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10 Cheap Hobby Ideas

Updated on December 20, 2014
10 Cheap Hobby Ideas. Crossword Puzzles.
10 Cheap Hobby Ideas. Crossword Puzzles. | Source
Mural Painting in Your Home
Mural Painting in Your Home | Source
Attending Church
Attending Church | Source
Re-inventing Family Meals. 10 Cheap Hobby Ideas.
Re-inventing Family Meals. 10 Cheap Hobby Ideas. | Source
Taking Walks
Taking Walks | Source

10 Cheap Hobby Ideas

Keep your mind active and your wallet full with these wholesome activities.

  1. Taking FREE college courses online. If you are an intellectual who is stuck at home and you miss the college environment, this hobby is perfect for you. A few years ago, MIT put some of its college courses online for free for anyone to take. Dozens of universities followed suit.The website is now your one-stop shop to sign up for classes at these colleges. While you won't actually earn university credit towards a degree, the enrichment you get out of the classes will be priceless. Some examples of courses you can take are A History of the World since 1300, Pre-Calculus, and Introduction to Finance.

  2. Patchwork Sewing. Get a needle and spool of thread. Cut up old pieces of clothing into squares to make things such as throw pillows and pot holders. Stuff or line them with other old clean clothes/rags. You would be amazed at the beautiful objects you can produce. This hobby is also incredibly cheap. Besides about $5 worth of thread and sewing needles, you are using recycled clothing you already own.

  3. Attending Church. Going to church isn't really a hobby, but it is an excellent way to put positive activities into your life. You might think that people go to church solely for the act of worshiping God, but people also go to make friendships with other positive folks.Churches not only have services, but potluck dinners, flea markets, trips to local attractions. If you make a small contribution to the church each week, such as $2 in the collection plate, you will feel good about keeping the church running, joining in for good Godly activities, and for also keeping your budget healthy.

  4. Doing Crossword Puzzles. Crosswords are a very compact and affordable hobby. Not only do you just need a big book and a pen, but you can take your hobby with you almost anywhere you go, whether it's sitting on the sofa at home, at the park, the airport, etc.Scientific studies have also proven that brain activities such as crosswords can help prevent dementia in the average adult due to the consistent thought process required to complete them -- an added plus!

  5. Making Crafts from Household Items. If you have a lot of free time and need to occupy your mind, sometimes nothing is more fun than coming up with a craft project on the fly and seeing it to completion. You can decorate for the seasons: make a Fall wreath out of pine cones and twigs you find on daily walks. All you need is some twine, tacky glue, and your imagination.

  6. Painting a Wall Mural. This is a large-scale project that you will feel very proud of. If you have a wall in your home that is empty and you would like to add personality to, consider making it your canvas. Purchase a starter set of acrylic paints (about $10), and use either a famous artist's work as inspiration, or your own ideas to paint the wall. You can paint nature scenes, geometric designs, or even reproductions of masterpieces onto your wall. If you have children or other family members you can section off a part of the wall for each person to paint on. Remember to use non-toxic paints if you will have children involved.

  7. Doing a Floor Exercise Routine. There is absolutely no cost to this hobby at all. Do stretching, aerobic, and strength exercises at a particular period of the day you reserve for yourself. Touching your toes, jumping jacks, lunges, and squats will all help you create a leaner, healthier body. On days you don't exercise you can focus on creating a progress chart and designing the routine for your goals. You can do the exercises watching TV or listening to music or with no stimuli at all.

  8. Cooking. Re-invent Family Meals. You don't need to spend extra money for this, simply re-assess how you spend your food budget each week, and alter it to make recipes for meals that are healthier and more delectable. For example, if you spend $10 in candy and soda a week, scratch that out and buy bananas, grapes, and oranges. Instead of getting a fast food meal for two for $10, buy chicken legs, potatoes, carrots, and frozen spinach to make a delicious and healthy meal at home. For every dollar you spend at the supermarket or restaurants, consider what actual value you are getting out of it. When you really get into cooking and meal planning as a hobby, you will see you can spend sometimes half as much on healthy food that you do on prepared and junk foods.

  9. Taking Walks. Walking is good for your heart, your mind, and your figure as well. If you live in an area that has sidewalks or walking paths, take the time out at least three times a week to check out your surroundings. Getting fresh air and sunshine are much needed in a modern society full of indoor jobs and desk-based computer tasks.

  10. Watching Free Documentaries. If you are the type of person that loves PBS and independent films, there are a plethora of free documentaries you can watch online at From history to finance to culture, these are yours for the watching. All you need is an internet connection.


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  • whittwrites profile image

    T.B Whitt 

    4 years ago from the Philly area

    Thanks for your list. There was one addition-write for Hubpages it helps you learn as well as reach out to others through your words.

  • Pop Culture World profile imageAUTHOR

    Pop Culture World 

    6 years ago from United States

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Carol.

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 

    6 years ago from Arizona

    Well you have run a list of fun things to do that are cheap. And today in our difficult economy and few dollars to spend some really good ideas. Thanks for sharing all these very creative ideas.


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