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11 Reason to Buy the Microsoft Xbox Kinect for Your Husband

Updated on April 20, 2012

The Kinect adds a new level of play to your Xbox 360. The Kinect camera is a state-of-the-art way to view your movements and implement them into the game. It is the first game system that lets you play completely controller free. Without controllers, you'll be able to move freely, playing sports and fighting games with your whole body! A smart camera and motion sensor analyze your every move, and a voice recognition box can understand your verbal commands. This information is uploaded to the Xbox Kinect game console and you have an immediate live response. As you move, your avatar moves with you. This new addition allows players to literally be in the game. Want to enjoy soccer? Chip the ball over the goalie's head and straight into the net. The camera knows.

The Kinect Makes Your Game Real

The Kinect has a motion sensor and camera that have a state-of-the-art method to view your movements and implement them into the game. As you move, your actions are immediately transmitted to the Microsoft Kinect. 

The Kinect Works With Your Xbox 360

You don't have to buy another Xbox 360. Microsoft claims that the Kinect will work with their current Xbox until at least 2015, so your current model won't instantly become obsolete. Of course, we all know cooler gaming systems will be released soon. So I'm not saying you won't want a new Xbox. I'm just saying you won't need a new Xbox.

The Microsoft Kinect is a peripheral that plugs into your Xbox 360. It contains a camera, a motion sensor, and a voice recognition capability that analyze your movements and speech as you play the game. A new slim version called the Xbox 360 Elite, will be available for purchase any day now. You can find new gaming system at Amazon. 

Why You Need the Kinect for the Xbox 360

The Kinect is a Class Act

When a new technology is introduced with a 45-minute choreographed performance by Cirque du Soleil, it has to be good. Microsoft spared no expense introducing the Kinect, and hired these performers to be part of their Xbox 360 game system.

This amazing act combined the talents of 76 talented performers, who sang, danced, and did amazing tricks. They dazzled the audience with their Disney-like performance and even appeared to bring out a giant elephant. Who knew the Microsoft Kinect would deserve such a performance?

The Kinect Has Cool Games

You haven't seen anything until you see the new game, East of Eden, which will soon be available for the Kinect. This spectacular games puts you right in the middle of the game. Literally. A video appears on the right.

I'll detail the other games in another hub. But the new games will include East of Eden, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Joy Ride, Sonic Free Riders, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Zumba Fitness, and the Kinectimals. Other games will soon be on the scene.

This Xbox Peripheral Has No Controllers

Microsoft turned the corner when they introduced the Kinect (Project Natal). This is the first video console to be absolutely controller free. This makes it very user friendly, and easy to install.

With this device, the Xbox watches you with its camera and senses where you are with its motion sensor. It also listens to you speak, so you can play the game with your complete body. It has the ability to recognize 48 points on each person's body; it is so sensitive that it can note even a movement in your fingertips. Pretty cool for an Xbox, huh?

So why do you care? Pretend to swing a bat and hit a home run. The Kinect senses your movement and responds accordingly. Jump up to make your raft travel over the white water rapids. Learn Zumba dance moves with a professional instructor. The choice is yours. Okay, you may look like a complete idiot, but doesn't that make it much more fun?

Your Friends Can Play Without Controllers

So you're entertaining a few friends? Perfect! With Microsoft's Kinect, your friends can join right into the action. All they have to do is move close enough to the camera and they are part of the game. The camera picks up their signals as soon as they join in the fun.

The best part is that you don't need extra controllers. One device is all is takes for up to four players. There will be no tangled wires or a desperate search for controllers. The only problem is when Fido jumps into the game. I'm a little curious what will happen then.

Controller Free Means You Won't Trip Over Wires

So here's the best part about not having a controller: You won't break your neck when you try to get from the kitchen to the bathroom. There are no cords hanging in space, specifically designed to send you to the emergency room with a broken leg. And your living room will appear cleaner, too. That is, if you get rid of all the soda bottles and junk food.

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Project Natal Changed Its Name to Kinect

The Kinect is no longer known by its original name: Project Natal. Need I say more?

You Won't Be Able To Find This Game Console at Christmas

Remember the Wii fiasco? The Christmas rush was crazy, and no one could find a Wii anywhere. You'll be in the same boat this year if you don't buy the Kinect early. Everyone and his mother will be trying to find a Kinect to buy in time for Christmas.

Even if you aren't planning on giving Microsoft's Kinect as a Christmas gift, imagine the money you'll make on eBay. This items are sure to be hard-to-find, and you'll be one step ahead of the game if you buy them now. Plus, you won't pay a premium when the demand is high and the supply is low.

The Kinect Can Be Your Training Partner

When you exercise with Kinect, you will always have a training partner. Kinect Your Shape Fitness is specifically designed to keep you motivated while you work out. You will have a training partner; you will have the ability to jog and jump rope. Even more encouraging, you will have the opportunity to play games that keep you in shape. The Kinect is more than just a game system; it turns your Xbox into a workout buddy.

You're Totally Cool

The Kinect is cool, and so are you. When you add a Kinect to your Xbox 360, you will always be the life of the party. Your friends will always be welcome to join in the game, since there will always be enough controllers. And you won't have to spend all your hard earned money on special steering wheel or gun-shaped controllers. With the Microsoft Kinect, you are the controller.

The one with the most toys wins, so it ought to be you.

Where Can I Find the Kinect

The Kinect and Xbox 360 Elite have not yet reached stores, but they are available on Amazon to pre-order. The Kinect will begin shipping on November 4, and costs $149.99. The Xbox 360 Elite will begin shipping any day now, and costs $299.

Enjoy your play!


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      HRoger 7 years ago from Online where I can be!

      Hey I just have to say I love your hubs! Your Style is unique and really nice... I am new to all this, well I read a lot, I could spend 8 hours online where 4 to 5 are just reading and watching content related videos.. That is one of the reasons I try new things and recommend people the best using my Hubs.. But yours is really nice A+ to 11 Reasons to Buy the Xbox Kinect From Microsoft

      Keep it up the great work :D


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      2005Fleet 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      This is great, my hubby loves it!

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