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10 Awesome Toys From the 1970s You'll Never See Again

Updated on July 11, 2016

1. Cher Beauty Center

These vintage 1970s toys will have you reminiscing about your childhood. From dolls to kitchen sets to games, there was a toy for every girl and boy back in the day.

The Cher Beauty Center was a great toy for beauticians-to-be. It came with a Cher head with long-rooted hair that you could curl, comb, and style. Included were a brush, comb, rollers, bobby pins, barrettes, powder puff, eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and a cosmetic purse.

This toy was the result of the fame of the Sonny & Cher show, which was especially popular with young people. The Beauty Center came out in 1976 and was only made for a few years.

2. All Steel Kid Size Kitchens

Although children's life-size kitchen sets are still very popular today, they are mostly all made of plastic. Back in the 1970s, these sturdy kitchens were almost always made of steel. After all, how were you supposed to work like mom and dad in the kitchen if you had flimsy appliances?

3. Suntan Tuesday Taylor

Suntan Tuesday Taylor was a doll marketed to girls during a decade when getting suntans were not discouraged. In fact, this doll's skin actually darkened when you took her to the beach with you. Nothing says 70s childhood like getting burnt at the beach with your toys!

The Suntan Tuesday Taylor doll had many accompanying toys available to suit her, including a Volkswagon for taking her friends with her on trips, and a comfortable beach house with a fire place.

4. OJ Simpson Doll Pro Set

The OJ Simpson doll Pro Set came out in 1972. He was marketed to boys that admired the NFL football star and his athletics. The doll came with a lot of accessories to help keep OJ in tip-top shape: a standing barbell bench, tennis racket and ball, track hurdles, a boat, oars, football uniform, sneakers, track suit, tennis wear, knee socks, and sneakers.

5. Holly Hobbie Everything

Holly Hobbie was incredibly popular in the 1970s and into at least the mid-1980s. Her image was everywhere: on toy boxes, lamps, as stuffed dolls, and in this highly detailed brush, mirror, and comb set many girls of the 1970s coveted.

The Holly Hobbie of the 1970s looked different than in the next decade. In the 70s she had long auburn hair, a pony tail, ribbons, and a red bonnet. In the 1980s she usually had blonde hair and a blue bonnet.

6. Talking Flip Wilson Doll

Flip Wilson was the star of the Flip Wilson Show, a comedy skit show that made millions of Americans laugh in the early 1970s. Flip became so popular at one point that a stuffed talking doll was made in his image.

He created a character in which he dressed up as a woman named Geraldine. Geraldine's image was on the reverse of the doll, and her show phrases were also audible on it, like "What you see is what you get," and "The devil made me buy this dress."

7. Show 'N Tell Phonograph by GE

The Show 'N Tell Phonograph by GE was partially designed to make a kid feel like he had his own TV in his room. Not only did the phonograph play records but it also had a film strip in it that would play images while you listened to the music.

Life indeed seemed simpler in the 70s, and no one needed high-tech electronics to be entertained when you had fun toys like this!

8. Melody Mike

Melody Mike was a bit of a goofy looking musical toy, but very interactive. When you pressed his nose, the top of his head popped open; revealed inside were eight keys that you could press to play musical notes that were highly obnoxious sounding. Parents were stressed out the entire decade as a result of Melody Mike.

9. Coleco Quiz Wiz

The Coleco Quiz Wiz was a fun way for parents to get their kids to learn. There were 1001 questions on each cartridge, and there were dozens of cartridges available in such subjects as TV, people, music, and places.

10. Farrah Fawcett-Majors Bean Bag

The cheesecake Farrah Fawcett Majors Beanbag, which was emblazoned with the actress's most iconic photo, was marketed to boys in the 70s at the height of her Charlie's Angels and Logan's Run movie fame. This bean bag no doubt gave a lot of boys sweet dreams about Farrah.

There are countless toys from the 70s that kept children busy, and they are a reflection of what a fun decade it was!


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