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10 Good Reasons to Buy a Legacy Ornamental Mill

Updated on June 12, 2010

Unless you have gone to a woodworking show, you probably have not seen a Legacy Ornamental Mill in action. If you love routers and router tables, this tool will probably make you do some serious thinking about adding it to your collection. I do not sell these units, but since buying one I have become a huge fan of them

Legacy Revo 900

Unless you see it in action, it is hard to explain. However I am going to give a shot and tell you about the benefits of owning one. The mill works by adding a router to a set of movable rails. This allows you to create items around all three axis, X, Y and Z. When you start to look at the projects, you will be amazed at the machines potential.

Turning Stock Round

Unless you have a lathe, you cannot turn round items in your woodworking shop. This creates limitations and forces you to buy round stock items like table legs. The Legacy mill adds another dimension for you that opens up tons of different project ideas. This is one of those tools that you will find many more uses for it once it arrives in your

An Added Dimension

Not only can you start to turn round stock, but you will find that the legacy has all sorts of attachments that let you mill end stock, cut perfect circles and countless other projects. The mill not only lets you cut in the X,Y and X axis, but it lets you hold wood in all three axis as well which makes it the most versatile tool in your shop. This added dimension will change every way you look at woodworking.

Column Work

Adding decorative columns to your home adds a elegant touch. Even if you do not have a place for columns in your house, you can still make some pretty impressive items such as dining room table pedestals, lamps and plant stands. You can also make custom items like pergola, and arbors that will be the hit of the neighborhood.

Breathtaking Projects

Showing you some projects is probably easier than explaining them since a picture is worth a thousand words right? Here are some amazing projects that you can make using this well designed and thought out tool. Say goodbye to boring old woodworking projects such as the paper towel holder and spice rack. This tool ushers in the new age of creativity.

Only your imagination is the limit nowadays. Just think where new technology is going to take us.

Fluted table legs I turned

Table Legs

I bought this machine because I needed to make a lot of table legs for the children's table sets that we were producing. Buying legs in a catalog or hardware store, killed our profit margin since they quickly became the most expensive part of the product. But making the legs changed all of that since we could make them out of any time of wood that we wanted. We could also make simple designs as well as fancy designs. This helped expand our product line as well.

round items cut on mill

Sellable Items

If you are thinking about selling some woodworking items online, this tool is a great tool to use to develop a very interesting and unique product line. Gone are the days of selling boring items. People want creativity and will pay big money for hand made items. You can really be creative by making items that you cannot traditionally find online. Beds are a good example. Beds are easy to make with this machine because you can turn such interesting round stock on the machine. After that the flat stock needed is pretty simple to produce. The bed frame is really just a big square with an interesting headboard or footboard. Make a nice design, add the "created by a craftsman label" and you will have a winner. By the way, table legs sell very well on Ebay too.

small decorative candle holders from scrap


The table comes with many attachments that you can buy seperatly at any time. You do not need any of the attachments to get started using the machine. Attachments include a centering tool,circle Cutter, dust collection, horizontal vise, motors, pen mandrel, dovetails kit and linear milling table.

Great Use of Scrap Wood

Because this tool is so versatile, you can put scrap wood to good use and maybe put a few bucks in your pocket. By glueing scrap pieces of wood together you can make small blanks that can be used to form items. Believe it or not, I made these colums for my home out of scrap 2 x4 ‘s (its true) I clamped them up tight after I glued up the stock. I then trimmed off the stock I did not need on my tables saw and then put it on the mill. Each column took 15 minutes to turn. When it was round I added the decorative fluting and sanded it down.

Improving your skills

Because this machine is so versatile, it forces you to think outside of the box. When you do that your skills improve. We all want to improve, and sometimes it takes a lot of sawdust to do that. When you can use scrap wood and practice pieces of wood, it softens the blow to your wallet. Besides that, the machine is so fun to use, that you will not even think about how much time you are spending in the workshop.

Good Design and Excellent Directions

You can tell this machine was engineered. When you sit down to assemble it, you are also reminded of the good design because of the great directions. If printed directions were not enough, you also get a dvd. The company ships out the unit via UPS, it arrives at your home in several boxes. I do not sell these units, I am just a fan.

Legacy Ornamental Mill

Legacy Mill Project


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