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10 Forgotten Barbies

Updated on February 23, 2015
Double Date™
Double Date™ | Source

After American businesswoman, Ruth Handler, successfully released the first Original Teen-age Fashion Model™ Barbie® (1959), it was apparent that the doll needed a companions.

Inspired by her son, Kenneth, Handler released Barbie®'s boyfriend™, Ken® (1961). Complementing Barbie®'s iconic debut image of a fashionable top-knot ponytail and zebra striped swimsuit, the male fashion doll had a flocked crew-cut and a red swimsuit.

To counteract Barbie®'s controversial image as being overtly sexual, the doll also gained the freckled, red-head best friend, Midge® (1962); younger preteen-age sister, Skipper® (1964); and Ken®'s best buddy, as well as, Midge®'s boyfriend, Allen® (1964). In the tradition of Barbie®'s debut, the dolls were also released in swimsuits.

The addition dolls marked the beginning an extensive list of family members and friends.

1968 Mattel Booklet
1968 Mattel Booklet | Source
1968 Mattel Booklet
1968 Mattel Booklet | Source

1. Tutti® & Todd® (1965-1976)

Featured as the younger siblings of Barbie® and Skipper®, Mattel released the adolescent twins, Tutti® and Todd®.

The dolls were only seen together once, play-sets and clothing packages were marketed for both of the characters, until Mattel discontinued the doll line.

Although, critics claim that when the Wedding Day™ Midge® (1991) line was released, the series included a re-introduced Tutti® character as a flower girl, that was briefly named as Kelly®. The doll's name was eventually given to a younger sister of Barbie®, toddler Kelly® (1995), and the character was indefinitely released as Stacie® (1995). The wedding set also included the re-introduced Todd® character as a ring bearer.

Despite the characters not being a regular installment of the Barbie® line, Stacie® and Todd® continue to be featured in sets, including the Mary Poppins™ line as Jane and Micheal (2008).

Critics also claim that Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale™ Marie® and Max® (2013) are another re-introduction of Tutti® and Todd® as well.

2. Chris® (1967-1976)

Featured as Tutti® and Todd®'s friend, Mattel discontinued the character.

1966 Sears Catalog
1966 Sears Catalog | Source
1967 Mattel Advertisement
1967 Mattel Advertisement | Source

3. Francie® (1966-1976)

Featured as the MODern cousin of Barbie® and the first doll to have rooted eyelashes, Mattel released Francie® (1966).

Critics claim that the character was a physical representation of the transition from the conservative fashions of the fifties to the bold trends of the sixties, which was often simply considered MOD.

When Mattel introduced a black version of Twist 'N Turn™ Francie® (1967), the character became innovative. Despite lacking distinct African characteristics, other than darkened skin, the doll used the head mold for the original Francie®, which only included Caucasian facial features and hairstyles.

The doll was temporarily discontinued until the character was re-introduced with the release of the re-production, 30th Anniversary™ Francie® (1996).

Although the doll is not a regular installment of the Barbie® Line, the character continues to be featured as several re-productions for collectors, which include: The Wild Bunch™ Francie® (1997), Smashin' Satin™ Francie® (2005), Check Please!™ Francie® (2011), Nighty Brights™ Francie® (2011), Kitty Corner™ Francie® (2012), and Fuchsia ‘N Fur™ Francie® (2012).

4. Casey® (1967-1976)

Featured as the friend of Francie®, Mattel discontinued the character.

Although critics claim that when Mattel released Most MOD Party™ Becky® (2009), the character was a re-introduced Casey® character.The doll is the first re-produced prototype that was originally scheduled to release in 1971.

1971 Sears Catalog (#1)
1971 Sears Catalog (#1) | Source

5. Stacey® (1968-1971)

Featured as the MODern British chum of Barbie®, Mattel released Talking™ Stacey® (1968).

Only two versions of the character were produced, including the Twist 'N Turn™ Stacey® (1968).

The doll was temporarily discontinued until the character was re-introduced with the release of the re-production, Nite Lightening™ Stacey® (2006).

6. P.J.® (1969-1984)

Although critics claim the introduction of Talking™ P.J.® (1969) was a re-introduced MODern Midge®, the doll was featured as a distant cousin of Barbie®.

After the release of Sweet Roses™ P.J.® (1983), Mattel discontinued the doll.

1972 Mattel Advertisement
1972 Mattel Advertisement | Source

7. Steffie® (1972)

Featured as another friend of Barbie®, Mattel released Busy™ Steffie® (1972).

Only three versions of the character were produced, including Busy Talking™ Steffie® (1972) and Walk Lively™ Steffie® (1972).

Although Mattel discontinued the doll, the Steffie® face mold is the most frequently used mold in Barbie® history.

8. Kelley® (1973-1974)

Featured as another friend of Barbie®, Mattel released Quick Curl™ Kelley® (1973).

Only two versions of the character were produced, including Yellowstone™ Kelley® (1974).

Although the doll was discontinued, critics claim the character was re-introduced with the re-production Pop Life™ (Red Head) (2009).

9. Jazzie® (1988-1992)

Featured as the cool teen cousin of Barbie®, Mattel released High School™ Jazzie® (1988).

After the release of Glitter Beach™ Jazzie® (1992), Mattel discontinued the doll.

10. Dude®, Chelsie®, & Stacie® (1989-1992)

Featured as the boyfriend and friends of Jazzie®, Mattel discontinued the dolls.

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    • smw1962 profile image

      smw1962 2 years ago

      I remember most of these dolls. What great memories!

    • samanthamjordan profile image

      samanthamjordan 3 years ago

      preschoolhesperia, if there are any characters not mentioned, feel free to comment on what I can add!

    • profile image

      preschoolhesperia 3 years ago

      Wow! This brings back memories.