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5 Most Hated Champions In League Of Legends

Updated on December 21, 2014

5 - Blitzcrank

The grabby robot that could

If you have ever played against a skilled Blitzcrank you can agree that getting pulled into their turret or team is annoying and a game changer. This is especially said for all of those squishy supports out there that lost lane because of a blitz. He doesn't stop there he can also knock you up after he has pulled you into his territory. Don't think of running away because you can't with the increased movement speed of his Overdrive, all you can do is swerve and hope your team is there to save you.

headhunter nidalee
headhunter nidalee

4 - Nidalee

She cat with nuke spears

Before I say anything I understand that she got nerfed and has become ever so "balanced", however she is still an annoyance to some at top with her insane leap that looks as if it could hop over two walls at once. As well as having an auto attack that slowly destroys and two forms to fit the situation. With spears that do 300% damage at max range and had the potential to one shot a person at 80% hp before they nerfed her. Players have long awaited for the downfall of Nidalee and now forever rejoice that they no longer die to unexpected spears.

3 - Leblanc

You Will Feel Like Butter

If you have ever laned against a Leblanc you know that once she lands that leash you better hope you have something planned to escape her 1000 range of doom. Even the tankiest of champions know that once a Leblanc gets on you, you either attempt to kill her and hopefully chase the true Leblanc and not just her dummy, or you mess up and she kills you before you even notice your screen has turned to black. In her domain you're either a walking stick of butter ready to melt in the hot skillet of Leblanc's damage or you have dominated her, forcing her to rethink her life as a Leblanc player and going back to playing Trundle.


2 - Fiora

A walking blade

What was riot thinking when they came up with a champion that has insane ad scaling as well as a built in ability to carry nooby teams. All top lane players can agree that trying to fight a Fiora is hassle and can be quite risky. If you happen to give her first blood you'll soon regret ever getting near her. She isn't limited to top lane as she can roam and do very well. It isn't until late game when she shines the most, ulting the enemy adc, and going in one versus three fights and coming out alive with two kills. With high base damage and a skill set made for destroying she can win in most situations. If you find yourself in her mercy kindly hug your turret forfeit all of your creeps and try to feed lightly.


1 - Teemo

You should of saw this one coming

Ever so and than you will go against a short demon named Teemo. Teemo shows no mercy and can kill you without even having too touch you. With his shrooms of course doing up to half of your health, with the face of evil himself he is not limited to killing you with shrooms he also has camouflage that can make you regret walking into the brush. With insane magic penetration scaling and a blind he becomes the number one most hated champions. At one point there was a stream on twitch dedicated to Teemo dying. If you're unlucky enough to face a Teemo as a low ranged champion ask your team for a five man gank every couple of minutes until you feel like you're fed enough too attempt a solo kill against Teemo. He isn't a champion he's a manifestation of evil.


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