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7 Most Difficult Games Like Dark Souls (Series) Where Everything Wants To Kill You

Updated on October 9, 2018
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Rahul is a video game addict, who can't get enough of RPGs. His all-time favorite games are The Witcher and The Elder Scrolls series.

Released as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls series, Dark Souls has managed to reinvent the RPG genre, focusing on the brutal and unforgiving experience with o room for any mistake.

Dark Souls (series) takes place in the sprawling world of Lordran - a city filled with countless threats around every corner. Scattered round in this city are bonfires, your only friend, serving as the save points.

The games like Dark Souls mentioned below emphasize on the unforgiving but engaging combat system and a pretty dark atmosphere. If you want a real challenge, take a glance.

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From Software, the studio behind Bloodborne, is known for creating some really difficult games. Take the Souls series for example – it never forgets to punish you for simplest of mistakes. No matter how skilled you are at handling combat, you are going to die, a lot. Yes, it’s irritating to die so often at the hands of invading players and burly, ugly monsters, but you will find yourself back for some more action right after taking a whooping. This is what has made Dark Souls such a darling to hardcore gamers.

And I am glad to report that Bloodborne stays true to what makes Dark Souls such a punishing and addicting experience. You will fight monsters in abandoned buildings, dark forests and grey seahorse – all different locations with different types of enemies. You will have to adapt to the varied environments, which keeps things from getting boring.

Overall, Bloodborne is a masterpiece meant to be uncovered slowly. Take your time with this beautiful PS4 exclusive, discovering as many of its secrets as you can and killing all the bosses without taking much of a beating (hopefully).

Bloodbornbe does best what Souls series has manages to do over the last couple of years – when you finally conquer an enemy, that that gets adrenaline pumping through your veins, making you feel empowered and giving you a sense of satisfaction like no other game can manage to do.

Lords Of The Fallen - A game heavily inspired by Dark Souls

Tired of dying frequently in Dark Souls? Do you want to play something that’s challenging but less punishing? Lords of the Fallen might just be the game you are looking for. It took me more than 20 minutes before I died for the first time. Yes, it’s a bit of surprise for a game that clearly takes its cues from Dark Souls series, but it feels more accessible and enjoyable as a result. It’s more arcady than I would have liked. But is it fun? Hell yeah!

With its engaging hack and slash combat centered round spells and combos, and an addicting risk-based reward system, Lords of the Fallen cements its place as one of the most accessible games like Dark Souls.

Demon’s Souls - One of the most unforgiving games like Dark Souls

Just how hard is Demon’s Souls? Is it harder than Dark Souls series?

That’s pretty difficult to tell without actually playing this game and seeing how unforgiving it is. For starters, you can’t pause the game at all. That should sum up nearly everything about Demon’s Souls approach to delivering the action. You ‘d have to already map your weapons to the d-pad slots as you won’t get any chance to do the same once you are up against the enemies. And even that is not enough to come out victorious. You will almost always need some luck to get past some of the toughest bosses in Demon’s Souls.

Did I tell you that you’ll lose all your cash and experience? Unless you can go all the way back to the place where you died and reclaim your soul with all the enemies you slayed are waiting for you again, you are not getting them back.

There is no second chances here, no way to prevent losing all your experience points. You will die a lot in this game, learning a new lesson every time. Death is a part of this game, and sooner you accept it, the better your gameplay experience will be.

If you are looking for some punching games like Dark Souls, give Demon’s Souls a shot.

Dragon’s Dogma

With its vast scale of world and the option of hundreds of characters to choose as your companion, Dragon’s Dogma often feels like an offline MMO. Its style-mixing is reminiscent of games like Dark Souls, Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus, successfully blending all the good elements of these games while leaving out the fluff. The result is an action-RPG with a lot of open-world adventuring and monster-slaying.

After the intriguing prologue, the story loses its focus and becomes a bit repetitive. But it more than makes up for an unimaginative fiction with its engaging combat system. Although you start off by choosing between a fighter, mage or ranger – each having their own skillsets and abilities, you can create hybrid classes, becoming an assassin or a fighter archer. It totally depends on which skills you are investing your points on. You can be whatever you want to be. If you want your mage to be able to shoot arrows, by all means go for it.

To sum it up, Dragon’s Dogma has the polish and scale of a great action RPG game like Dark Souls. It’s one of those RPGs that suck past everyone’s radar somehow. Nevertheless, now is your chance to play it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - One of the best open-world games like Dark Souls

Part of the reason why I love The Witcher 3 is how easy it makes everything look. Unlike some games that scream and beg to notice how clever and amazing they are, The Witcher 3 simply says “ain’t no big thing. There is much more to it than you have seen.” The Witcher 3 simply refuses to acknowledge the feat it has achieved. The developers CD project Red seems more than content to hide its awesome mechanics, letting players explore everything and realize what a gem it really is.

Time and again, I had to stop and remind myself of just how good a game I am playing right now. The Witcher 3 is so good at everything that after a while. The characters and quests never feel like mere fillers, flowing quite naturally. It’s after a while you begin to realize that the simplest of decisions you made earlier in the game have some of the biggest repercussions on the whole game world. The decisions are not easy to make either. There are some complex and twisted choices you’ll have to make knowing that it will have some sort of impact on the world for sure. For example, I got an innocent man hanged even though I didn’t intend to.

The sowrldplay is not an unforgiving as Dark Souls, but it still is pretty solid. Sure, you will die here too if you come for a fight unprepared, but if you are good with swords and magic, it won’t be as frustrating as games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

The Witcher is hands down one of the best RPGs of recent times, taking the crown from Skyrim. It’s hard to go back to other RPGs and not compare them from Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you are looking for some immersive games like Dark Souls that draws you in its game world for hours, The Witcher 3 should be right up your alley.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

With its free-flowing combat system and amazing animations, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor would make you feel like a superpower, but not overpowered. There is always a possibility that some minion will spate your head from your limbs and will be promoted to the next rank. But you’d get a chance take your revenge when you respawn and meet him again. He will most likely hurl a couple of insults at you, reminding you of the humiliation last time around when he managed to kill you.

Shadow of Mordor is different from tons of other action RPGs, giving villains and equal opportunity to shine and have a distinct personality. This is what makes encounters with them so amazing. You never know their strengths and weaknesses. What works against one enemy might backfire against the others. For example, if one of the bosses is afraid of fire, he will run away screaming. But for others, it might as well be an invitation to fight, which makes them a tougher opponent to slay.

Swordplay is where it really excels. It just feels like brawls in Batman games, managing to be instantly satisfying and challenging at the same time. There is also some basic stealth action, which enables you to take out everyone silently. Although, they could have done more with stealth, it still is pretty fun.

You can take any approach you want. Be a Rambo or silent assassin; it’s fun either way. Rushing through the campaign will take you 12-15 hours to finish, but real fun lies in exploring the world and dominating the warchiefs that can easily take around 40 hours.

Legend of Grimrock - One of the best indie games similar to Dark Souls

Only a few steps into the dark dungeon of Legend of Grimlock, the tension begins to build as you explore further. The mysterious earthquakes and sounds of ugly creatures somewhere near the vicinity do a good job of letting you know that you should be prepared for anything that can come across you out of nowhere. You never know what’s waiting for you just around the next corner.

The dungeon feels alive when the torchlights cast shadows across the stone walls and surface, making this indie gem a beautiful experience throughout the whole game. Underneath its pretty gorgeous sheen, however, lies an unforgiving role playing game, reminding us of early days of PC gaming. You shouldn’t miss out on it, if you are looking for some indie games similar to Dark Souls.


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    • Boombaztic profile image


      21 months ago from Russia

      I've played The Witcher 3 and The Shadow of Mordor. Very nice games, I'd definitely recommend them to everyone! Nice article!


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