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Traditonal Outdoor Games For Indian Kids

Updated on March 12, 2017

2. Memory game

The memory game or the memory testing game can be played even if there are only two children. Arrange many big and small things like bucket, torch, pen, computer etc in a room neatly and cover them using a sheet. Then bring the children to the room. Remove the sheet and let them observe the things for 3 minutes. Then take them out of the room and give them a piece of pen and paper. Let them start writing the things seen in the room when you say ‘start’ and stop writing when ‘stop’ is said.

The child who writes the maximum number of things is the winner of the game. Keep only few things when played for the first time. Change the number of things arranged according to the age of the children.

The memory game helps in increasing the memory power, concentration and observatory power of children.

Ready… 1…2…3…

Games help children to learn a lot. Though technology helps man a lot the same technology is making him lazy too .In olden days children used to engage themselves in various games. They used to play in groups outdoors. But now the time as well as the character of children has changed a lot. Now cartoons and computer games are the main recreation activities of children. Forget computer games and cartoons for the time being with the 15 games that have been listed below.

1. Jumping in the sack

This is an old game that is enjoyed equally by both children and elders. At least three children must participate in this game.

The children who are participating in the game should first get into sacks. The sack must have a length that reaches up to the height of the child’s waist or neck. The sacks can be colored with colorful paints which will attract children more towards this game. The children must stand in a row and start jumping forward when ‘start’ is said or the whistle is blown. The person who jumps the finishing line first, will be the winner.

It’s a game that grows the physical power of children. Moreover it will help in increasing the social awareness and emotional development in children as it is a game that is played in a group.

3. Water filling game

Three or four children are required for this game. Give a small bucket and a glass to each child. They must fill the bucket using the glass from another bucket which is filled with water. Who first fills the empty bucket completely will be the winner. A gift may also be given to the person who filled the bucket without dropping much water on the floor.

This game is very useful to increase the ability of the muscles of hands and to increase concentration.

4. Smell recognizing game

A minimum of three children is required for this game. Keep things having different smells like tea powder, powder, peppermint etc separately in small covers. Close the eyes of children and make them smell each of these covers and identify the things in them. The child who says the maximum number of correct answer will be the winner of the game.

This game will help in increasing the power of sense organs

5. Saying the story game

This is a game that can be played by a group of four or five children. First let the children sit in a round. One child must continue the sentence said by another child. Imagine the first child says the sentence, “I saw a rabbit when I went to a forest.” The second child says, “I saw a rabbit and a deer when I went to the forest.” The third child must say a sentence that is a continuation of the second sentence. Sentences must be said in such a form that it develops into a story.

This game will help in improving the language ability and memory power of children

6. Leaf blowing game

It is a traditional game. At least four children are required for this game. Place a leaf on the floor. Hide the leaf by putting a small heap of sand over it. Each child is given a chance to blow the sand. It must be blown until the leaf is seen completely. Whose blowing made the leaf clear should run and catch all the other children.

This game will help in increasing the physical ability of children.

Where do you feel is the best place for your kids to play? Why do you feel so?

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7. Play and learn cooking

This cookery game will help children in learning cooking. This game will become more interesting if there are at least three children. Tell them the recipe of a dish that can be prepared very easily. It would be better if the preparation of the dish doesn’t require a knife or fire. The winner is the person who prepares the dish first and in a neat way.

Such cookery games help to increase the confidence and to make their hands flexible. Children must be involved in such cookery games by making sure that they enjoy the game. They must not feel that they are doing a job.

8. Dictionary game

Make the children sit in a circle and give a dictionary, pen and paper to each child. Now give 10 words to the children depending upon their age group and ask them to find the meanings of those words from the dictionary. The child who writes the meaning of all the words first will be the winner.

This game will help children get familiar with new words and to increase their ability in language.

9. Alphabet game

This is a game that can be played by four or five children. Write all the alphabets in small pieces or papers, fold them and put them in a box. The leader must sit near the box. The others must sit at a distance on a line. The leader must take one paper piece from the box and read the alphabet aloud. Children who have that alphabet in their names can jump once. If the same alphabet is repeated in the name they can take one more jump. For example if the alphabet is A, the child named ALEENA can jump twice, since that alphabet is present twice in her name. In such a manner the person who first reaches near the leader is the winner.

It’s a game which helps children to get familiar with alphabets.

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10. Land and water game

It’s a game that can be played by five or six children. First select a child as the leader. Draw a big circle on the floor and let all the children stand outside it. This circle is the pond. When the leader says ‘water’, all the children must jump into this circle. When the leader says land they must jump out. The leader can repeat the same word like land-land-water-land etc in order to confuse them. Those who jump wrong will become out of the game. The child who stands till the end is the winner. This game is very useful to increase the concentration power of children.

Let children enjoy their childhood by playing simple games outdoors with their friends rather than sitting in front of the compute and playing games or watching cartoons .

While children are allowed to play such games make them know that success and failure are parts of our lives. Teach them that anyone can fail and hard work is the only solution to succeed in life. Let them learn such big lessons through such simple games.

Don’t forget to suggest any other games you used to play as a kid.

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