a beer & brat mustard

Roast chicken & french fries - a nice Dijon mustard (without the mayo)

Asian food - Authentic Chinese mustard or Coleman's powdered mustard mixed with some water

Corned beef - Horseradish mustard is nice

So, here are a variety of mustards for the connoisseur as well as mustard gift sets and other great gifts, mugs, posters, journals and other great treats for the mustard lover!

Yellow Mustard in the Vineyards in Spring, Napa Valley, USA


You may purchase this poster of the mustard fields from

Asian and English Mustard Flavors

Here are a variety of mustard flavors from England and Asia

A World of Mustard Collection

This selection of mustards is a must have for those that love mustard!

* use in a variety of sauces, dressings, or on a buffet at your next party

* Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Did You Know

"In Denmark and India, it's thought that spreading mustard seeds around the exterior of the home will keep out evil spirits."

Excerpted from Mustard Food Facts and Trivia on

Yummy Beer Mustards

These mustard varieties are either made with beer or go well with food that is served with beer.

Lakeshore Whole Grain Irish beer mustard is made with Guinness Stout according to a traditional recipe

A Mustard Lover's Gift Basket

Here is a great gift basket for mustard lovers. You'll get Organic Canadian Specialty Mustard, Horseradish mustard, Fallot mustard, Peppalilli mustard sauce, Bemster cheese with Mustard and Red Dragon cheese

* Comes beautifully packaged in a wooden oval basket

* Filled with Tantalizing tastes from around the world

Did You Know

The condiment called mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant?

More Yummy Mustards

I just thought these mustards looked especially delicious

Your Favorite Mustard

What is your favorite type of mustard

See results

The Colman's Mustard Cookbook

So many ways to use mustard as an ingredient in your cooking

Did You Know

"The name, mustard, comes from the Latin words mustum ardens, which means "burning wine" and refers to the flavor created by the spicy heat of the crushed mustard seeds mixed with the juice of unfermented wine grapes"

Excerpted from Mustard Fun Facts at

Mustard Keepers, Jars and Pots

Mustard Keepers, Jars and Pots

A Very Elegant Mustard Jar with Spoon

Here is a crystal Baccarat Missouri Mustard Jar With Spoon

A Practical Mustard Keeper and Server

Here is another mustard keeper that I thought you might like to add to your kitchen. And, it's another great mustard lover gift idea!

Mustard Jewelry

What do you know? I've chosen a pretty mustard seed necklace as an example of jewelry with a mustard theme

Did You Know

There's a National Mustard Museum in Middleton Wisconsin USA

Advertisement for Keen's Mustard Which Features Two Sailors Carrying a Giant Tin


You may purchase this mustard advertising poster from

Mustard in Video

Mustard in Video

Video of Cooking with Mustard - Honey Mustard Chicken

Video - Preparing Mustard from Seeds

Tell Me Your Thoughts on My World of Mustard

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    • agoofyidea profile image


      6 years ago

      I love mustard. The spicier the better. A friend of my gave me some gourmet mustards as a gift. Perfect.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I would love to make mustard from scratch because I have to put it on any sandwich that I eat, because I have never been much of a mayonnaise type of person.

    • vegetablegardenh profile image


      6 years ago

      How fascinating that India and Denmark share the same custom of sprinkling mustard seeds to keep out evil spirits. Who knew? :) Nice lens.

    • Sabre1000 profile image


      6 years ago

      And yellow mustard contains Turmeric which has Curcumin that is VERY good for you!


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