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Tips for Playing Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth

Updated on August 9, 2013

Getting Started

Even though the first word in the title of the game is "Hobbit" there are actually no Hobbits in the game (with the exception of a couple Heroes and the Hobbit building crews)

When you open the app for the first time you will be prompted to choose to be an elf or a dwarf. It does not really matter which you chose, but I find the elvish city to be more attractive than the dwarf one. Gameplay is not different.

The game will then guide you through a basic tutorial. Follow it through and pay attention. Its very basic stuff, but if you miss a key bit it can really set you back in the game.

Once you have completed the tutorial you will have beginners protection for 7 days. This means that other players cannot attack you, or scout you. It also means that you cannot scout or attack anybody while under protecion.

You can break your protection by upgrading your keep to a level 5.

Each city needs resource fields to supply itself. Resources are Food, Wood, Stone and Ore. Build these up quickly, so you are producing a good amount of resources to build your city with. You will need people to work the resource fields. Build homes within the city to spawn more people. The higher level the home the more people will spawn.

Homes and Barracks are the only two types of buildings you may build multiples of. Buildings like Stables, Forge, Armory, etc have a limit of one per city. Find a balance between the number of houses and barracks that works for you.

Once you are generating your own resources and have an idle population its time to start building might.


Players are ranked in the game by their Might. Might is based on the number and level of troops you have in your city. For example each Porter is worth 1 might. A porter is a transport troop and does not do any fighting. It is also the only transport troop to have any might at all. Carts and Wagons do not have might, but you need them to transport resources between cities.

Tier 1 troops have 4 might per unit. They also consume 4 food per turn (this is why you need to build resource fields early). Tier 2 troops have 16 might per unit, and only cost 8 food per turn. And finally Tier 3 troops have 24 might per unit and cost 16 food per turn. As you can see it is advantageous to build higher level troops. You unlock new troops by researching topics in the game.

When you 'fight' another player in the game you are pitting your troops against theirs. The player with the most might typically wins, although Hero level plays a large factor in who wins. I'll explain more about that a bit later.

Defending Your City

Inside your Keep there is a "Hide Your Troops" option. The only time your troops will defend your city is if your troops are 'unhidden'. If you hide your troops in your city, they will not fight to defend your resources. When you see an incoming attack determine which you value more, the resources the enemy might take, or your troops. Only unhide your troops if you have resources you want to protect and you think you can win the fight. A lot of larger players look for "farms" and attack low level players with resources. Sometimes it is best to just let them take the resources, so you do not lose all your troops. Of course your best bet is to just keep your resources below vault levels.

Avoid building up large wall defenses. They are not very strong and and provide "false might." Players who go for high TKs (Troops Killed) search for players who have walls to take down. Just build a couple hundred of each wall troop to prevent cart attacks.

Upgrade your Watch Tower to get more detailed information on an incoming attack. You will eventually be able to see exactly the number and kind of troop and hero level of incoming attacks. This will help you determine whether to open and defend your city or to stay hidden.


This is what this game is all about. Any players who say its not are might huggers and are not really playing the game. Don't be a hugger.

The most important part is Hero level. The higher the Hero the better you will fair in the fight. Defenders get a bonus simply for defending, so be sure to only attack with your highest level Hero. The highest level you can reach in the game is a 200 (there is a glitch to get to a 212-ask your alliance for help on this one). The coveted 215 Hero can be won in various specialty boxes that Kabam promotes on occasion.

Each troop has strength and weaknesses. Read the descriptions to see which troops will beat other troops (it's a bit like rock paper scissors). In general though T2s will beat T1s and T3s will beat T2s.

When attacking a player with more might than yourself, scout him first. This will show you what he has defending his city and will help you build a a better attack.

Join an Alliance

This has been a basic tutorial in how to survive your first few days in the game after your beginners protection runs out. There of course are much more secrets to playing the game and doing well. Each alliance has its own secrets and strategies, so be sure to join an alliance early in the game. Find an alliance of like minded players. If you want to play aggressively find an alliance with high troops killed rankings. If you want to focus on might building find an alliance that helps its members grow. If you value diplomacy, look for an alliance that claims to talk before declaring an all out alliance war.


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