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Hobbies, Interests And Pastimes : New Ways To Spend Your Days

Updated on June 11, 2014

Changing Your Hobby

Fancy a change of hobby. Why not try one of these to make a difference to your weekend.

I am a lucky person in one respect of my life. I have never been bored. I don't know what it's like to be bored, because I have always had interests that have kept me occupied.

I'm sure there's a lot of you in the same boat as me, but there might be some of you who are considering changing their hobby, or even starting a new one for the first time.

Regular Hobbies

We all know about regular hobbies in sport such as football, baseball, fishing and karate. We all know about stamp collecting, flower arranging and jewellery making. Well, we’re not going to cover those. We are going to look at some of the more obscure, but equally satisfying ways of killing time.

I’m sure stamp collecting is a fine hobby, but does it even come close to Banana Label Collecting. After all, these can be found discarded in the street…for free. I’m not sure how many there are in the world, but perhaps the Banana Label Times will go some way to answering that question.

A Man Sold An Air Guitar For $5.50

There is even money to be made.
There is even money to be made. | Source

Learn To Play Guitar In Ten Seconds

Maybe that’s not exciting enough for you. Well what about a musical instrument like a rock guitar. One that doesn’t exist. You can practise all year round until July. Then, in August, make your way to Oulu, Finland. That’s where the Air Guitar World Championships are held. You are allowed 2 minutes on stage. The first minute to mime a solo to a set piece of music. Then the second minute to a backing track of your choice. Oh! and good luck.

Get Physical

If that is just not strenuous enough then consider becoming a member of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association and build trains, planes and automobiles. All engineless and powered by human muscle.

For any military types choose your weapon carefully (which must be maintained at all times), then make your way to Witcham Village Hall in England. Providing you have practised enough you may even make it to the final of the Peashooting World Championships.

Something Passive

You could try something less aggressive than being a crack-shot pea-shooting assassin and become a member of the Fairy Appreciation Society, but be aware that members are split into two groups. Those that enjoy fairy folklore and literature and those that believe, or half-believe in the existence of fairies.

Reading About Stuff

If you want to read something unique and fascinating why not subscribe to the Reincarnation International Magazine and read accounts of other peoples previous lives through hypnotic regression. You could even go one step further and find a hypnotist to see what your previous life comes up with.

I’m sure reading would be an activity embraced with enthusiasm by the Society for the Eradication of Television. They would, probably recommend joining the Spam Carving Contest held in Seattle every February with sculptures such as: Spamhenge….Spammy Wynette singing Stand by your Spam and Spamton of the Opera.

Writing Comedy

If you want to learn about writing comedy as a hobby....then study this sketch carefully. You can only be successful if you follow it's format.

Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Practise Here If You Would Like To Take Up Online Surveys As A Hobby

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In Conclusion

Basically if it can be done (The International Guild Of Knot Tyers), competed over (The Giant Vegetable Championships), considered (Doorknob Collecting), theorized (The Lindbergh Kidnapping Network), practised (Oil Wrestling), participated in (Lavatory Seat Hurling), then there is someone, somewhere does it.

So, in future, if you want any back issues of the Procrastinator Times, keep in mind all their issues are back issues. There are thousands of hobbies out there. Why not begin a new era in your life and start something you’ve never considered before. Just ask anyone who reads the Eraser Carvers Quarterly.


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