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10 Things I wish I knew when I started League of Legends

Updated on May 17, 2013

League of Legends can be a very hard game to pick up and become good at. Sometimes I can remember how frustrated I got as a would preform badly in game and really not know why. I think this is the problem with a lot of League of Legends players because they simply do not know what you have to do to become a good player and when you are making mistakes. It is because of this that I decided to put together a list of common mistakes and things that will help you become a better player.

1) Last Hitting

No matter how good you think you are at last hitting and mechanics there is always room for improvement and the times that I really saw strides in my performance was when I made it my mission to not miss any last hit and have the highest creep score I could possible have. People sometimes don't release how much of advantage you can get by out laning your open and having a higher cs. If I would have know this earlier I would have tried to farm better and taken it more seriously.

  • The better you are at last hitting the more gold you will have and the more effective you will be. Mechanics are a key difference between okay players and good players. Getting better at last hitting will make you a far better player.

2) Trading Damage in Lane

This sounds simply enough when an enemy comes into hit you or cast a spell on you cast a spell back and try to do more damage to them then they did to you. I cannot tell you how many times I see people just taking free damage because they are afraid to do damage back. This is where your lane mechanics really come into play which is key to have if you want to become a better League player.

  • Some people do not know how to trade or are too afraid to trade so they end up losing lane without much of a fight. It is important, even if you are behind, that you still trade damage with the enemy and not let them get too far ahead.

3) Using Abilities at the Wrong Time

Okay this is basically referring to people who use spells to farm early and not to trade damage with their enemy. You might be wondering what is wrong with this and it simply just leaves you too exposed. Think about it. If your abilities are on cool down your opponent can just walk up to you and blow a combo on you without taking much damage in return. This is also why it is so important to get good at last hitting you you don't have to use your abilities to farm.

  • Try to avoid using your abilities to farm. When you use your abilities to farm a good player will notice and use this to do damage to you uncontested. The slightest advantages are the difference between getting a kill and dying.

4) Using Wards

Everyone in high elo and every good player uses wards. If you watch competitive play you will see that everyone on the team buys wards and they try to keep vision on every part of the map. This is so you do not get ganked and really just stops you from giving gold to the other team.

5) Forgetting about objectives.

League of Legends is an objective game which simply means that objectives are more important than kills. Kills are simply used to take objectives and if you do not go for objectives when you have the opportunity the kills you got basically nothing but give you a little gold. It is much better to get towers and of course the nexus. Just always remember to take objectives when you have the chance and realize that pushing a tower can be a better idea than running across the map to try to get a kill.

6) Dying is almost never worth it

Most people are willing to die for any kill even if it get there entire team killed and loses them the game. They way I look at it, it is almost never worth giving the enemy a kill because it just gives them farm to kill your team. Look at it this way. You are just giving them 300 gold to get 300 gold stagnating the game as if you did nothing at all, BUT you also lose cs because you are dead and might even lose a tower.

7) Don't Get Caught

I have lost countless games because people go to farm a wave late game without any wards and no members of the enemy team showing on the map. I'll lay it out. Any good team with catch 40 min in the game will use it to win the game. They can either get baron or an inhibitor, maybe even your nexus. Simply don't get caught and be careful. Group with your team late game so no one can get caught.

8) Positioning in Team Fights

This goes for more carries than tanks. Tanks are more for going into the fights and disrupting so positioning is more forgiving than a squishy ad carry. Yesterday, I saw a Corki dive into a fight with valkariee to kill a Shen while the rest of the enemy team closed in on him and killed him. Short story, we lost because of this and we basically had the game won until this point. Learning to focus the person nearest to me improved my ranged carry 100x. A lot of people will say "why are focusing the tank noob." Ignore this people because they are obviously stupid. If you dive in to kill a carry there tanks will kill you and you will lose.

9) The Power of Baron

When I started out I didn't even know how powerful Baron was or how it could easily sway the tides of games. Getting Baron control is one of the most important things you can do in a League of Legends games. This gives you the power to force fights and give your team global gold and a buff that pretty much grantees a won team fight for the next 3 minutes.

10) Timing Buffs

This is crucial if you are jungling but anyone can do it and it really can stack global gold in your favor and set up good team fights. Baron is on a 7 minute cool down so after you kill it time it. Dragon is on a 6 minute spawn time and Red and Blue buff are on 5 minute cool downs. Time buff and gain vision control it is so important.


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