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Beginners Guide to EVE Online

Updated on July 14, 2012

Beginners guide to EVE online

The point could very easily be made that EVE Online has one of the steepest learning curves of all MMO's ever made. With combat that involves dozens to hundreds of players, a wealth of terms and items, as well as a completely player run economy, it can feel overpowering and confusing to somebody with a lack of knowledge of how to play the game. In this guide I'll help you get started on a very long, but entertaining path. The first thing you need to know is that EVE is not like most MMO's in that you train skills by clicking on your portrait in the top left and right clicking on a skill to train it. It should also be known that you can queue up five skills at a time, but when the total time to train all the skills exceeds 24 hours, you can't Queue up any more skills, but if your total skill time is 23 hours and 59 minutes with only two skills queued up, you can then add on a skill that will take 9 days with no problems. Next, most things in this game, like movement and selecting your drones to attack, you must right click on something using the interface on the right side of your screen, the only way to manually move is by double clicking a direction, but you can't enter warp (how to move from place to place) by doing that. To move into a different system you must find the gate with the name of the system you want to go to in the interface and LEFT click on the gate, and then click "warp" in the upper right most interface panel. If you are going anywhere because of a mission, in the conversation with the NCP, they will tell you a location to go, right click on that location in the conversation and "set destination", now in the interface the place you want to go will be yellow, making them much easier to find. To attack in EVE you have to right click on the enemy and then target (by clicking "lock on") it to be able to fire, which is done by clicking your weapons in the middle interface, the actual button for the gun is to the right of your health half-circles, on the top level.

Those are the basic ways to actually go about EVE, but knowing how to move is much easier than knowing where to go. The first thing any new player to EVE must do is all of the starting missions, they are a great way to get some early ships and ISK (currency). After doing the tutorial missions, It is always a great idea to join a corporation, they will always be more than willing to anwser your questions, as well as help guide you through EVE. One of the first things you should do in EVE is either mining, by equipping a mining laser on some frigates with a large cargo capacity and eventually work your way up to getting an industrial ship that has a much larger cargo capacity, and as soon as possible you should also get a mining barge. Doing this is the best way to amass large amounts of ISK so you can buy higher tech items. But since mining is such a time consuming project at lower levels, many people like to do missions, which is when you go around to different NCP's that will offer you many different kinds of missions to do with ISK and faction points as rewards which can be used to purchase navy factions tech 2 items. Also as a very important point that must be made is that in the beginning, no matter how many ships you shot down, the only way to get your skills up is by queuing up more skills, so be prepared to only be able to do so much early on. But even though it may take a while to truly get into EVE, and even though pulling a few early all nighter's still wont give you the skill to fly a battleship, EVE is still a great game and experiance, which requires not only dedication, but patiance as well.

(Inferno Update)


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    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 5 years ago

      If I ever get some spare time I may have to check this game out. The player run economy has always been interesting to me.