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10 Billion Wives: All Wives List + Secret Illustrations

Updated on July 20, 2017
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10B Wives: All Wives List and Secret Illustrations
10B Wives: All Wives List and Secret Illustrations | Source

One major warning before you continue reading this list: SPOILERS ALERT! The goal in this game is to marry all wives and unlock their secret illustrations. That being said, you must be here because you’re quite impatient or just very curious. Nevertheless, I’ve already warned you so proceed at your own risk!

This list contains basic information about all the wives available in the game. As an added bonus, all the secret illustrations are showcased here for your viewing pleasure. Now go ahead and savor the moment of marrying all the wives of 10B Wives and unlocking their secret illustrations.

All Wives and their Secret Illustrations

1. Apron Wife

The Apron Wife is a pretty woman who loves cooking and baking. Making delectable food is her passion. She firmly believes that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. That’s why she cooks and bakes with all her heart poured into her scrumptious creations. Her favorite object is the apron.

2. Kimono Wife

The Kimono Wife values tradition above anything else. That’s why she wears a beautiful kimono all the time. Whenever it rains, she even uses her bright oil-paper umbrella to shield herself and her kimono from moisture. Her favorite object is the traditional obi (sash).

3. CEO Wife

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Wife is a business-minded, hardworking woman who has outstanding work ethics and admirable integrity. She loves her work. Nothing makes her happier than closing business deals. Because she works around the clock, her time is very precious. Her favorite object is any sleek-looking wrist watch.

4. Archer Wife

The Archer Wife has an aim like no one else. Her eyesight is as sharp as an eagle’s eyesight. Her attention to detail is overwhelming. Archery brings her delight, but it can be tiring sometimes, so she has to eat all the time. Bowls of rice make her super-duper happy and contented.

5. Tsundere Wife

The Tsundere Wife may seem unfriendly and mean, but that’s not true at all! Actually, everything she shows on the outside is the opposite of what she really feels on the inside. Everything she does is just a unique way for her to express her affections. Her favorite object is the ribbon.

6. Active Wife

The Active Wife is the embodiment of the term “cute.” She’s so active and cheerful that she brings happiness wherever she goes. Once you see her, you would uncontrollably say “aww” because of her cuteness. Stuffed animals are her favorite objects.

7. Soldier Wife

The Soldier Wife has exceptional survival skills and combat abilities. No matter what happens, she will protect you with her own life. She’s very caring as she is very protective. Goggles are her favorite objects.

8. Shy Wife

The Shy Wife is a delicate lady who’s also a bookworm. She’s very shy and doesn’t go near people very often. She loves books and always finds solace in reading them. No wonder her favorite objects are books.

9. ONI Wife

The ONI Wife may look scary and intimidating, but trust me, she’s not! Deep down in her heart, she’s very gentle and kind. She wears a creepy mask and wields a knife only to keep you safe. Her favorite object is the knife.

10. International Wife

The International Wife enjoys traveling and meddling with international affairs. Because of this, she knows a lot of languages and is quite well-informed about the world. She likes raising flags to keep peace and order. That’s why her favorite item is the flag.

11. Maid Wife

The Maid Wife finds comfort in serving and helping people. She’s always neat, tidy, and ready to assist! For some reason, she likes wearing cat ear headbands. So if you want to win her over, giving her cat ear headbands is a must!

12. Zombie Wife

The Zombie Wife may be an undead, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of love. She’s a zombie and she wants to eat brain, yes, but she also wants your heart. Zombies love internal organs, and the Zombie Wife is not an exception. Just give her your heart and she’s going to be overwhelmed with delight.

13. Sweet Devil Wife

The Sweet Devil Wife is the sweetest demon among the demon kind. She can be mean and nasty at times, but her sweetness gets the better of her. She’s pretty and voluptuous, and she’s ready to lure you in. Bats are her favorites.

14. Angel Wife

The Angel Wife shines the most out of all the angels. As bright as she is, her heart is full of compassion and kindness. No matter what it takes, she’ll take care of you with her divine hands. Her favorite object is the white angel feather.

15. Super Wife

The Super Wife can only be described with one word, and that is—SUPER! She’s a superhero whose mission is to safeguard peace and protect everyone. As a wife, no one can compare to how super she is. Her favorite object is the cape.

16. Wife of Wives

The Wife of Wives is the best among them all! She’s as merry as her willingness to get married. Ever since she was born, her ultimate goal was to get married and become the best wife in the whole universe. Her favorite object is the wedding ring.

And here's the game's final secret illustration:

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