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10 Things They Should Add to GTA6

Updated on February 28, 2017
Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) - the latest expectations and potentials for the game
Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) - the latest expectations and potentials for the game

GTA Spin-Off Ideas!

Which GTA Spin-Off Idea Appeals to You Best?

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Mystery Unravelled, What GTA6 Could Have to Offer

GTA 6 is the next GTA game in line for production by Rockstar Games. GTA has come a long way since the dawn of of GTA 3, their first game released for the PS2. GTA is an open world game set in modern time America. GTA has seen numerous releases since GTA 3, including spin-offs like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City, and also more mainstream titles with the likes of GTA 4 and GTA 5.

One would hope that they would bring out more spin-offs for the franchise, perhaps going in a different worldly direction, such as setting the game in another part of the world away from America, like in London, England, where they could base the game around a London crime syndicate with the lead character starting out in the lower ranks for a crime organisation, and then work him up to become the leader for the organisation.

This, among many other ideas could be the spin-off that audiences would so desire to take the GTA franchise into a fresh direction.

Which spin-off would be most appealing to yourself?

No.1 - A Fully Travelled World

In GTA 6 it has already been announced in early discussions for the production of the game that the makers would like to create a world where you can travel to all perimeters of the U.S.A., making it their most expansive game in creation so far. However, these are only rumours as they are keeping the game in extreme secrecy for what it will obtain in terms of design, features and storyline plots.

No.2 - Accessible Buildings

For the most part of the GTA games running right up until GTA 5 we have only been able to access certain buildings, and they could make it a thing where there is access to a lot of buildings instead of a standard few plotted throughout the open world map environment.

A point to add to this would also be that they could put entire buildings up for sale, and once purchased can be completely accessible to characters on the map.

No.3 - Another Part to the World that Can Only be Accessed Through Plane Tarvel

To make the world even more expansive and enjoyable for playing they could offer up another part to the GTA world that can only be travelled to by plane. Such as the idea where the characters can travel to London on business, and from here they could provide a spin-off story for the characters in a DLC pack that creates an even bigger world to play.

No.4 - A Crime Organisation Structure

Similar to that of Saints Row (the games) GTA 6 could enable players to start up their own crime organisation, hiring hitmen, heavies and bodyguards to do dirty work for them over the course of the story and free play.

As a part of this, in GTA 6 players could also purchase entire buildings to front as places where they run their operations, from warehouses storing drugs and weapons, to penthouse suites where their heavies sleep.

No.5 - DLC Packs Dedicated to World Expansion

This could be done further down the line after the games initial release, as they could offer up other areas to the world (globally) where players can carry out separate story missions on other continents around the globe.

Potentially taking on the Chinese Triads, Russian mafia and London crime organisations.

No.6 - First-Person Gameplay Option

In GTA 6 to make the game even more immersive they could offer up a first-person gameplay style in addition to the third-person set-up, enabling players to see their weapons from a first-person stand point.

This would also be a fascinating set-up as players can then drive cars in first-person and see the GTA world from a whole new on look. Also brilliant for if players have a steering wheel controller as this would be fun for when driving cars in the story and free-play environment.

No.7 - Business Ownership Control

There could also be the option within the game to purchase legitimately run businesses in the cities, such as through the business ownership of salons, hairdressers, car dealerships, real estate empires, and many, many other businesses.

No.8 - Realistic Mode

In the game there could also be a realistic mode that you can turn on which means that players have to stick to the set speed limit on the roads, drive on the right side of the road, and also treat podestrians without violence otherwise the local police enforcement will be notified.

No.9 - Strongholds

Once again, taking a look at game competition with the likes of Saints Row, there could be strongholds all over the open world run by the Russian mafia and Chinese Triads that could be taken over through sheer force. Expanding the players scope of operation with their own crime syndicate.

No.10 - Citywide Control

In certain parts of the GTA world there could be citywide control from different crime organisations which means that there would be quick trouble if the player was to set foot on their territory and get noticed.

This could be a fun way of entering into a world takeover operation for the players own crime organisation. Starting out working for a crime organisation doing jobs for them, and then later on working their way up the crime organisation ladder to eventually own their own slice of the GTA world.

GTA 6 - Best Idea

Which idea presented is the best?

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