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3 Upcoming City-Building PC Games

Updated on December 15, 2018
Writer Trissie profile image

I am a Student, who loves to do all kinds of different things and is interested in everyone and everything around him.

What to Choose?

In 2019 many city building games are planned to be released , so which one do you have to choose? Which games have the most potential to become popular and which not? That's why I put together this list of 3 promising city building games.

Cities Skylines, the most popular city building game of 2018. Will it stay at that position or will it be defeated by a new city building game in 2019?
Cities Skylines, the most popular city building game of 2018. Will it stay at that position or will it be defeated by a new city building game in 2019?

1. Metropolisim

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy(Steam classification)

Release date: 2019(not specified yet)

Developer & Publisher: Halfway Decent Games

A building in Metropolisim that seems to be a hotel in the middle of nowhere.
A building in Metropolisim that seems to be a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Personal opinion

I expect a lot of this game because it is promoted as a 'A Deeply Complex City Building and Management Game'. This means that you not only build government buildings, but that you for example also determine how many police officers there are. I think that this form of micromanagement will add a lot of value to the game as long as it will not slow down your progression.

Let me give you an example. Consider you want to build a completely new part of the city to increase your population with a thousand people. You will probably have to build a new hospital, police office, fire station and many more government services. If you would have to apply micromanagement on all these government services, it would take you multiple hours to only increase your population with a thousand people. In that case, micromanagement slows down game progression and negatively affect the game experience.

Interesting facts to know:

  • The maps are bigger than an entire SimCity 4 region.
  • The developer says that Metropolisim will be a PC only game.
  • Mod support is planned for additional buildings an new maps.
  • Like most other city builder games, Metropolisim will make use of different types of zoning, including the unique: 'Mixed use' zone, a combination of a residential and a commercial zone.

A graphical impression of Metropolisim.
A graphical impression of Metropolisim.

2. Ymir

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy(Steam classification)

Release date: To be announced. Currently, the game is in early access. It is expected to be released in 2019.

Developer & Publisher: Thibaud Michaud

An example of a developed city.
An example of a developed city.

Personal opinion

The goal of the developers of this game is to make Ymir a massive multiplayer game in which at least a 100 player can play together. This will create real interactions instead of computer simulated interactions between cities.

Furthermore, this game isn't just another simple city building game in which buildings will give you boosts to grow your city even more. This game provides a complex economy which include different social classes that interact with each other. Besides, buildings houses doesn't guarantee more citizens and destroying them doesn't guarantee less citizens. Your population is influenced by much more factors like healthcare, taxes and many others.

A big downside of this game is that there will be no protection of the starting players against the strong and older players on the servers. This will make it hard to start as a new player on older servers.

Interesting facts to know:

  • There are 8 different climate types.
  • When enemy troops meet each other, they will start a fight. As a player, you are able to watch this fight live, this isn't the case in many other games.
  • It is possible to tame mammoths and use them to reinforce your army.

A raided city.
A raided city.

3. ANNO 1800

Genre: Simulation, Strategy(Steam classification)

Release date: 26 February 2019

Developer: Blue Bite

Publisher: Ubisoft

A harbor in Anno 1800.
A harbor in Anno 1800.

Personal opinion

On one hand, I expect a lot from this game, because it is developed by experienced developers. On the other hand, I don't expect it to be a very original game because Ubisoft, the publisher, promises to use the 'beloved features from 20 years of Anno history'. This isn't a particular bad thing but it will limit original input.

After two Anno games about futuristic societies, Ubisoft has decided to go back in History again. This time, the game covers the 19th century, a period with full focus on industrialization. As a player, you will still have to manage diplomatic relationships, trade routes and your army, but this time you also have to manage logistic networks in an efficient way and build enormous metropolises.

Interesting facts to know:

  • The game will be released for PC only.
  • You will be able to build your own zoo, but it is possible that your citizens will protest against you when their wealth is too low.

A zoo in Anno 1800.
A zoo in Anno 1800.

Your favorite?

Which of these games will be your favorite in 2019

See results

© 2018 Tristan

Comments: Which city building game isn't in this listing and should be there? Let me know below!

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    • Writer Trissie profile imageAUTHOR


      19 months ago from University Wageningen

      Sound like great times to me, I actually don't know 'Black and White 2', I was probably too young when it released, but the Sims was and still is a great game. I love being able to do what I want having to think about consequences because it's just a game.

    • poppyr profile image


      19 months ago from Enoshima, Japan

      These look really fun! I spent hours and hours building towns and cities on the "Sims" games and in "Black and White 2" years ago.


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