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... :D Walkthrough

Updated on May 20, 2013
... :D is copyright Dir3kt. Images used for educational purposes only.
... :D is copyright Dir3kt. Images used for educational purposes only.

There aren't many games with names as odd as … :D, and it has some peculiar (though fun) game play to match. This walkthrough will help you steer through the game and discover the climactic finale that awaits your single pixel hero.

Stage 1

Full steam ahead! Your objective in each level is to move the white dot to the purple dot. Simple enough here…

Stage 2

And here, too. Hit the yellow block to open up the purple.

Stage 3

Yellow first, green second. Next!

Stage 4


Stage 5

Hit the yellow switch first to unlock the green switches, then hit both of them to unlock the purple dot.

Stage 6

Bad guys! Avoid the red and charge right through to the purple.

Stage 7

Remaining between the red dots as they circle this narrow circuit, run clockwise and unlock the barriers in turn, starting with the southern-mst dot.

Stage 8

Ahh, that's the trick. You always have to unlock the outer-most barrier first. hit the green dot before you hit the yellow to advance.

Stage 9

This level looks trickier than it is. Simply wait for a gap in the long lines of red dots and weave through when you get the opportunity.

Stage 10

How fiendishly clever. If you were insane, you might consider hitting the green dot, unlocking the red dots, and trying to weave between them. Wiser, though, is simply avoiding the green dot and leaving the red dots locked up where they can't hurt you.

Stage 11

Resembling a Pac-Man circuit, Stage 11 requires you to unlock four green barriers, each guarded by a red dot. Weave around the course, avoiding the reds, and make for the nearest purple dot once you're done. It doesn't matter which you use.

Stage 12

This level's all about conserving your resources. Hit three of the six yellow dots to unblock one of the green dots. Hit it, then backtrack and hit another of the yellow dots. The rest of the stage is a simple back-and-forth between the two colours until you've unlocked the purple dot.

Stage 13

Hit the yellow dot and you'll open yourself to attack by the red dots. Wait for the two lines of dots to cross, then dash across to the halfway point, between two of the ascending and descending dots. Once they've passed again, dash for the purple dot. You need careful placement to survive this level.

Stage 14

Ah, more barrier hijinks. Hit one of the green dots to release a few of the red dots and remove several of the barriers around the room. Yellow's next, then green, then yellow, and so on. Eventually you'll unblock everything in the room and make it to the purple dot. There are a lot of red dots flying around, but it's not that difficult to avoid them if you remain on the periphery.

Stage 15

Only pure speed will get you through this level. Dash for the destination, tripping barrier unlocks along the way. If you slow down for even a second the released red dots will getcha.

Stage 16

This is another level that's all about timing, but not in the way that's immediately apparent. You need to hit the green dot first, yellow dot second, to release the red dots and open the way to the other side of the room. Problem is, if you don't time your unlocks properly the red dots will create a near-impenetrable barrier. Wait for the dots that are already on the move to match up with the dots that are stationary before you release new reds. If you're careful, you can create two straight lines of red dots, moving up and down, which will be easy to weave through.

Stage 17

As soon as the level begins, move up and into the small gap in the wall where the green dot waits. Wait for the wall of red dots to break up, then move out of the space and up to the next gap in the wall, to your left, where the yellow dot is in another niche. Repeat this one more time, back to the right side, to get to the purple dot. Timing is everything here.

Stage 18

Remember how you were lining up red dots in a previous level? You're doing the opposite this time. Unlock the yellow barriers, then make your way to the far right through the lines of red dots. Hit the green dot when the lines of red dots are in the centre of the room to release the remainder of the red dots. This will create a series of obstacles through which you can easily weave, so long as you're patient and don't try to move from one line to the next too hastily. Stay against the wall if going straight down the middle looks too daunting.

Stage 19

Reflexes! This level is straightforward, but it requires pinpoint reflexes. You need to hit each lock in succession, opening the way to the next lock before the giant line of red dots gets you. Expect to repeat this one a few times.

Stage 20

From reflexes to a brainteaser. Perform the following steps, in this order, to complete the level:

  • Hit the yellow dot that's geographically straight to the right from your starting point.
  • Hit the green dot that's a short distance away from the former yellow.
  • Make your way north, back to the starting point. A little further north is an intersection. Head north along it to the northeast corner of the map. Hit the green dot.
  • Return to the intersection and take the right path instead. Hit the yellow dot you find.
  • Hit the green dot in the northeast corner of the map.
  • Hit the yellow dot in the southwest corner of the map.
  • Done!

Stage 21

Back to reflexes. You need to make the area of operations successively larger by lowering the barriers, one by one. This will allow the red dots in the area to essentially multiply - but each time you release one of the barriers, the amount of space the red dots has to cover gets larger and larger. This isn't as tough as it looks, so long as you're patient and time your moves correctly.

Stage 22

Starting with the top or the bottom row, you have to wipe out all of the coloured dots and lower all of the barriers before the red dots you release catch up with you. make sure you go left to right and back again on each row rather than moving up and down.

Stage 23

Ouch. You need to weave between the rows and columns of red dots in this level and hit all four green and yellow dots, moving from green to yellow to green to yellow. The first three are not as difficult as they look - inch your dot close to each one, pausing between the red dots, and leap into action as soon as they move by. The fourth dot has a red dot passing over it, and you'll have to grab it and then immediately zip out of the way to progress.

Stage 24

The moment of truth. Start by weaving your way through the field of yellow dots to get to the solitary green dot at the end. Once you hit it, zip back south, avoiding as many of the yellow dots as you can. Once the red dots get too close, forget about avoiding the yellow dots and dash to the finish. If you're about halfway through the little maze before hitting a yellow dot you'll avoid the incoming barrage of red dots from the sides. Congratulations! You've completed … :D!



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