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9 Pokémon Types That Need To Be Introduced

Updated on September 28, 2019
akaRakxm profile image

I've been reading comics and watching cartoons for as long as I can remember. So yeah, I know a thing or two or three.


I know that it may seem odd to keep adding more and more types to the series, but since the original 15 types introduced in Generation I, we have only gotten 3 new types, despite having introduced over 600 new species.

Please keep in mind that these types are my own personal opinions, and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!


Of the 101 Flying-type Pokémon, 45 of them are birds. Of those 45 birds, 25 of them are Normal/Flying-types. Instead of having these Normal/Flying-types, why not just roll that combo into one simple type "Bird-type".

This new type would not only help to simplify a lot of Pokémon's typing, but also help differentiate in a way that is similar to the Bug and Dragon-typing. Additionally, it would help to mitigate some of the type weaknesses that Flying-types have that don't make sense for all Flying-types (i.e. Electric-type attacks).

Notable Examples:
Pidgey line - Bird
Fletchling line - Bird/Fire
Hawlucha - Bird/Fighting


This type would have a bit more of an exclusive feel, similar to the Dragon-type, but would be almost guaranteed to be exclusively man-made Pokémon. Secondary typing would heavily influence the weaknesses, but the most likely overarching weakness would likely be Poison and Bug-types.

Like the Bird-type, Cyber-type could help to make some of those Electric/Steel-types fit into more type possibilities than they previously had.

Notable examples:
Porygon line: Cyber
Zygarde: Cyber/Dragon
Registeel: Cyber/Steel


You can't have darkness without light, and for FAR too long, we have had Dark-type Pokémon, without the counterpart of Light-type. Even in the TCG, we were introduced to "Dark" Pokémon and "Light" Pokémon, which means that somebody at Game Freak knew what they were doing. While the Fairy-type could be argued to hold that Light role, I do feel that there should be a purely Light-Type.

An obvious issue that we run into immediately is the Dark vs Light-type and which overpowers the other. In my mind, the weakness of these two types would depend on if the Pokémon in question is attacking or being attacked. In the same way that darkness and light can affect the other in different ways, this would introduce a new game mechanic that would provide players with a more in-depth planning for the battle at hand.

Notable examples:
Mew: Light/Psychic
Mareep line: Electric/Light
Zeraora: Light/Electric


There are now quite a few Pokémon that have some sort of link to outer space, and depending on the source material (i.e. the anime, manga or games), the exact number of those Pokémon falls around 15 to 20, if we include the Ultra Beasts (which we will). With so many that could potentially fall into this new category of Pokémon, why not give them that typing to set them apart from the normies that we get back on Earth (or the Pokémon World?).

Cosmic-Types would have a clear advantage over Ground-Types, as they would have elements of both Psychic and Dark-Types, and would use this to keep themselves airborn (a la gravity control). Fire-Types would be a huge disadvantage, as the vacuum of space would extinguish any flames.

Notable examples:
Clefairy line: Fairy/Cosmic
Lunatone/Solrock: Rock/Cosmic
Elgyem line: Cosmic


I don't mean arcane as in the mystical arts. I mean it like "mysterious or secret". You know, like the legendaries. Unlike most of the new Types I have introduced, this category (arguably) has the most potential candidates. With the now 71 known legendaries that are now in existance (and no, the Ultra Beasts don't technically fall into that category), that is more than the total number of Fire-Type Pokémon in existance! So, let's give them their own type, as they are so numerous. Hell, for the sake of this, we can even throw in the Pseudo-Legendaries like Dragonite, and some of the more mysterious Pokémon, like the Unown.

This type would have an overwhelming advantage over Normal-Types, as they are literally quite the opposite. The damage that Arcane-Types take from most basic elements would be far less than others, but they would meet a definitive disadvantage with other mythological Types (i.e. Dragon or Fairy-Types).

Notable examples:
Mewtwo: Psychic/Arcane
Arcanine: Fire/Arcane
Unown: Arcane


While this type may not have a whole lot of candidates, I would still say that there are enough to warrent having it. Arguably, many of those that currently fall into the Ghost-Type could easily find a place in this new type. The Pokémon that should be slated to fill this new Type would be those that distort reality to their whim, such as when Mismagius created a Cynthia clone. The possibilities are pretty astounding.

When it comes to advantages, Magic-Types would obviously overtake Normal-Types and most forms of the elemental Types, but they would fall short with the Psychic, Dark and Fairy-Types, as these already have their own brands of magic.

Notable examples:
Misdreavus line: Ghost/Magic
Jirachi: Magic/Steel
Hoopa: Magic


Oh-kay, this one is a bit more....out there when it comes to types, and also VERY unlikely to every become legit, but hear me out! While there may only be a handful of Pokémon that look like food (i.e. Vanillite family), the people in the Pokémon World still need to eat something, right? And there is some debate on whether normal animals exist on their world. So....that leaves Pokémon to be eaten. Which means that somewhere along the line, there would have had to be some kind of law passed on what classifies as food or not (like it's okay to eat fish, but not a dog).

I mean...I can think of a large number of weaknesses this type would have; Fire, Ground, Bird (oh god, the seagulls in the Pokémon World can shoot water!!). This type, unlike most, would have weakness based entirely on the Pokémon's place in the food chain. Prime example, if Magikarp were a Food-Type, it would be at a disadvantage against say...a Fearow, or another type of Bird Pokémon. For obvious reasons, all Food-Types would be at a disadvantage to Snorlax.

Notable examples:
Vanillite line: Food/Ice
Pidove line: Food/Bird
Swirlix line: Food/Fairy


Sound is somewhat of a novelty in the Pokémon World. There are several Pokémon whose entire schtick is making noise (looking at you, Whismur family). The thing about it is, when used correctly, sound can be an effective weapon, or provide a sheild with the shockwaves. Even back between Gen 1 & Gen 2, when Pokégods were like a huge deal, there was one called Audior that was just a dinosaur that made loud noises. There is a potential goldmine of concepts that could be applied to this particular type.

Because we can't have an OP type again (DRAGON-TYPES), Sound-Types would have an advantage over Steel-Type (the vibrations would cause issue for the Pokémon), Rock-Type (see the previous parantheses), and Psychic-Types (loud noises make it hard to concentrate on f*ckery). The weakness of the Sound-Type would be Ground-Type (to bury it away), Electric-Type (cut off the power, and no more sound), and Dark-Type (in the dark, nobody can figure out where you are).

Notable examples:
Whismur line: Sound
Togepi line: Fairy/Sound (for those of you that disagree, please watch the anime)
Chimecho line: Sound


There have been Multi-Type Pokémon since literally Generation 1, but they've never had their own classification. By Multi-Type, I don't mean they have more than one Type, I mean that there are more than one entities involved in a single Pokémon. Like, when you take three Magnemites and smoosh em together and get a Magnaton. That sort of thing.

The biggest threat to the Multi-Type is Steel-Type, as a scalpel could tear these lovelies apart, and thus end that Multi-Type union. Multi-Types would have an advantage over Normal-Types, as their numbers could overwhelm their opponent.

Notable examples:
Magneton: Electric/Multi
Zweilous/Hydreigon: Dragon/Multi
Zygarde: Multi/Dragon

Final Thoughts

Well, there ya go. 9 new types. Maybe they're good. Maybe they're bullshit. What are your thoughts?


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    • profile image

      Banana boy 

      5 weeks ago

      I wish I had a 5 in 1 art box

    • NightTerrorsYT profile image

      Katie Gillispie 

      5 weeks ago from Ohio

      Id love to see the cosmic!

    • poppyr profile image


      4 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Interesting ideas. I definitely agree we need Light types. Cyber makes sense, especially with the examples you gave. Cool idea for an article!


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