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Game consoles

Updated on June 29, 2013

Magnavox Odyssey first video games console

Games console entertainment, over the years it has become part of our lives culture, In the pre colonial era there were many forms of entertainment that existed during that era, such as going to watch opera or a musical theatre play, Betting was also an active recreation during the colonial times. It is designed to provide pleasure the individual of many age groups. Some were young kids from 8 years old and older.

But with the fast moving development of technology that we have available today, you haven't got to go and watch an opera or a musical play to entertain yourself.

Entertainment in the 21 century was dependent on the development of technology animated and also digital films, television programs, and video game consoles.

Video game console are a means of entertainment for the younger members of our family, why is this, its Because of the animated characters and also graphics that are very similar to real life situations.

video game consoles have became one of the most owed item in the electronic market. When it all started in 1972 ,when Magnavox released the first ever home video game console, which is called the Magnavox Odyssey, until the continuous release of the new generation of gaming consoles, video game consoles are now what i call the best “entertainment, video gaming.

Because how quickly these gaming systems grew in popularity, especially to the young generation, different gaming firms released different game consoles that was suitable to feed the needs of the gaming public. It grew until it fund the way to the birth of the sixth generation of video game consoles, which the Xbox and PlayStation belong to.

Xbox’s producer, his name is MR Bill Gates’Microsoft Corporation, said that Xbox game console would take you far away beyond any ordinary entertainment. It redefines the way you play the game that you choose, beside games, you have access to music and movies multi-player online you can even chat Msn go on Facebook, twitter, PlayStation allows you to go on YouTube and others through this high technology game console. Plus it lets you share good times with your friends and family also lets you compete with other gamers around the world.

Xbox was Microsoft’s first independent business in the video game console industry, The development of Xbox was believe it or not facilitated by a small team formed by Microsoft, which included the famous physicist and game developer Seamus Blackley.


There were rumours of the release of a Microsoft video game console first was spread about at the end of 1999 after interviews with Microsoft's boss Bill Gates,He said that the company is developing a gaming console and at the same time a multimedia device that is essential in this new digital entertainment era.

The Microsoft company confirmed such rumours were true through a press release on the “Xbox project” on March 10, 2000.

The first ever launch of Xbox consoles was in North America on November 15, 2001. On the first launch, most of the Xbox’s launched games that were available to buy became one of the best ever selling games of the end of 2001. Here are some of the successful launched games of first Xbox they were Halo:Combat Evolved and also Halo 2 (which became the most played game in the Xbox Live online world), NFL Fever 2002, Dead or Alive 3, and Project Gotham Racing these are classic games and most of them can be downloaded from Xbox live on you Xbox 360.

Xbox was the first video game console to integrate a hard disk drive into its console, which is used mainly for storing save game data compressed in a ZIP archive and content download from Xbox Live, it took the need for a memory card, which is was used by Sony’s PlayStation 1 and 2.

Most of the Xbox games make use of the console’s hard drive as the disk cache for quicker game loading time. There are also games that support Custom soundtracks, which allows the user to rip music from standard audio CDs and add it to the soundtrack of the game. With the Xbox as one of the modern video game consoles ever produced, it provides unusual entertainment for gamers; especially those who are looking for a gaming experience that will make them crave for it.

Yes, Microsoft’s Xbox did it, one of the game systems that you will love once you get your hands on it.



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