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Ever See A Sign,'"Slow, Children Playing."

Updated on November 30, 2011

Ever See A Sign ,"Slow, Children Playing."

I passed a sign along the way,"Slow ,Children Playing,"is what I saw

.Don't dare hit one of the little ones ,it's wrong and it's against the law.

I thought ,some people play church everyday, others just tag along,

But the Lord wants us to grow up and have a faith deep and strong.

He wants us to grow in strength and Power, time for coddling is past

The Lord wants us to be warriors , to have a testimony that will last.

If we are still crawling around and if we are still living on milk and such,

Then what we could do for the Kingdom of God would not be very much.

Babes in Christ are fine when they are first covered by Saving Grace,.

We know they can't go on forever just filling up the church room space.

We all start out in life as infants,that is one thing that we very well know,

Our meals are milk and soft food :before to the banquet table we can go.

There at God's table there is good supply of food:at times hard to chew.

Sometimes things are hard to digest:but all things that are good for you.

We can't expect to be babes forever there are things much better to do

We have to be His completely ,and be where His light will shine through.!


THE Lord doesn't want us to be babies forever,

He wants us to grow up and draw more people

in His kingdom,He wants to get everybody in

before His Father says to go out and bring all

in , the time is drawing short now and there are

still many out there just wandering around .We

must work as long as we can to bring them in

It is time for the children to go to the field and

help with the harvest.,God will be watching for

you .Have a wonderful Harvest today!


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    • profile image

      Tessie Payne 5 years ago

      Very nice and very true!