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WSJ Wine Club Review

Updated on September 10, 2014

Learn More About the WSJ Wine Club

Have you ever wondered when you see those great wine club deals in magazines if they are too good to be true? They promise wine for less than $6 a bottle plus shower you with free gifts. Are the free gifts really worth it? I ordered the WSJ Wine Club just so that I could check it all out and report back to you the answers to all of your questions. Read on to find out about the quality of the wine and how my WSJ Wine Club experience turned out.

What You Get in the WSJ Wine Club

I did my WSJ Wine Club Review on the WSJ Wine Discover Club. For $89.99, you get a full case (12 bottles of wine), the tasting notes for each wine, an introductory book, and some kind of free gift (we'll cover that later). My shipping was $19.99. I decided to order half red and half white wine, you you could also order all red or all white. You will get some duplicates of each no matter what.

I really liked the introductory book and the tasting notes. The introductory book had general information about how to store and care for your wine as well as information about how the WSJ Wine Club and Laithewaites are connected. The tasting notes featured information about the wines in the box as well as the wineries and countries in which they were produced. It was very helpful in figuring out how to pair the wines. In addition, the notes and binder were not flimsy or cheap feeling.

The wines came packaged perfectly with no chance for any breakage. I was worried about that because 12 bottles of wine in a box is heavy. However, the shipping materials were sturdy and seemed made exactly for shipping the club. I often have trouble getting wine shipped to Indiana because of our state laws (find wine clubs that ship to your state) and was happy that WSJ ships to mine.

Remember that the cost of the club WILL jump after that first quarter. So be sure that you take the time to try the wines before the next shipment goes out and decide whether it will be worth it to continue.

WSJ Wine Club Free Gift
WSJ Wine Club Free Gift

WSJ Wine Club Free Gift

The free gift that comes with your WSJ Wine Club can change from month to month, so be sure to order quickly if you see one that you like. At one point they were giving away a wine cooler, but it did not have very good reviews. They have now changed to a Wine Connoisseur corkscrew set, which is very nice. It comes in a sturdy wooden box with other accessories such as a stopper. Even if it is not worth the full $49 that they advertise, it is definitely a great addition to the wine club and would make a nice gift in and of itself.

Sometimes WSJ will run Introductory Specials that do not include the "free gift" but instead have 3 extra bottles of wine (for a total of 15 in your first case). If you already have enough corkscrews and stoppers and are keeping the wine for yourself, those special offers may be even better for you.

Is the WSJ Wine Club Right for You?

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WSJ Wine

The wine that came in the WSJ Wine Club was incredibly varied. As I mentioned before, I decided on half red and half white. 2 of the reds were the same, and 2 of the whites were the same. For $5.84, they were not bad wines. The retail price listed for each is around $13-15. I was more familiar with the types of white in my pack (Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Saivignon) than I was the reds (Malbec, Bordeaux, Cabernet, and Tuscan). You can keep track of your own personal notes about each wine in a special section in the tasting notes book and then reorder the ones that you like at a discount.

As I have tried more and more of the wines, I can definitely say that they are just of a mediocre quality. I don't mind drinking them myself or with my husband, but I don't think that I would pull them out if we were entertaining others who are real wine snobs. Another idea would be to use them for Sangria, especially if you have them open for more than a day.

WSJ Wine Club Review Video

Limited Time Free Gift

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club recently introduced a new gift with purchase that you can get rather than the corkscrew set. It is a crystal wine decanter that we value to be around $20. No word how long this option will be available.

Crystal Decanter from Amazon

In case you are wondering how much a crystal decanter is worth, here are some options from Amazon.

Wine Clubs Similar to WSJ

There are a number of wine clubs that are very similar to the Wall Street Journal Wine Club and there is a good reason for that. Direct Wines is one of the biggest mail order wine companies in the world. It operates under different names but the clubs are essentially the same. The WSJ wine club reviews will be very similar to the Laithwaites reviews, Virgin Wine Club reviews, and Zagat wine club reviews. The clubs vary a little bit in the exact wines that they send as well as the free gifts that you get when you place your first order. However, the pricing is the same, the tasting notes and binder are the same, and the delivery cost is the same.

Corkscrews on Amazon

Looking for a wine corkscrew set similar to the one that comes as the free gift with the wine club? Here are some that you can currently buy through Amazon.

Have you ever tried the WSJ Wine Club? Do you have any questions for me about my experience with it?

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    • profile image

      Tamara14 5 years ago

      I've never been to a wine club but I plan on visiting some really nice and respectable we have around Croatia. Our wines are not so unknown around the world and even Mr Grgich who did excellent in California has Croatian background :) There's nothing like a glass of good wine in the evening when kids finally go to sleep :) I like your niche Tritia. Keep writing.

    • MatijaB LM profile image

      MatijaB LM 5 years ago

      No yet, but I love slovenian wine.