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$0 Hearthstone Quick Start Guide

Updated on September 15, 2015

This guide is dedicated to all my fellow hearthstone players burned by empty pockets. No more shall we suffer when matched with 12 year olds and the might of their parents credit cards!

First, before we can begin we will need to understand some of the basic items/resources in the game that will be mentioned throughout this guide.

  • Gold - Gold serves as Hearthstones currency. It can be used to purchase new decks from the shop, purchase add-on content and allows you to gain access to the arena.
  • Arcane Dust - This blue powdery stuff is used to craft new cards. You will need this throughout the game if you wish to construct more powerful decks without spending tons of your welfare money.
  • Deck - Your deck is self explanatory, but if you need me to explain it to you than pay very close attention: It's a deck of cards. *Mind Blown*
  • Hero - A Hero is the character you and your enemy play as. There are only 9 hero's. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

That should be all for now, this is a pretty simple game.

Now for the actual guide!

About time *Cough*

1. When you first get into the game you will be immediately thrown into the game where a total of 6 challenges await. These are all scripted so you won't have any trouble beating them. So beat them.

2. Done with step one already? Well you should be, it was easy. Now you will want to head on down to 'Solo Adventures' practice mode. This is where you will level up a bit, but most importantly this is where you will unlock the 8 other 'Hero's'. Battle each one of the hero's in practice mode to unlock them. Once you have all hero's unlocked continue to step 3.

3. Now that you have unlocked all your hero's and scored a sweet 100 gold from that one challenge you're almost ready to move on to the big leagues. Don't be tempted to purchase a new pack of cards with your gold, it's a mistake. Oh, and stay away from arena for now as well.

For now let's avoid expert practice, it can be a bit painful this early on. Head on into play mode, select ranked and choose your favorite Hero. Once you first begin ranked mode you will be rank 25. Until you get to rank 20 your rank cannot be negatively affected by losses, so you might as well play it. Once you get to level 20 you will have unlocked your ranked chest. This chest will remain closed until the ranked season is over, when that is I have no idea. But once it does open you will get some nifty stuff, maybe.

4. By the time you have reached rank 20 you should have gotten at least one of your hero's to level 10. By level 10 you will have unlocked all of your hero's basic cards. (Do not mistake rank in ranked matches with hero level!) Now that you have unlocked all of these cards it's time to build a deck that will get you places.

You would be further if this image wasn't so large.

Step #4 continued...

Because I'm too lazy to pretend I came up with these decks myself:

Hearthstone Starter Basic Deck Collection – All 9 Classes!

Pick the deck of your level 10 hero, once your deck is complete move on to step 5.

5. Once your basic deck is constructed you will find your experience improve significantly. You should have also sense acquired a few card packs and around 270 gold. Good for you. Now enjoy yourself, then go open some packs. Don't get your keyboard sticky, we still need it.

*Pats back*

You've made it this far, and sense you've proved your metal I think it's time to take on the Expert bots. Go on, you can do it. Come back to me once you've killed all of the expert bastards. I promise it'll be worth your while.

6. Now that you've scored yourself an extra 100 Gold from defeating those expert bots we can move on to the next step. The final step.

So at this point we are more or less done with this quick start guide, but there are a few things we can still do, depending on how you would like to spend your gold.

You can hit up the arena, a game mode where you construct a random deck and duke it out with random players for prizes such as card packs, or you can buy a few card packs and work towards constructing a more powerful deck to get your butt to rank 10 in ranked match making. I would encourage you to hold off on the arena until you have a little more experience, but that's just me. Hell, you may even be able to get yourself to rank 10 with that nifty little starter deck of yours that we constructed earlier, but it's up to you. Hopefully I have prepared you enough for the game to make your own decisions wisely.

Go give it to those credit card warriors, champ!

7. Bonus Step. Now we are going to talk about something that probably isn't going to be relevent for you at this moment, but I feel as though it should be mentioned.

That whole Arcane Dust thing, the stuff that's used for crafting, can be earned by disenchanting various cards from your deck. Disenchanting is basically just destroying your cards for resources. It's not worth it! Don't bother with crafting this early on in the game unless you decided to go rogue on me and borrow the fam's credit cards to buy packs.

One of my first mistakes in hearthstone was disenchanting all of the cards the game would allow so that I could build some random budget deck that had cost me more dust than I could get. It's just not worth it.

Once you manage to save up enough useless cards and decide it is time to disenchant you can look up some decks online and get an idea for which one you would like to build. But you could be playing for months on f2p (Free to play) before getting enough cards to do that.

What have we learned?

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    • thegecko profile image

      Warren Samu 

      3 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Outside of the automated disenchanting feature, I recommend only DEing gold cards which you already have 2 normal cards of. The return on DEing sucks and you never know if you'll use one of your collected cards in a future deck :)


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