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10 Ways to Die League of Legends

Updated on November 24, 2012

In League of Legends dying is a common occurrence with most games having players die multiple times per game. This guide is to help you be aware of the most common ways of dying so you can avoid them, and also to have a good time.

1) Chasing

I don't know why but people love to chase in League of Legends. There is something about the desire to get that one kill that will allow someone to go into the entire enemy team and die just to get a kill. While kills are nice, dying for kills is rarely worth it especially if you are a carry. If you are a support however, dying for a kill on your carry might be worth it. Anyways, the moral of the story is not to chase. Know where the enemy team is before you go balls deep for a kill and know whether or not you can secure it.

2) Tower Diving

This is a great one. Although tower diving can be worth it in many different situations, most of the time it just lead to the other team getting kills and you dying. If you are extremely fed and know you have support for a tower dive, the go for it. If the person you are diving is low and you can catch up, do not take tower hits and die for no reason. Simple. A general rule of thumb is that if you think it is a bad idea even slightly, don't do it.

3) Flashing for no Reason

Your flash is one of the most important spells you have in the game. You can use it to get kills and use it to prevent you from dying. This means you should only use it if a kill or a death is eminent. A lot of people blow their flash foolishly and then dying over and over cause they have no escape. Flash is something to be cherished and you should not take it for granted.

4) Not Warding

Wards are clutch and if you don't buy or use them it is probably a good idea to start. They are great tools in helping you set up plays and know where their jungler is so you don't die. Buy wards when you go back to base and always use them.

5) Split Pushing Without Vision

A lot of people try the split push and don't get me wrong, it can win games. However, if you split push without vision you are gonna have a bad time. This is because people on the other team will come for you and they will kill you. That is why split pushing champions usually have an escape. It is there so when the all come after you, you have the chance to get away. Just be smart about it and ward and play attention to the map. Except if you are Lee Sin, because then you wont need vision.

Lee Sin does not need vision to split push.  He can sense the enemy.
Lee Sin does not need vision to split push. He can sense the enemy.

6) Going Into the Enemy Jungle Alone

Going into the enemy jungle is one of the most risky things you can do, because if they know you are there. It is really easy to catch you and kill you. If you are in the enemy jungle alone, first smack yourself, then watch the enemy lanes and make sure they are not coming to get you and gtfo.

7) Igniting For No Reason

This is further down the list because it is not as big a deal as flash but it is still important. If you waste you ignite it gives the enemy the chance to get aggressive if they still have there's. This is a big advantage and can result in you dying next time you trade.

8) Intentional Feeding

One of the easiest ways to die. Feeding is just running in to the team and dying and it happens far too much in League of Legends. Best thing to do is cry and report the person doing it so hopefully they get banned.

9) Getting Hit by a Global Ult When Backing

If there is an Ezreal, Ashe, Draven or someone else with a global ult that can kill you from far away do not back in obvious places at low health. By obvious places I mean middle of the lane and common bushes.

10) Getting Disconnected

I don't know what it is but people love free kills. When they see you stop moving in the middle of the lane it is safe to assume that you are going to die and the other person is going to become extremely happy. Really the only way to avoid this is to get faster internet or hope you do not lose your connection.


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