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10 Thing Stopping you From Reaching Challenger - League Of Legends

Updated on March 14, 2016

League of legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Moba) game created and developed by Riot Games. It was released in 2009, since then it began to grow, now it is one of the most played game in the history of PC gaming. League of legends has a ranking system which starts from Bronze to Challenger, players get placed in a Tier after playing 10 ranked games. But unfortunately around 90% of players are stuck in low ranks because they don't have enough understanding of game play mechanics... I used to be in Bronze as well, but after years of searching, learning and practice i managed to climb my way to top. So i will what i was doing wrong when i got stuck in low elo...

1. Not being able to Farm properly -

Most recommended thing by high level players. Farming separates a good player from bad player. Farming is simply last hitting enemy minions but it is not simple as it sounds. If you can kill 180 minions by twenty minute you are good to go, if not , you need to start training. Best way to learn farming is by playing custom games alone and don't use masteries, runes and items so you will get better understanding of how creep health works

2. Not warding enough -

Another most important part to work on. How many times you died by a jungler gank? Almost all of them can be avoided if you do proper warding. Riot even made wards free but even now people not using that advantage properly. Whenever you recall to base, make sure to buy at least one ward ("vision ward" because normal ward removed by Riot). It is always worth it

3. Lacking Map Awareness -

If you don't have map awareness even if you put hundred wards around map it is just useless. So make sure to look at map once in a while. Just like farming it is not easy as it sounds as well. Best way to master map awareness is by playing custom games, try to look at map after you kill 3 minions, you can improve it over time. If you can look at map after killing each minions and understand it, you are going to climb ranks faster. Important thing to remember is just looking at isn't understanding, you should be able to understand map with a quick glance. It takes practice

4. Lacks Champion understanding -

An obvious advice, you should be really familiar with the champion you are playing. More you play with a champion, better you get. That is why there are so many one trick ponies in higher levels. Some champions are good at some levels, for example fizz can kill almost all opponents at level 6 but there are some champions who are better at level 6 than fizz, it all comes from experience, so keep your champions close...

5. Don't know Kiting -

Kiting is one of the many mechanics in League of legends, in low levels almost no one even knows what is kiting. Orb walking is related to kiting, kiting is basically keeping your distance from enemy while dealing damage, to do so you need to move as soon as you attack. You can understand better if you watch some youtube videos. Kiting makes you simply invisible..

5. Being useless in Team Fights -

How many times you lost track of your character while fighting in team fights? well , that means you doing poorly in team fights. There are so many things to consider in team fights. First thing is your role, If you are adc then your job is to stay behind team and deal damage to closest enemy regardless of the role of enemy, If you are tank you should be a meat shield and try to peel your adc, If you are assassin then you need to take down most squishy and important enemy which is usually enemy adc or apc..

6. Bad at Closing Games -

Sometimes you lose winning games because you didn't use opportunities properly. Best example of this problem is recalling to base after killing all enemies , you should have pushed. At late game each decision you make has huge impact on game so make sure your goal is to end game, not to mess around by having more and more kills. Kills are worth nothing if you can't destroy enemy nexus. Split pushing is a good way to end games but if you don't do it properly it could back fire. Best lane to push is mid lane if you have upper hand, gather your team mates and push mid, siege towers if enemy team is defending.

7. Not Watch your own Replays -

One of the most effective ways to improve your game play. Most of the time you don't know why you lost a particular game and you end up blaming team, but if you watch replay of that game you can see what you did wrong. Then you can try not to make same mistakes in the next game, eventually you will climb your way into higher ranks. Another benefit of this method is to improve you attitude because you can actually see your own mistakes, it is right in front of you.

8. Not having Thirst For Knowledge -

There are tons of guides, tutorials, streams are out there, you can learn so much from them. Some streamers are specialised in particular champions, so find streamer who mastered your favourite champion and follow him. You can learn from their mistakes, you can copy their build, game play, strategies etc.

9. Surrendering -

Some games could be extremely one sided but don't surrender, you don't what will happen next. Maybe their fed team mate would get disconnected, or one of them might get cocky and engage 5 vs 1 fight etc etc. There are so many possibilities to win as long as you don't surrender. Live with this rule "Never Ever Surrender"

10. Bad attitude -

First thing you have do if you want to climb in ranked is accepting you are not good at this game, watching your own replays could help you to do this. Sometimes you may get bad players and trollers in your team, but hey, enemy team will get bad players too, at least in your team you are good, so odds are 4 : 5. So be a good player, then you can climb. Remember, i am not saying losing a game is only your fault, but always there is something more you could have done better, realise what it is, then try to do it next time...


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