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5 Things Wrong With Sonic Games Today

Updated on July 23, 2015

Why you should listen to me about Sonic.

I may not have been playing Sonic games since the very first one in 1991 but I have played many different games and I have played almost every sonic game new and old since Sonic Adventure DX directors cut for the Nintendo Gamecube, and thanks to retro packages like Sonic Gems collection I have played many of the old ones has well. Between Sonic games I have played and many other competing games, I have formulated a list of things that Saga needs to consider or reconsider in some cases, if they want to improve the once great sales Sonic the Hedgehog had once brought in. I believe I have narrowed down at least 5 things wrong with the most recent Sonic games.

Press start to play.

This the first Sonic game I played.  I still feel that it is the best they have to offer.
This the first Sonic game I played. I still feel that it is the best they have to offer.

1, Story Path

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 followed not 1 but many different characters, this was awesome not just from the aspect of if you don't like one character you can play as another, also from the point that you can see the story from so many different views and styles which I feel can reflect on any group of friends or family. We all have a different style to doing things some of us would just assume knock their block off and some of us would rather use speed.

Sometimes the each of them had their own objective and thus did different things on the same adventure. Sonic was always on the high speed course while Tails (in Sonic Adventure 2) was a run and gun, but may favorite would have to be Knuckles has he collects the pieces of the Master Emerald so that it may become whole once again.

Sonic and the Secret Rings and many others after did not follow anyone but Sonic, and even if he had a different task for a level it was done very different from how it would have been done with Knuckles or Tails, this I feel is a problem if your favorite character is not Sonic but Tails, Knuckles, Amy or anyone else.

At least you could play him this time.
At least you could play him this time.

2, Character setting.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, you could play as Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Blaze however the other three only had a few select levels and they all handled a almost just like Sonic which made using them a little less of a treat from the normal blue hedgehog.

Ever sense Sonic Heroes, they have been putting way to much attention on something called character types, Sonic speed, Knuckles power and Tails flight. I am not saying that Knuckles needs to be as fast as Sonic nor am saying that Tails should be as strong as Knuckles but they could all still be fast and strong. In Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge was Knuckles' rival and just like him she was able to shatter robots with a single kick, now she is deemed a lowly flight character which in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity is useless because Grinding on the pipes is faster then flying but even when you equip the skates on a flight or power character (which allows them to grind) they are still not as fast as any of the speed characters.

What I am saying is there needs to be a happy medium so that we can enjoy them for being different but not to condemn them for being to different.

It started nice but they screwed up with the sequel.
It started nice but they screwed up with the sequel.

3, Didn't Learn

Sonic Riders was actually a really good game, everyone was different but no one held any more or less advantage over the others, just cause you choose flight or power over the speed class didn't mean you couldn't win. But Sonic Riders Zero Gravity not so much. As I stated above, they messed up with the characters and tried too hard to make them different but in the case of a racing game it would be better if they were all a little closer to each other and less different.

My biggest compliant about Sonic and the Secret Rings is that Sonic was stuck on this rail like system which made it seem less like I was playing as Sonic and more like I was just steering him, and you can forget exploring the vast and cool lands you visit, and then they did it again in Sonic and the Black Knight except he was not on a rail but you still could not venture to the right or left nor could you simply turn around and walk back the way you came instead he walked backward and that was about it.

In Sonic Unleashed Sonic was the only playable character but you could go right or left and even turn around and the Werehog levels were very different from the Hedgehog levels. Closer to what the should have been in every game since Sonic adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

Marine the Raccoon appeared in one game only to have never returned agian
Marine the Raccoon appeared in one game only to have never returned agian

4, Never Reuse

In Sonic Rush Adventure we met Marine the Raccoon only to have never seen her again. Sadly this is not the first time they made a character only to ditch them fro the next game, Tikal the Echidna appeared in Sonic Adventure and then the multiplayer in Sonic Adventure 2 but never returned for anything else. They are contently making new characters for the games but never using them again for anything after except in the case Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross and especially Jet the Hawk having appeared in every Sonic Riders game plus the multiplayer of Sonic and the Black Knight as Sir Lamorak. But when you suddenly have a new favorite and then they never return but as a lowly background character if you are lucky, it stinks.

It is okay for villain to appear only the one time but a hero type character should really return more often at least for the racing and party games, they don't need Nights, Bongo Bongo or any other none Sonic Sega character in Sonic Riders games they have plenty of Sonic characters so use just use them already.

I have read that a new character called Sticks the Jungle Badger is set to appear in Sonic Boom, however I highly doubt that the little Badger will appear in anything else afterwards.

Play the game and see Marine

Sonic i hoover mode in Sonic Colors, perhaps the most annoying transformation in the entire game.
Sonic i hoover mode in Sonic Colors, perhaps the most annoying transformation in the entire game.

5, Lousy gameplay

There are actually several things wrong with the gameplay of many Sonic games to date but lets keep this simple. For starters, anymore the ending prize for beating the game and collecting all the Chaos emeralds is no good, in Sonic Colors you can play has Super Sonic in every level after getting all the emeralds except you can't use him in boss fights and you have to get 50 rings in order to transform the blue blur which is often times impossible to do and you may even finish the level before getting 50 rings.

In both storybook games you could win some things in the multi player mode but mainly it was art, for a guy who wants to play the game and have fun, art is a very stupid prize especially production art, yeah just what I want to see, the half drawn pictures that was supposed become something important later, give me a real prize or at least some good art.

Also some of the layouts, power ups and levels they come up with are less fun and more annoying then anything, like the wisp in Sonic Colors particularly the green hovering one, first of all since when did Sonic need help doing the light speed dash? Second this thing is slow even when it is following a trail of rings plain and simple it is just flat out stupid.

Do you think i am right?

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Last words

I admit I have not played any of the games that have been released on consoles that where not Nintendo, but I have done some research on them and the only few that I feel would have been a true treat is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Rivals 1 and 2. I hate the new designs given to everyone in Sonic Boom but maybe the game will at least perform better then the last bunch have.

Thank you for reading this hub and if you have anything to say feel free to leave me a comment.


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    • mtndewlover profile imageAUTHOR

      James Hagseth 

      3 years ago

      Yes! I feel that way too Anna. Sonic Adventure was the best Sonic game with great exploration and for different stories from different characters. Thank you for your feedback and keep that control stick smoken!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My issue is Sonic Team being bought, the best Sonic games have this overall complex plot, with different characters to play as, and open world stuff is the best. Sonic Adventure is my all time favourite game, Sonic Adventure 2 was a decent follow up, and I feel Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood was a return to this, with a sequel promised. I care about the characters, it's like a series of films or novels to me in wanting to know what happens next, and they left it at Eggman taking over the world to be continued, then work on the next game was scrapped by EA when they bought the company, instead more throwaway games are being produced. Okay, that game was too easy and I'd like to have the running Sonic gameplay rather than the pokemon style thing, but really I'm in it for the plot which may never return.

    • mtndewlover profile imageAUTHOR

      James Hagseth 

      4 years ago

      M.T. Dremer you are a man who doesn't just play Sonic, you know Sonic. You might be on to something there about over-saturation.

      My personal favorite would have to be Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, there was just so much to do and all the levels were just so much fun. Thank you for giving me your opinion, I never played Sonic Generations so I can't say to much about it, thanks again and keep that control stick smoken!

    • M. T. Dremer profile image

      M. T. Dremer 

      4 years ago from United States

      I think Sonic's problem is over-saturation. When he starred in numbered installments on the Genesis, you weren't up-to-date on video games if you didn't have the newest sonic. (Sonic 3 is my personal favorite from that generation). They had a good thing going with Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. There were camera and control issues, but there was a heart to the game that made it a lot of fun and gave you plenty to do. But I think it was some time after Sonic Heroes that they just started cranking out one game after another. It just became too difficult to keep up and, with low review scores, there was little incentive to try.

      I think they made the right decision with Sonic 4 on the arcade services, and Sonic Generations, but they need to start zeroing in on a core franchise rather than trying to blast it out as far as possible. A good move would be creating Sonic Adventure 3.


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