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10 Things Concerned With Trainspotting

Updated on June 21, 2017


Trainspotting is a wonderful hobby for anyone who has a love for trains. Subsequently, trains are also magnificent machines with wondrous aerodynamic designs, capable of reaching unbelievable speeds. Furthermore, along with the worldwide wed of today, it has made it possible for train spotters to exchange information on their trainspotting explorations. Which has also been a time for celebration for train spotters, because the ordinary train spotter of today can check out train terminal records, obtain pictures, experience virtual trainspotting, and even join trainspotting websites through the internet.

1. Trainspotting.

  • Trainspotting is a genuine hobby, that allows railway enthusiasts of today to study and watch out for certain makes or models of trains. This outdoor activity is easily achieved through logging your train sightings into a small handbook for further reference. Most trainspotters of today, also like to collect memorabilia including; train tickets, timetables, and relics from their railway journeys. There are many aspects concerned with our railways today, which can be of interest towards further explorations for example, unused railway lines, railway bridges, railway stations, and railway tunnels. Also through researching some of the past railway systems can prove to be an advantage for any train spotter, towards building a historical set of collected works.

2. Trainspotting Websites.

  • Trainspotting websites can be hard to find, but by looking up your local or nearby trainspotting website you will come across one two in which you can join. These websites allow you to communicate with groups of people who share the same interests in trainspotting. This can be a site for sharing pictures of recently spotted trains or for simply leaving your opinion on subjects concerned with trains or railways. You may even want to ask a question about trainspotting or could hold the answer to some of the other members questions. Today there is a large community of train spotters that interconnect through the world wide web, which are always willing to give helpful advice on trainspotting.

3. High Speed Trains.

  • The leading countries of today’s high-speed trains are Europe And Asia: The Trans-European high-speed rail network, together with several countries connected to a cross border high speed railway network, with trains reaching speeds between 250 to 300 km/h (160 to 190 mph) has been a milestone for the European Union.
  • The high-speed network of Asia refers to China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, altogether have trains that can travel at speeds of 200, 250, 300 km/h along with the Shanghai Maglev Train which can reach speeds of 430 km/h, with a top speed of 501 km/h, making it the world’s fastest train!

The Fastest Train on Earth.

The shanghai Maglev Trai.
The shanghai Maglev Trai. | Source

4. Other Railway Networks.

  • In past years, US high speed railway projects have not really taken off, although within the USA today, train services are in the progress of constructing a high-speed railway network, with trains that reach speeds of 200, 205 mph, that should be in service before 2028, but until their project is in place, rail travellers will have to settle for train speeds of 150 mph.
  • The South African railway association, now are considering plans for a high-speed railway network. Which will enable them to travel from Durban to Johannesburg within 3 hours; a trip that would normally take 12 hours to complete, but until then their train service will have to cope with speeds of 100 mph.

5. Train Museums.

  • Train museums are a suitable place for collecting memorabilia, towards your historical collection of trains. You can find train museums in every country around the world. These are places where you can view older models of trains and learn the history of the trains railroads. For example, the Southern Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. SP 2562 was built in 1990 which has been placed on display at the Arizona Railway Museum USA, for the public to view and admire.
  • Throughout Europe today there are a lot of train museums that show older models of trains some of which can be viewed in their original train station. For example, the last steam locomotive of the Dutch national railroad: Locomotive NS 3737 that retired in 1958 is on exhibition at Maliebaan Station, that is known today as The Dutch Spoorweg Museum.

A Wonderful Machine.

The South Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. SP 2562
The South Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. SP 2562 | Source

6. Today's Train Stations.

  • In today's world, there is a lot of magnificent train stations, some of them that were constructed at some stage in the Victorian and Edwardian period, which are still in service today. But focusing on more modern train stations there is one that stands out from the rest for example, The Liege Guillemins in Belgium. That was opened in 2009 and houses a number of high speed trains, and is one of the most modernized train stations in the world. Plus, all train stations can prove to be a good place to collect memorabilia.

A Modernized Train Station.

The Liege Guillemins Train Station in Belgium.
The Liege Guillemins Train Station in Belgium. | Source

7. Railroad Bridges.

  • Railroad bridges are always worth investigation, because there are some railroad bridges that are known as incredible accomplishments of engineering, and for a train spotter to capture or record trains crossing over anyone of these bridges, is a great achievement and would be a sight to remember. These are the kind of things that you can get advice on through the world wide web. Evidently, one of the world’s longest arched railroad bridges crosses the Beipanjiang River in Guizhou, China. This magnificent structure is breathtaking, even at first sight!

8. Model Railways and Trains.

  • Today, the Digital World has made model railways more dependable, through introducing fully functional digital elements into model railways. This has also allowed model railway fanatics to purchase additional parts including; trains, tracks, constructional parts, and other components that fit their model type. Also, there are many websites today that provide this service, along with numerous types of railway models to choose from.
  • Model trains come in all types and designs, some of which are classed as collectors’ items. Furthermore, anyone today can become a collector of model trains, usually people who collect model trains like to display their collection on a shelf or in glass cabinet at their home. These models can also be easily obtained through the world wide wed.

9. Virtual Train Spotting.

  • Virtual trainspotting is a collection of videos that have captured trains flying through train stations at tremendous speeds or in other occasions, trains reaching great speeds between stations. This is an exciting new way of trainspotting. This newly developing way of trainspotting can be experienced at virtual trainspotting websites, also on Facebook or other communication websites, where trainspotters follow other users and interconnect, by sharing some of their findings on virtual trainspotting. This also creates a great opportunity for people who have a love for trains but don’t see much of them, one that encourages them to interact, get involved, and experience the excitement of virtual trainspotting.

Virtual Reality.

10. Train Travel.

  • Traveling by train has been known to be a form of trainspotting from within a train, through watching other trains fly by your passenger window. This is an exciting experience on its own, but there are other aspects concerned with this way of trainspotting, including; traveling through train tunnels, experiencing the delights of the countryside, obtaining a ticket towards your collection, and being able to view train stations from this perspective. This also gives you the opportunity to find out and log down what trains are in service and at what station.


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