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7 Key Facts Regarding XP to Prestige Quick in Call of Duty: WWII

Updated on November 28, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

CC image - Neato Call of Duty: WWII desktop background - Serving as a subtle reminder that "WWII" is now available on the PC (as well as for the Xbox One and PS4)
CC image - Neato Call of Duty: WWII desktop background - Serving as a subtle reminder that "WWII" is now available on the PC (as well as for the Xbox One and PS4)
CC image - Call of Duty: WWII has the greatest asset to its multiplayer, and this comes in the grand spectacular game mode, new and exclusive to "WWII", War.
CC image - Call of Duty: WWII has the greatest asset to its multiplayer, and this comes in the grand spectacular game mode, new and exclusive to "WWII", War.

Call of Duty: WWII, Online

For those who are not aware, Call of Duty: WWII just hit the video-game marketplace (Xbox One, PS4, PC) earlier this month, having had a commercially overwhelming success on its first week out on store shelves, selling millions of copies in pre-orders, and having sold even more in the weeks since its initial launch, which was on Tuesday 3rd November, 2017.

Today's Tuesday, and not just any old Tuesday, as this is the Tuesday that comes just after Monday the 27th November, or a day better known amongst the savvy online buyers, Cyber Monday. Now, Cyber Monday is the day that follows Black Friday, yet another exciting day that has come and gone in the past week for retailers and retail shoppers, as Black Friday and Digital Monday (exclusive online sales events day) have both revealed the low, low price of £36.00 for a PS4 or Xbox One copy of Call of Duty: WWII.

Sorry folks, the reduced price for Call of Duty: WWII has once again risen to its normal retail price of £48.00 (Black Friday event price: £36.00 - no longer available). Although, good news to those who landed a copy of "WWII" during the Black Friday holiday shopping event, as £36 was a steal (UK retailer, Tesco, the store that offered the Black Friday "WWII" lowest priced deal).

All the more, if you are one of the lucky individuals to have received a copy of Call of Duty: WWII ("WWII") as perhaps a gift in November, or perhaps still waiting until Christmas day to get your hands on the "WWII" action, then it may be the case that you are seeking out some friendly advice regarding ways in which that a "WWII" player can maximise their XP earn rates. After all, "WWII" (CoD) is one of the more competitive shooter games for 2017, and so it is always handy to know the tips and tricks that are boosting players to great beyond on the worldwide leaderboard, or maybe just your friends leaderboard stats.

"WWII" (CoD) multiplayer is one of the greatest Call of Duty title multiplayer experiences that the franchise has had in years, and this is not about to stop any time soon. The "WWII" multiplayer, in its current state (todays date: 28th November, 2017), is still not entirely finished, since there are still some minor bugs and glitches in the games multiplayer, and the online servers have been shaky at peak times of the day. The aforementioned Head Quarters (HQ) is the first online lobby waiting space where players can actively access a unique military base area. The HQ has accessible areas where players can buy loot, collect orders, wager contracts, test score-streaks, prestige weapons, prestige divisions (class-set-up), shoot weapons in the firing range, and the best thing of all, prestige your soldier - by entering the secret area at the top of the hill to be awarded each prestige (after hitting rank level 55), each with a greater emblem.

The only issue with the so-called spectacle that is the HQ social space in "WWII" - is that it is still unofficially working, and now the word used is 'unofficial' since technically online players in "WWII" multiplayer can still freely access the HQ space, but the only catch is that you'll be alone. What? OK, so the HQ space is meant to hold anywhere up to 48 players, all hanging around in third-person playable mode, whilst either waiting for a match to load, or perhaps to work on your social stats. That's right, in HQ, once the lobbies are stacking up in the social space - there will be the ability to commend fellow players (assumably, due to their hard work in a previous match), complete social challenges (to earn social score), and the most popular element is that every player can open their supply drops in front of one another, and in the process earn yet more social score.

What is social score, in "WWII" multiplayer? Well, the social score is unique to the HQ base-social area, and can be earned through multiple ways: commending other lobby players, testing your weapons in the firing range, doing 1v1's with other players, and also by watching others open supply drops in the social space. Basically, the HQ is like a whole other foundation for multiplayer fun with friends, and also for the solo experience playing online with randoms.

There are a heap ton of other cool stuff that could be shared, when taking an in-depth insight into the online world that has been created in Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer, but it seems like it is about time to get down to the actual topic of conversation here in this post. How to earn XP quickly in "WWII" online to prestige your soldier as quick as humanly possible? Well, there is precisely 10 facts that you need to know to give you the edge whilst making the most of "WWII" online over the Christmas holidays.

(Image: Double XP for AW) - Double XP has been a special occasion that has long been enjoyed within the Call of Duty (multiplayer) franchise, as it helps players to boost their levels quicker so that they may prestige sooner.
(Image: Double XP for AW) - Double XP has been a special occasion that has long been enjoyed within the Call of Duty (multiplayer) franchise, as it helps players to boost their levels quicker so that they may prestige sooner.

No.1 - 2XP Weekends (aka Double XP Weekends)

Now, since the launch of Call of Duty: WWII there have been multiple advantages given to the online player-base for the game, as there have now been two major XP boost weekends. The first came with the initial launch of "WWII" online, and this worked out so that online players were receiving 3XP (triple the normal rate of XP earnings), and Sledgehammer Games lead developer and co-founder for CoD: WWII, has stated in recent weeks that the 3XP was actually an error, as they forgot to turn off the XP boost rates, and as such, there have been players souring through the early prestiges in just the first week of "WWII" online's launch.

The second boost weekend for "WWII" online happened just this past weekend (the weekend following the USA celebrated thanksgiving day), and sadly there was only the 2XP earn rate boost (and not the mistaken 3XP boost from the earlier server days).

When signing in to play Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer you'll be thrown into the HQ social space area, and here you can pick up your payroll, and any other collectables from the desk area to your right-hand side of the spawn screen. This is why it is always wise to sign into "WWII" online each and every day, as there are collectables waited to be collected simply by clicking the 'online' key, and this requires no actionable effort to play in multiplayer matches whatsoever.

Feeding into the "WWII" double XP weekends, these are the days when you should put the most of your time into the game to prestige, as what might have taken you 24 hours (or possibly, even longer) to prestige, will now only take half of the time to achieve. Some "WWII" online players prefer to play only on double XP weekends, and other various XP boosting events, as they can still reach their desired prestige and rank level without having to grind daily to get to that same position, which only took half of the time to complete in real-world time.

What are the best game modes in "WWII" online for boosting your XP on double XP weekends? The most popular of all the game modes in CoD: WWII multiplayer for double XP ranking up is the unstoppable War game mode, the only mode in "WWII" online to come with its own exclusive maps. In War, earning XP is ridiculously easy, and takes minimum effort to get victories for your team, and (in normal XP rates) you can earn (as the defenders) 150XP for building walls, 150XP for building mounted LMGs, 75XP for killing attackers, 40XP for killing stray players, 10XP for killing AI players (one-time-deal: for the defenders team at the first objective on Operation Neptune), and 100XP-500XP for defusing objective-oriented bombs. Whereas, as the attackers in War, you can earn 150XP for detonating walls, 150XP for building mounted LMGs, 100-500XP for planting objective-oriented bombs, 75XP for killing defenders (on their objective stations), 40XP for killing stray players, and anywhere up to 1000XP for building the bridge on the map, Operation Breakout. Also, capturing the objectives with your team as they are actually being 100% capped will earn you the 250XP (on the attackers team) for the successful capture (whether you were there at the 100% capped stage or not), and 500XP additionally if you were there at the 100% capped objective as it hits the max percentage for a team objective victory.

Honestly, on a double XP weekend, if you are simply completing each of the 4 objectives on the map in War mode, and actually working with your team to secure a victory at each different systematic stage, then you could earn anywhere from 12,000XP a match, to anywhere up to 40,000XP per match. Or, look at it this way, to rank up to the max level at level 54 crossing over to level 55 a player must earn approximately 50,000XP. Given the astonishingly brilliant XP earning potential for the War mode, each match taking approximately 20-30 mins to complete, you should be able to prestige in just a few days whilst playing a few hours a day during the double XP event.

No.2 - Always Use Heroic Weapon Variants

Common, rare, epic, legendary, and epic are all names for the different rarities given in "WWII" online supply drops. On occasion, there will be legendary and heroic weapon variants awarded to your soldier, and these are basically unknown weapon variants that can be used instead of the original weapon. The legendary weapon variants are somewhat shabby, as the Thompson sub-machine gun comes in a legendary variant, and this is one that takes some getting used to - the variant is Wilco - the battle-worn Tommy gun.

"Heroic" - Now, this is the word of the game. The heroic weapon variants, or any of them at all (just as long as it is not the original standardised weapon variant), all give your soldier a 10% XP earning boost, and some even rarer weapon variants award up to 15% XP earning boosts, and this only applies to the multiplayer lobby kills that you are given for using the 'heroic' weapon variant of one of the standardised weapons in "WWII" online. Sounds like a lot of compromise for a measly 10% XP boost for using the (sometimes) worser looking weapon type, but this XP earn rate boost will in time make up for a lot of increased XP earnings.

Take the 'Wilco' rusty weapon variant for the Thompson sub-machine gun, a weapon variant that looks at least twice as awful as its original version, and yet the rusty Wilco still comes out as a winner, as the weapon attachments make the rusty appeal of the Wilco variant not all that bad for multiplayer in-game usage. Pop on the rifle attachment and extended ammunition barrel, and suddenly its the best danged weapon in the game. No, seriously, the Thompson sub-machine gun (and its other weapon variants) is perhaps the greatest weapon in "WWII" online.

The 10% soldier XP boost for using heroic weapon variants (either 'depot credit' bought the variant, or won it in a supply drop), and in usage these weapons really keep the weapon feeling fresh. Plus, for every ten kills with the weapon you earn a single kill worth of XP, and that means that for every hundred kills you earn ten kills worth of XP, and taking things to the limit - when you get ten thousand kills with the weapon (heroic variant) you will have earned one thousand kills worth of XP. Insanely surprising, what a simple XP boost can do over the long haul player-time experience.

No.3 - Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is without a doubt the most exciting game mode, after excluding the War mode from the equation. For those relatively new to Call of Duty, and most specifically CoD: WWII, Kill Confirmed is the multiplayer game mode of choice for kill-to-death matches, and that is the only reason why the War mode has been excluded, as the War mode separates itself from the herd by not having kill-to-death ratio stat boards, as in War it is all about the objectives.

Kill Confirmed has all of the competitive advantages of Team Deathmatch, the more popular game mode of choice, as in Kill Confirmed you earn additional XP aside from the direct kills by collecting dog tags from dead players bodies after they are murdered in action. Sure, in Team Deathmatch you earn 100XP per kill, whereas in Kill Confirmed you earn half that amount of 50XP, but luckily in Kill Confirmed you earn an additional 75XP for collecting enemy dead-player dog tags, and also 50XP for denying friendly dog tags. Overall, Team Deathmatch loses nearly every time when pinned up alongside Kill Confirmed when it comes to total XP earning potential, as Kill Confirmed has all of the benefits to Team Deathmatch, except that in Kill Confirmed you are not bold-sightedly limiting on your XP earn rate per match.

How to play Kill Confirmed on "WWII" multiplayer? There's nothing to it. Treat the match as though it was Team Deathmatch (which it is), and kill all of the enemy players, and play as aggressive or as passive as you like, as either tactic may be more relevant to your play style. However, if you want to ensure a victory for the team, make your more passive style of gameplay turn into the aggressive-passive style of gameplay, as enemy players are always quick to spawn-rush in Kill Confirmed.

Kill Confirmed makes me sad... What to do? Kill Confirmed is undoubtedly the most consistent game mode in "WWII" multiplayer for getting the maximum amount of XP as possible, for the least amount of time spent in a single match. However, the team deathmatch spawns are not for everyone, so simply skip past this pointer and fight on in another area to "WWII" online.

No.4 - War (The Exclusive Mapped Multiplayer Game Mode - for CoD: WWII)

Behold ladies and gentlemen, perhaps the greatest game mode to ever make its way onto the Call of Duty multiplayer atmosphere, the one and only War "WWII" online game mode.

In War, there are 3 exclusive multiplayer maps, each consistently larger in size than the normal multiplayer rotations maps. Firstly, there is Operation Neptune, the Normandy beachhead capture map. Secondly, there is Operation Breakout, the small village with the destruction of the AA guns. And, last but by no means the least, Operation Griffin, the battle for the bridge. Throughout playing War, there is the defending team, and then there is the attacking team. The defending teams objectives involve maintaining hold of various locations jotted throughout the storyline map, and it is the attacking teams mission to capture the enemy locations jotted around the map, and this could be a quick match for the defending team, and it is in the hopes of the attacking team to be a long (or at least, a longer than the defending team) match that lyes ahead.

How to win more often in War? Now, this ties in with earning greater levels of XP in the War multiplayer game mode. As, if you are on the defending team, then it is of peak importance that you build walls, build mounted machine guns, grab the airdropped flamethrower (used to clear buildings, tank spots, and corridors), and protect the objective zone from enemy forces. If you are on the attacking team, then it is time to run-and-gun, as the enemy defending team are going to be camping inside buildings and behind the rubble, so watch your corners, and clear rooms out with grenades and smoke cover. Also, as the attacking force, make sure to play hard to complete objectives in the spacious time that is given.

In War mode - map, Operation Neptune: How to win? DEFENDERS: The first objective is the simplest, and the most fun to play. Get yourself onto one of the turret gunners, and lay waste to all enemy forces that are exiting onto the beach, as your first objective is to defend the beachhead from US military forces. If the turret gunner isn't doing the trick, then switch to a mountain division class and bring out a bolt action sniper rifle, as there are sometimes some tricky campers (wasting time attempting at the impossible kills, instead of completing the objectives) at the shallow water defences. Second objective (assuming your team is pulling back) is to defend the operation towers from enemy attacking forces, and now you must build the wall defences, build the barbed wire traps, and play either aggressive out on the building entry areas, or stick to your defence strategy by protecting the friendly area from within the building. Third objective (things still going bad, as you must yet again fall back) is to defend the heavy gunners, and if the enemy plants 3 times at each gunner then they will explode and it will be a loss for the team, so keep the defences clear of enemy troops. For this last defensive objective, hop on the tank spotted to the back of the friendly spawn area, and as you sit on the turret gunner the tank will make its way onto the battlefield, and this turret is perfect for friendly defending fire, and may even help turn the matches odds around in your teams favour. ATTACKERS: The attacking team basically does everything opposite to the defenders.

The other two war maps are ever so similar, but the objective stories are all unique in their own right for the 3 different War maps, but the general principles remain the same for all of these exclusive War location maps.

No.5 - Complete Weapon Challenges

Earning XP with the singular, normal earn rate is somewhat discouraging for many "WWII" online gamers, and this is typically due to the rush that these players experience whilst earning double XP on 2XP weekends and special events that allows them to move through the ranks super-quick and ultimately prestige faster than their friends, but when the XP rate is deduced back to a normal earn rate, the buzz simply isn't there, and the process of ranking up in multiplayer feels like a grind, and not a fun process anymore.

This is why completing weapons challenges can be a good way of keeping your interests peaked on "WWII" online whilst there is regular XP earn rates, as unlocking the weapons challenges for various camos, variants, and attachments, can keep the game feeling fresh whilst you are on the slow grind to the next prestige. Plus, completing all individual weapon camo challenges will unlock gold, and eventually the diamond camo, which requires gold weapon unlocks for all weapons in that category.

Each weapon can be done once per prestige for the individual challenges that lye ahead, and if you finish the individual weapon challenges early, then switch to your side-arm and start working on the challenges for those particular weapons.

Once you've unlocked diamond camo for all weapons, you should have had some great match experiences, and will have unlocked a lot of the XP on offer through challenges.

Although, never aim to achieve various challenges aside from the obvious, weapons and divisions, as the rest will be easily unlocked throughout the natural progression of the games multiplayer matches.

No.6 - Domination

That's right, Domination is the name of the game - or, most specifically, the game mode - as it is known in "WWII" multiplayer.

Domination, for those a little lost for the where, is the multiplayer game mode that has reigned king now for some years in the online side to the Call of Duty franchise, and 2017's "WWII" is all the same.

In Domination, there are 3 flags; one at the friendly sides spawn, one at the enemy sides spawn, and then the final is located smack-bang in the middle of the map. These flags are A and C, located on either side of the map, and the flag located in the middle of the map is flag B, and it is of great importance that the friendly team captures the spawn base flag (say, for instance, flag C), and then immediately make their way (taking half of the team) to capture the middle, flag B. Now, half the team defend the spawn flag base by moving up slightly to prevent enemy flanking, and then the rest of the team that rushed B must keep control of the middle of the map. By doing this, the enemy team will be predictably spawning in the one side area of the map, and this makes for easy pickings on the friendly side in dominating the match. Watch out though, as enemies will be quick to throw their lethal grenades at flag spots, so keep to your cover and avoid open spaces where you can be easily torn down.

In Domination, earning XP is rather disappointing in "WWII", something that has not been felt amongst other Call of Duty multiplayer titles from previous years. Domination has remained Call of Duty's greatest multiplayer game mode, but 2017's "WWII" Domination game mode feels somewhat daunting as the XP earn rate is relatively slow for the excess amount of time spent in a single match. For instance, if you capture ten flags in a double-sided match, kill 50 enemy players, and get some assists, then you'll earn roughly 5000 score (XP), and this match took 2 minutes to complete. This is in part due to the 50XP earn rate per kill in Domination, a number that feels relatively low, but Sledgehammer Games have spoken with confidence that the "WWII" community is satisfied with Dom50, meaning that it is highly unlikely that they will be tampering with the XP-per-kill earn rate for Domination.

Not getting your kill-streaks in Domination? Bam! Suddenly you realise, the enemy team have a bombing raid kill-streak incoming after you have just been obliterated alongside two other teammates, and you haven't even earned a recon aircraft in the past five matches. Well, Domination requires you to get an average of 5 kills and a domination flag capture to earn a recon aircraft, and this is all a requirement before landing your next death in the match. Unbelievable, Sledgehammer. There needs to be a compromise... perhaps 75XP per kill in Domination.

The only reason that I have brought up the Domination game mode as one that is good for earning XP, is that it is one of the few game modes in "WWII" multiplayer that you can play back to back without getting tired of the same old objectives. There is something about the 3 flag capture in Domination that makes in reign supreme, even when the XP earn rate feels temperamental, to say the least.

The satisfaction of throwing a grenade at a friendly flag being captured, to then be reaped the rewards of a 3 man kill cannot quite be described to its full accuracy, but satisfaction is the word that comes closest to the ball field of this nameless answer.

No.7 - Coming Soon

That's right, there is still more to come in "WWII" multiplayer, and it will all be available to the full player-base come Christmas morning. Only, hopes are that it will all be with us in plentiful time before the festive season marches into presents opening.

If you have access to "WWII" multiplayer, and have wondered the games multiplayer menu then you will notice there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening. I merely has all of what has been expected, and there is a plethora of multiplayer content to get stuck into, but then comes the official announcements, and not to mention the numerous connection struggles with "WWII" online servers, and the HQ social space still not up and running properly. If you wonder into the HQ social space, chances are you'll be alone, and if you wonder down to the weapons armoury then you can prestige your weapons (once at max level - earned all attachments for the weapon), and if you look at the menu screen here then you'll notice it says paint jobs (coming soon...). Well, Sledgehammer Games, when exactly does soon mean, as it has been 24 days since the "WWII" online servers went LIVE, and we are still witnessing an unfinished HQ social space - the hyped up social gaming element to "WWII", the first time anything of the likes has ever been done in a Call of Duty game before.

Only kidding, the Call of Duty community has always been touchy when it comes down to the inaccuracies and flaws of the game developing studios and the publishing studio giant, Activision, as there is always something being plotted against the average gamer, or something basically needs to be afoot for the community to stop whining about the same Call of Duty game being re-skinned to simply fit a new war era, but still remaining the same old outdated experience. This is an argument that raises a few brows, but there can be no arguing that CoD: WWII may be the greatest World War 2 video-game ever made, and certainly passes the bar for being the greatest shooter video-game to release in 2017 (so far, I guess).

Now, down to the brass tax. Where is the XP going to be earned and maximised, from what is still yet to come in "WWII" multiplayer?

Still, coming soon, is the new game modes that are set to roll out in December (of 2017), which includes Control, Demolition, etc. The thing is, from the looks of things, all of these game modes will be great for maximising your XP earn rate, as all of these modes are high XP earners for all of the objectives that must be completed. Demolition, for instance, is a classic Call of Duty multiplayer game mode, and operates like the Search and Destroy game mode, except in Demolition you, your teammates and the enemies team all have unlimited lives.

CC image - Be the hero. Be the badass. Be the veteran. Be the newbie. Play WWII, your way.
CC image - Be the hero. Be the badass. Be the veteran. Be the newbie. Play WWII, your way.

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    • poppyr profile image


      2 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Great tips for when I finish the campaign and go onto multiplayer mode. A few suggestions for your hub: the content is great, but I'd suggest adding some pictures, videos, and maybe a poll to jazz up the layout (walls of text are hard to read). Great job! I'm really enjoyed CODWWII so far.


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