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10 Great Gifts for 3 to 7 Year Old Girls

Updated on April 20, 2017

Any parent knows that gifts for kids can be very hit and miss. Some gifts are a big hit. Others are quickly forgotten. I have two small girls. I have seen my fair share of toys that get little or no use after the initial thrill wears off. The following is a list of gifts I have given that got a lot of use for a long period of time.

I've included toys in different price ranges. Some will cost as little as $10. The list includes construction toys, pretend play toys, books, educational toys and crafts. Hopefully this gift list will help you as you search for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah and other gift giving occasions.

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Calico Critters

Calico Critters are an expensive gift but my kids play with them a lot. We got a house and four families. Calico Critters has numerous animals families including dogs, rabbits, cows and cats. Each family has a mother, father, boy and girl. Babies can be bought separately.

The cheapest house is about $70 and each family is $20. I got the families for $10 each at the Toys R Us Black Friday sale, so watch out for sales. I was able to buy furniture for the house that wasn't the Calico Critter brand. It was the same size but about half the price.

Sticky Mosaics

I like the Orb Factory brand. Sticky Mosaics are foam stickers that are placed on a pattern. This is a very affordable toy. The My First Sticky Mosaics for younger kids are about $9. The Sticky Mosaics for older kids are about $14. The projects include Princesses, Ponies & Unicorns, Fairies, Pets and Pretty Things. This is a great toy for kids who like arts and crafts.

LED Disco Party Bulb, Disco Light

Disco lights are a lot of fun to dance to. They're small but can still light up a room with light. You can get some that will attach to smart phones or other music playing devices. Music will play directly through the disco light. Others are just a light and you'll need to play music separately.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Sets

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Sets are another affordable toy that will keep kids busy. One thing I love about these toys is that they come in a box that stores all the pieces. Unfortunately the box doesn't have a lid. Each doll comes with several pieces of clothing. Kids will have fun mixing and matching clothes. It's best to buy two or three sets, to provide even more mixing and matching options.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is probably best for the toddler to 5 year old age group. The castle has a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, attic, dressing room and dance floor. If you put a character in a certain spot on the dance floor, it will recognise the princess, say her name and play a song. The castle comes with Snow White and Cinderella. The other princesses are sold separately.

American Girl Books

American Girl has a series of history books. There are multiple girls who live in various time periods. For each of these girls there are several books about her experiences. Young girls may not be able to read these books on their own but they may enjoy being read to. And they'll learn a lot at the same time. Here's the description of one book A Stand for Independence: A Felicity Classic.

"When Felicity overhears a plot against the colonists, no one believes her but Ben, her father's apprentice. So the two risk great danger to warn the colonists themselves. Soon afterward, Felicity finds a secret note from Ben. He has run away to join George Washington's army, and he is injured. Felicity is worried about him but knows it would be wrong to help a runaway apprentice. Then she is turned away from the door of her best friend, Elizabeth. Will the war for independence come between Felicity and her friends?"

Disney Princess Toddler Dolls

Disney Princess Toddler Dolls are great for younger girls who love both Disney Princesses. These are very nice dolls. They're larger in size, so girls can carry them around like real babies and put them in strollers. The dresses on these dolls are beautiful. The shoes and tiara come off, so expect them to get lost.

Lincoln Logs - Little Prairie Farmhouse

The Lincoln Logs Little Prairie Farmhouse is a great building toy for girls. The instructions are easy to follow but younger kids will still need some help building the house and barn. The set comes with a person and two horses. To make this more fun, I bought Wild West and Farm Animal Toobs to go with it. My kids enjoy building farms with the Lincoln Logs and having all the extras to create a real farm.

Legos for Girls

Legos are another great construction toy for girls. The LEGO Bricks and More Pink Brick Box is one good option. This is probably best for ages 5 and up because the pieces are small. The LEGO Bricks and More DUPLO Pink Brick Box is great for kids 5 and under. Lego Friends are legos aimed at girls. They are listed for 6 to 12 year olds.

Disney Princess Early Chapter Books

Girls who love books and the Disney Princesses will love the Disney Princess early chapter book series. There is a book for each character. The books have lots of colorful pictures. They're probably best for ages 5 and up. The books are also available for the Kindle and Kindle apps.

Great gifts for girls in the toddler to 7 year old age group
Great gifts for girls in the toddler to 7 year old age group


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    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago


      The four doll sets are great for mix and match. I bought two separate dolls for my kids and they love mixing them up.

    • Skylanders profile image

      Suzanne Kirkhope 5 years ago from California

      My daughter has just turned 7 , so she is at the upper age end for these toys. However, she got a Melissa and Douglas magnetic dress up kit, a bigger one than shown with 4 Dolls, a few years ago and she's played with it so much

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago

      Thanks Keeley.

    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 5 years ago from Norwich, CT

      I don't have girls but my boyfriend has a 7 year old girl. This article really helps! Love that they have legos and lincoln logs for girls!!! Great article. Voted up!

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago


      The Legos for girls are a really great gift. My kids love them.

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 5 years ago from Arizona

      Since I don't have any little ones in my life, it is good to have this Hub to refer to if the need arises to choose a gift for a young girl. I'm pleased to see they now have Legos for girls! :)

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago


      I've also found that when my kids choose their own toys, they often end up losing interest really quickly. I have to say I love Calico Critters, even though they are quite expensive.

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago

      Thanks Gypsy Rose. Glad to help.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      With four girls under 8 this was an enlightening hub for me thanks JoanCA - funnily enough though I usually take the girls shopping and they choose - often there are crazes going down at the school like zhu zhu pets etc...It was great reading this hub as I also got a sense of how much a childs world is created through their toys and imaginative play! Plus..thanks for introducing me to the Caramel Cat Family - I'll ask the girls.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and useful for those who have little girls. This is a great help for birthdays and Christmas alike. Passing it on.

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 5 years ago

      Thanks Carol. It's very hard to know what to buy.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Everyone should keep this hub in their arsenal of helpful hubs when needing a gift. I never know what to buy and this solves that problem. Voting up and sharing.