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Top Three Scary Minecraft Mods | Best Minecraft Horror Mods

Updated on October 12, 2011

Getting bored by creepers? No longer feel even the slightest tremor of fear when you spot a zombie? Even on 'hard' mode, minecraft can start to get stale after a while. Let's face it, once you learn how to knock creepers back before they turn you into a hole in the ground, there's really not that much excitement left in the game. The mods in this article are designed to up the scare factor in minecraft, adding new mobs that will haunt you till the end of your minecraft days. If you have a scary mod to suggest, please do feel free to add it in the comments!

A totem from the Herobrine Minecraft Mod
A totem from the Herobrine Minecraft Mod

Herobrine Minecraft Mod

Herobrine has long been a staple of minecraft lore, but the Herobrine mod actually puts him in the game. You have to make an altar to Herobrine to have him spawn, though once he has spawned you won't see him until it is too late. He'll pop up and wreak mischief whenever you least expect it by removing blocks and setting TNT traps. Herobrine is mostly annoying but he is also more than capable of giving you a fright when he pops up unexpectedly nearby.

Beware the minecraft weeping angels.
Beware the minecraft weeping angels.

Weeping Angels Minecraft Mod

Don't. Blink. Based on 'that' Dr Who episode with the statues that cry and teleport after you if you look at them and look away, the weeping angels mod is a great little Minecraft mod that adds hostile statues to the world. They can spawn almost anywhere and if you see one, then much like the Endermen, you better be careful not to look directly at them. If you do there's a decent chance they'll teleport after you and attack you. They're terrifying because they make the sound of scraping stone, just like a statue might if it came to life.

More creepy minecraft wierdos from the creeps and weirdos mod.
More creepy minecraft wierdos from the creeps and weirdos mod.

Creeps and Weirdos Minecraft Mod

This mod has been around for many, many months and is one of the most well known mods that still doesn't get enough attention, if you know what I mean, which by now you probably don't. Creeps and Weirdos adds a bunch of very strange mobs and NPCs to your world, including violent aliens who will attack with ray guns if they see you, raving preachers who will follow you about promising you eternal damnation and thieves who will steal your best diamond pickaxe right out of your hand then run away giggling. There are also armored guinea pigs and tiny mummies and dogs that look like men and want you to play frisbee with them. Basically this mod turns your Minecraft world into something Salvador Dali would have been proud of.


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    • profile image

      trololing 5 years ago

      NO!It should be amniesa!not slenderman!

    • profile image

      sondre 5 years ago

      emm slendermann shud be number 3 i think not creeps and weirdoes!

    • profile image

      ellisglbrt 5 years ago

      you forgot the slenderman mod

    • profile image

      thisissparta 6 years ago

      seen it have it boring!!!

    • profile image

      hypercaik 6 years ago

      i see a circle in the last picture :C

    • profile image

      The MAN132 6 years ago

      more creeps and weirdos is not scary it is fricken awesome man!