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This Weird New Secret Gadget Gives Super Sharp Focus

Updated on April 26, 2017

What is a Fidget cube?

A fidget anti stress cube, in short, is a small cube with a small gadget to fidget with on each side of it. Between buttons you click, to a small ball you can roll around, these cubes can be greatly beneficial for someone with ADHD, anxiety, and someone with just a poor attention span, by giving the user something to fiddle with rather than shaking your foot or clicking your pen.

Is A Fidget Cube Right For You?

If you find yourself struggling to sit still for any length of time, or are asking yourself "how do I stop fidgeting" then this might be the right solution for you. This cube is full of over 10 different fidgeting items, and theirs a high chance you will find the right one for you. These little cubes are an in-expensive fix to a problem that it seems most people suffer from. Although fidgeting should not be mistaken for Restless leg syndrome, as these are two different things. Restless leg syndrome is the uncontrollable erg to move your legs to relieve a mild "pins and needles" sensation.

What do you do while being fidgety?

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Why Do We Fidget?

For something that nearly everyone does, its surprising that nearly all of us do not actually know why we fidget. For many, this is such a natural act, that we do not even notice we are doing it until a teacher or co-worker tells you to knock it off. Fidgeting is a common coping mechanism for people with ADHD, although it might server a similar purpose for the population as a whole. If something is not interesting enough to occupy our full brain power and focus, the brain will search for something additional to help take up space, helping us stay focused on something less interesting. In simpler terms, fidgeting distracts part of the brain that becomes bored so that the other parts can pay attention to what we are trying to focus on. Scientist believe this trait dates back to prehistoric times when the ability to focus 100% on a single task was not desirable and would result in a person not picking up on the large ravenous beast hiding behind them.

How does Fidgeting help you focus?

Research has shown a correlation between working with our hands and increased memory and creativity. A recent study found that writing by hand rather than typing on a computer helps us better process and retain the information shown. As well as mindless doodling boosting memory and attention span. In a 2005 Study that showed kids who are allowed to fidget during class learn more quickly than those who are not. If the teacher encouraged more fidgeting in class they might find that they're children no longer have trouble focusing and might even learn quicker.

Are They Worth Buying?

These little cubes are built with durable plastic and will withstand some heavy use. These little cubes are great at improving focus, and have done amazing things for me personally, rather than me clicking my pen or tapping my desk. They are not very audible and will defiantly attract more interested than annoyance by anyone near you. I personally like rolling the 3 gears. I have sever ADHD and this has made my life quite a bit easier. I always carry it in my pocket wherever I go. These are defiantly worth buying, especially at only a couple dollars a pop.

Fidget spinners

Fidget spinners, are similar in functionality as a fidget cube, but are little toys you hold and spin like a gyro-scope. These are also gaining popularity as being able to help students focus, stopping ADHD in its tracks. Users have reported being able to "focus like a lazer-beam". These little gadgets have been all the craze at my school, and also have helped me greatly focus in class.


My honest opinion is that these little fidget toys could be greatly beneficial in-order to help you focus. While some see them as a distraction, other have viewed them as being beneficial in class room settings or anywhere that ADHD might effect you. These would be consider natural remedies for ADD and ADHD. Every review has stated these are a positive tool that do nothing but good.


In conclusion, if you suffer from the inability to focus, then this little cube might just be right for you. They improve focus, help people relieve stress, as well as bring a sense of relaxation for the user. They are a great natural remedy to ADD as well as ADHD, and is defiantly a must for anyone clinically diagnosed with these mental disorders. Even those who don't not suffer from this condition can still greatly benefit, and should be a must have for anyone in school, or with a "boring" office job, and at only a few dollars a piece, what do you have to lose ?


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