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Minecraft Parents Want To Know

Updated on September 6, 2015

Minecraft Captivating The Minds Of Kids

It is hardly possible today for you to be a parent of an adolescent yet not heard of "MineCraft". This is a video game that is viral with kids of all ages. With this being said what is it about this simple video building game that has claimed such fame? Parents want to know.

I am a nanny by trade and I was first introduced to the minecraft sensation by the children I cared for. I witnessed first hand not only the attraction, but somewhat of an addition this has video game has on kids. So, what is so powerful about this new age lego virtual imagination game?

Mine craft is a game of building. It is based on the same properties as legos. In this virtual world, kids can have no limits on what they can build. They can build things such as houses, roller coasters, churches and more. Kids love to create and this virtual system of creating has allowed even the lest mechanically inclined to build massive, incredible buildings and structures.

Kids find that minecraft is an means of creative expression and whatever time spent with the game becomes purposeful. Educators have even become aware of the power this video game has when it comes to encouraging learning. This is why some schools have considered making use of minecraft in the classroom.

Minecraft has two main modes. The first being "Creative" mode, while the second is "Survival" mode. When the creative mode is selected, players have all the tools they need to create many tools, houses or structures. There is wood, stones, decorations,etc. for their use. There is a feature that is known as "Redstone". Redstone is electricity in minecraft.

The Survival mode as its name indicates brings on more of a challenge as there are many more problems to overcome. Players encounter deserts, oceans, and forests. No supplies are available for the player's survival so in order to live they must watch their monitor to avoid dying. There are days in this mode and every day consists of ten minutes. The day consists of zombies, and monsters (creepers). In the dark of night watch out for possible skeleton attacks. Survivor mode is not a simple mode to play in. The player must find ways to stay alive without assistance. You will need to eat to stay alive. This requires that you go hunting for food. When food is found that is not the end. You must have a means to cook your food. A furnace must be built. What does the furnace need to cook? Yes, fuel must be added as well.

Players take time and effort to build their worlds. They take much pride in their efforts and accomplishments. With that being said there are always a few kids that like to play the bully role even in an imaginary world. They find great pleasure in tearing down the hard work of others. They love the pain it brings when they destroy another person's hard work. They have even earned a name for themselves. The name the community has given to this type of person is "griefers". The community takes these actions seriously. If you think that being a griefer is a fun thing, consider getting booted from friends servers.

Minecraft has a chat feature as well. Players can find more fun while interacting with each other. However, as always there are negatives to this. There is the risk of online bullying as well as predators. If you are trying to keep your child from being exposed to profanity, do not use the chat feature. The positive is you are able to create a private server for a small fee each month. This will allow you to play with only those friends or family members that you know.

The main struggle that parents seem to encounter with their children playing minecraft is pulling them away from it. Minecraft is a creative and learning type of game, but kids need to remember how to play outside of the virtual world. Many times family and time with friends suffers. In addition, homework is rushed in order to get back to the fantasy game. It is most helpful to enforce time limits when playing minecraft. Be aware that there have been kids that crave the game so much that they will sneak and play after everyone has gone to bed.


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    • JLauren Angel profile image

      Web Junkie 

      3 years ago from Arizona

      I'm a minecraft parent, my son and I play. I first started playing to give him someone to play with, then the crazy blocks got into my head and the next thing I knew, I was addicted. Its a great way to calm down after a tough day at work or life in general. When the day gets too hectic, I run for Minecraft. When the LAN settings changed and my son and I could not play on our local modem, we opted to go to multiplayer servers, but this is just not a good idea if you have any opinions which may offend other players, mods or admin. With minecraft being a global game, there are bound to be people who will hate what you think, hate on you for being worldly or whatever else. Its almost like an online brawl if you are too educated for the server. Which then backlashes for yourself and your kids. The sad thing about minecraft are the kids who are on the multiplayer servers who have handicaps and it shows up in their personalities on the games. An example is one player gave out her full street address, complete with city, state and zip code, her parents' phone numbers, her brothers' cell phone number and her sisters' cell phone number then admitted she had bipolar depression and is ADHD. These are the kids who should not be playing on mulitplayer servers where unsavory people may be lurking for this information. Parents-protect your kids, they are not your best friends and never let them tell real information online.


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