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Tricycles | Tricycle | Kids | Trailers | Heavy Duty | Amish USA made | For Multiple Generations

Updated on September 23, 2012
Small kids tricycle and trailer
Small kids tricycle and trailer
Large kids tricycle and trailer
Large kids tricycle and trailer
Tricycle and trailers are available in red, John Deer green, blue and hot pink!
Tricycle and trailers are available in red, John Deer green, blue and hot pink!

These USA Amish manufactured tricycles and trailers will likely run through a stepladder of kids and still be going strong for their kids.

When the Amish build things they build them for the long term and to be used hard. Heavy welded frames and rubber air tires are easy to ride and pedal.

This Amish manufacturing shop has been making trikes and wagons since 1962, so they know what will last through the generations.

Long range adjustable seats will keep pace with the growth spurts. The seats adjust up and down the frame instead of like most just having a small fixed seat height adjustment.

Tricycles are available in 12”, 13” and 16” front wheels and corresponding rear wheels from 8" to10."

The 13” & 16” are available in several colors including John Deer Green for the little farmer to hot pink for little girls.

Hook on trailers with removable wooden racks are available in matching colors. A small trailer has a bed size of 14" x 20" with 9" air tires and a large trailer has a bed size of 19-1/2" x 33" with 10" air tires.

These trikes and trailers will keep the little tykes busy for hours while working on the development of their core muscle groups, balance, and coordination.

Some good old fashioned exercise and body development missing in today's fast pace electronic world.

Trailers are heavy enough to even help mom and dad help with the chores. Keep your little one(s) busy and helping you with having the garden tools and potted plants close by, bringing in that extra stick of firewood to raking up the leaves.

Just remember the things we all used these types of kid’s wagons for while we were growing up. Hauling the family pets, setting up a lemonade stand, to packing up the gear for the backyard camping trip.

Amish made tricycles, trailers, and wagons are available at Cottage Craft Works .com They are located under the Home Goods tab and then Toys & Games.


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