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10 Billion Husbands: All Husbands List + Secret Illustrations

Updated on July 24, 2017
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10B Husbands: All Husbands List and Secret Illustrations
10B Husbands: All Husbands List and Secret Illustrations | Source

One major warning before you continue reading this list: SPOILERS ALERT! The goal in this game is to marry all husbands and unlock their secret illustrations. That being said, you must be here because you’re quite impatient or just very curious. Nevertheless, I’ve already warned you so proceed at your own risk!

This list contains basic information about all the husbands available in the game. As an added bonus, all the secret illustrations are showcased here for your viewing pleasure. Now go ahead and savor the moment of marrying all the husbands of 10B Husbands and unlocking their secret illustrations.

All Husbands and their Secret Illustrations

1. Suit Husband

The Suit Husband is a dashing man who’s always wearing a suit. He feels very comfortable wearing formal, business, and semi-formal attires. He’s always on-the-go ready to close the next deal.

2. Sportsman Husband

The Sportsman Husband is an athletic young man whose energy levels are always so high. He was born to play sports. In fact, his youthful spirit provides him so much vitality that he might just be the next superstar in the sports world arena.

3. Hero Husband

The Hero Husband is a genuine superhero. He has vowed to protect everyone as he saves the world from evil. No villain can ever do any bad deed with him boldly patrolling around and keeping a tight watch on the world’s state.

4. Lap-dog Husband

The Lap-dog Husband is a very young-looking guy whose entirety oozes of cuteness. He’s so adorable everyone can’t help but hug him tight. He’s very sweet just as how much as he loves desserts.

5. Rock Husband

The Rock Husband is a full-time rock star! With his unbelievable electric guitar skills, he can captivate anyone’s heart without fail. Music is his passion as it is also his life. Nothing makes him more excited than playing his electric guitar in a rock gig.

6. Mad Husband

The Mad Husband is as mad as they say. His crazy antics have gained admiration from around the world. He is unconventional and unorthodox! He’s a nonconformist who stands out no matter where he is. This mad person is surely one unique individual!

7. Scientist Husband

The Scientist Husband is a zealous scientist who’s always ready to discover and learn new things. Knowledge is the most important thing to him. Love comes second. The only way to get close to him is to have chemistry with him.

8. Dancer Husband

The Dancer Husband loves to dance whenever chance he gets. He was born to dance. If he becomes your husband, you’ll probably end up dancing all the time. The good thing is—the two of you can dance romantic dances any time you both like.

9. Playboy Husband

The Playboy Husband is definitely a playboy. He enjoys seeking all kinds of pleasures in life. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person though. Deep inside, he’s really caring and attentive. A little patience will go a long way if he happens to become your husband.

10. Wild Husband

The Wild Husband just can’t help but emit an aura of wildness. Inside and outside, he sure is wild! But just as he is wild, his instincts never fail when the time need them. He’s super loyal and will love you until the end of time.

11. Idol Husband

The Idol Husband is a shining pillar of success. He is admired by everyone. As a matter of fact, everyone in the world knows him. He is famous and marvelously popular! If you want him to be your husband, be sure that you can handle all the attention he uncontrollably gets.

12. Samurai Husband

The Samurai Husband follows the code of the Samurai. He’ll protect you at costs—even at the cost of his life. If he fails to protect you, he will surely commit hara-kiri. With that, it is very clear how overwhelmingly loving and loyal he is.

13. Robot Husband

The Robot Husband may be a robot made out of metal, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of love. In fact, the Robot Husband is the warmest robot of them all. He has the capacity to love. For some reason, his love transcends all boundaries.

14. Prince Husband

The Prince Husband is a royal-blooded man who has been looking for the wife of his dreams since forever. He is rich and has a multitude of loyal subjects. Once you both get married, you two are bound to rule everything.

15. Space Husband

The Space Husband is a man who came from space. No one knows of his real identity. Even his upbringings are a total mystery. Only one thing is known about him—he is traveling through space to search for his one true love.

16. Husband of Husbands

The Husband of Husbands is the best among them all! He’s as merry as his willingness to get married. Ever since he was born, his ultimate goal was to get married and become the best husband in the whole universe.

And here's the game's final secret illustration:

Who's your favorite husband in 10B Husbands?

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