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How to Earn Coins in Pet Society on Facebook

Updated on February 28, 2014

Do your Pet Society friends on Facebook have all the latest shops items? Would you like to turn your pet’s place into a palace? You can earns lots of coins with these 10 steps.

1. Visit Neighbors

Visit your neighbors once a day to earn coins and paw points. For visiting your first 50 neighbors, you will gather 50 coins and 10 paw points. For the next 25 neighbors, you will earn 25 coins per neighbor. And you will earn 15 coins for visiting each of your remaining neighbors. You can only try this method once a day.


2. Wash Dirty Pets

To earn additional coins at any time, simply grab your soap and start washing dirty pets. You can find dirty pets by visiting the café and your neighbors.

A dirty pet will have flies, at least 1 fly and at most 5 flies. Each fly you wash away is worth 20 coins. You can earn at least 20 coins for washing a pet with 1 fly or up to 100 coins for washing a pet with 5 flies. With this method, you can quickly earn 1000 coins.

You also earn paw points from washing other pets. Another helpful tip is to reset this feature by closing and re-entering the game. The café will be filled with different pets and you will find your neighbors flies have returned, meaning more coins and paw points for you.

3. Sell Items and Treasure

Selling items you no longer want or use can bring you a hefty sum. Going to the treasure map everyday and selling what you find will get you more coins as well. There are many valuable items at the unique map locations. Do not pass up the daily opportunity to go digging. If you are not using your shelves each day you will lose them.

Racing | Source

4. Run and Bet at the Stadium

Running and winning races at the stadium gets you 30 coins. You are allowed to run in 10 races and 1 pro race each day. You may also bet on a race. Winning a bet earns you certain amount of coins as well. The hurdles are a challenge but your pet is bound to get better with practice.

5. Exercise

Jumping rope, playing frisbee and tossing a ball around with your pet earns you a minimal amount of coins. Such as 1 or 2 coins for the number of jumps, catches and throws you make with your pet. Pet Society rewards you with trophies if you spend more time playing with your pet.

6. Walk Your Friends' Street

Go for a nice stroll on your friends’ street. While you are there, bump into every single tree you see and you will gather some coins. This may seem like a strange way to earn coins but you are guaranteed some coins each day by bumping into trees.

7. Grow Trees

Buying and growing trees and flowers in your garden is a constant source of coins. Depending on the type of tree or flower, you can sell your garden harvest each day or every few days. For example, you can sell the harvested pine cones or honey pots from trees and the flowers you grow. The better quality of the tree or flower earns a better return of coins. Spend money to make money in your garden.

8. Play the Lottery

Each time you login, the game gives you a chance to play the lottery. Spinning the lottery wheel will gift coins. Login consecutively for 5 days in a row will give you a spin at the playfish lottery wheel. The playfish lottery wheel gifts more coins and special prizes that normally can only be purchased with playfish cash. You can sell most of these items.

9. Buy Playfish Cash

Purchasing playfish cash requires real money and is the quickest way to get coins in Pet Society. Playfish cash takes the hassle out of going through the previous methods.

This shortcut may have you miss out on some of the quality fun time you would have playing with your pet and neighbors. However, the choice is up to you.

10. Level Up

Leveling up will bring you 100 coins. The cute jig your pet will do when leveling up is priceless.

With these 10 steps, your pet will be living in high society in no time. If you have more tips to add to this list, please include them in your comments below. Have fun playing Pet Society!


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