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10 Ways to Increase Your Kill Count in Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer This Winter

Updated on November 19, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

(Image of 'not' Call of Duty: WWII, but of Call of Duty: World at War third-person view) - but certainly reminds you of the HQ space in "WWII" multiplayer - except there are no enemies at the US military base
(Image of 'not' Call of Duty: WWII, but of Call of Duty: World at War third-person view) - but certainly reminds you of the HQ space in "WWII" multiplayer - except there are no enemies at the US military base
(Image of Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer screenshot) - this appears to be a hacked-lobby match on "WWII" multiplayer on the PC - perhaps one of the many reasons to buy the console version of "WWII" instead of the PC platform - riddled with hacks
(Image of Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer screenshot) - this appears to be a hacked-lobby match on "WWII" multiplayer on the PC - perhaps one of the many reasons to buy the console version of "WWII" instead of the PC platform - riddled with hacks

What!... Still Struggling to Get More Kills Consistently in the Only World War 2 First Person Shooter to Release in 2017, "Call of Duty: WWII"

Well, Lets Figure Out What Can Be Done to Change This.

Call of Duty: WWII is the name of the game. The multiplayer is the most tangible asset to this very successful first-person shooter game that released earlier this month, on November 3rd. That means there have been a couple of weeks that have passed since the online servers went live.

There have been some technical issues that were running all throughout the opening week of "WWII's" launch, but by the second official week of the games life-cycle all but the headquarters space has been fixed and is all back online. Yay for the early risers who stuck it out for the tough times that came on the get-go launch in the multiplayer mode.

Now the online servers are completely up and running, the bugs and glitches have been worked out (no loss of sleep through poorly functioning gameplay issues that force you to hang around in play-time for longer in order to complete pesky challenges), and parties of friends are all able to hang in-game together without lagging problems, all that is left is the sweet aroma of blood and bodies being dropped on the battlefield.

Online, Call of Duty: WWII is a monster, and every match feels like a test on your skills that you have more than likely acquired through a lengthy Call of Duty (online) career, stretching from past Call of Duty multiplayer title releases. Honestly, with lag, "WWII" is a pain - and pretty much unplayable, even with a two bar connection, but with seamlessly perfect connection the game functions better than any of the previous Call of Duty games that come to mind. My favourite Call of Duty multiplayer titles are World at War (Treyarch, 2008), Modern Warfare 2 (Infinity Ward, 2009), Black Ops (Treyarch, 2010), and Black Ops 2 (Treyarch, 2012). The rest are... meh, but that's all personal preference.

That makes "WWII" the first ever Call of Duty game that I have ever played that was developed by the highly impressive Sledgehammer Games studio, and there previous works in the Call of Duty franchise stretch back to 2013 with their co-production for Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3, and their first ever full-Call of Duty game, 2014's Advanced Warfare. There is no judgement for Advanced Warfare for many, as the game was set in the distant future, and the futuristic time setting and mechanics simply did not appeal to me - or for a vast quantity of the Call of Duty community.

"WWII". Now that sounds like a statement, and boy-is-it-ever, including an iconic World War 2 campaign that takes place on the European theatre of the war, a multiplayer mode that provides some innovative thinking, and a visually dark additional zombies mode, the first ever zombies mode creation from Sledgehammer Games, adopting the iconic Treyarch zombies gaming experience for the first time.

Basically, the Call of Duty: WWII game is great, and to really summarise on a finer point, the gameplay, visuals, sounds and player experience is the best that we - the Call of Duty community, have seen in years from the franchise.

Increasing Your Kill Count With These 10 Simple Steps

These are all necessary if you are relatively new to "WWII's" multiplayer experience, as if you decide not to use these ideas, then chances are that you will waste a whole prestige in gameplay trudging through the mud, back and forth trying to get kills that simply won't come to you.

The "WWII" multiplayer newbies will be grasping for air after the milage that they were covering running around the map until halftime shaking off enemy fire, when really, all of this could have been avoided. It's time to get ready, get ahead, as the Christmas first starters are going to start reeling into the online server space, and these will be some easy pickings after you have mastered these 10 senses.

The Tenth: Always Run Airborne Division

This step is more important than all of the rest, as having Airborne division acquired all the time, and levelled up to max level 4, your player will be quicker than all of the other division users. Seriously, how important is running quicker in Call of Duty: WWII online? Well, with Airborne division levelled to level 4, your player will feel smooth in action - all the time, whereas if you use another division as your go-to then you will have to sacrifice the smooth-running gameplay, and replace this with a sluggish-moving disaster body that only serves as a suicidal wreck on the battlefield.

Also, what the division argument boils down to, is whether you want to have the itching sensation that one day you may have arthritis in your fingers because of the other divisions (aside from Airborne, of course) in lengthy gameplay hours spent on a Call of Duty game that released back in 2017, all because the running was so tiresome on your thumbs. When in actual fact, having Airborne division at level 4 you unlock the special ability to run 100x faster and jump obstacles 100x faster. All the other division-using players are fools, but it has been brought up often enough from the wider player-base on "WWII" multiplayer, but Sledgehammer Games have not yet responded with a solution. As, if I was to say use the Infinity Division then I would have to sacrifice the extra running speed (that has a seamless feel on your left hand thumb), and replace this with a sluggish running speed that forces you to press down hard on the left and right hand joysticks. Certainly painful after a few hours of prolonged play-time with your friends.

The Ninth: Use the Nerd Weapons

There will always be peer-pressure from friends to be the ultimate badass by using the harder function weaponry classes, but lets not be fools, as the nerdy weapons are the real badass functioning weapons. Lets say you use a terrible weapon like the M1 Grand, then chances are you'll lose nearly two quarters in potential kills that were won on the battlefield in gunfights. That's not to say that the terrible weapons cannot be good in the right players hands, but in the early prestiges it is always better to run a division class with the easier, more flow-compatible weapons as you will be helping your team with far greater success to win the match - and this should be your end goal for every match that you play.

What applies in "WWII" multiplayer as a nerd weapon? This one's easy, as it is all of those weapons that you commonly see used in an average multiplayer match. For the assault rifles, the key nerd weapon that serves best in battle is the STG44, as it is a god weapon in just about any players hands. But don't be fooled if you find that you are doing poorly with the weapon for the first few matches with it in use, as it always takes a little bit of time to get used to your specific play-style. Not to mention, staring into the abyss in early matches when you are less into the game will always be a bad match no matter what weapon you are using. Ease into those early matches playing as you usually would, as before you know it you will be pouring in the kills for your team. The sub-machine guns in "WWII" multiplayer are godlike, and are the official gun type for the Airborne division, another step to gameplay success in "WWII" online that was mentioned earlier. The nerd-jousting sub-machine guns, from the best, are the Type 100 - perfect when you unlock the epic golden weapon variant, the PPSH - looking best in gold-plated camo, and the MP40 - that unlocks after you prestige the Airborne division for the fourth time in the HQ's space.

The Eighth: Stop Aiming for Challenge Completions

Nine times out of ten you'll lose in gunfights when you are simply aiming for headshots in headshot challenges (to unlock new camos), using the sights to get a set number of kills (when they really don't suit the weapon in-use), and running into spawning crowds of enemies to make ridiculously dangerous attempts at killing 3 enemies with a single frag grenade for the set challenge.

The best way to earn challenges in "WWII" multiplayer is to ignore them, and only check on occasion, as this way they will feel all the better - and easier to attain, without sacrifices numerous lives in martyr attempts at challenge successes, they only win you more deaths than necessary, and the team more losses as a subsequent result of poorly made attempts at challenges you likely won't be getting in the near future with these war strategies.

This, coming from a gamer that has obtained all of the gold camos for the sub-machine guns, bar-two, and that is only because these remaining two weapons are terrible in-battle with my play-style. These weapons could be made useable, but they would need certain attachments to assist in battle, as alone they are almost certain to get me an unnecessary amount of deaths as a result of arming my player with them as a primary usage weapon.

The Seventh: Stop Buying Contracts from the HQ Space, They Are a Waste of Depot Credits and Time

This one is controversial, but the contracts in "WWII" multiplayer feel as though they cause more deaths than kills in attempting to desperately complete them in short spans of time, all because they were so costly on depot credits in acquiring them.

Some players have found the contracts to be somewhat useful, arguing that they are challenging - better said, extremely challenging, and therefore have a place in the multiplayer experience for those who are looking for a bigger challenge. By the way, anyone new to "WWII" multiplayer will be paid best in depot credits, common supply drops, rare supply drops, and special rewards, simply by avoiding the contracts all together. I'm sure we have all at some point fallen prey to the contract system in "WWII" multiplayer, and have simply had to forfeit thousands of depot credits in getting nothing in return (bear in mind, thousands of depot credits is a lot of depot credits). Yeah, it's true, some contracts will require, say 50 multiplayer kills in ten minutes, and who for the life of them can play a single match and feel confident that in half of that time they can murder 50 well-trained, some fully seasoned enemy players. Probably some, but these people would need to be approximately master (past tenth) prestige in order to do this challenge with any level of confidence.

The Sixth: Changing Preferred Multiplayer Game Mode May Be Causing Your Minimal Kill to Maximum Deaths Problems in "WWII" Online

I know myself, managing to finally cross the border into second prestige in "WWII" multiplayer that on occasion I will feel like moving onto newer, less played game modes, but without feeling like the mode change there can be havoc-causing kill-to-death ratios problems as a result (and, I mean a lot of deaths when comparable to the fewer kills), and this was all down to friends preferring a different game mode (hint, hint: this is always search and destroy, and I mean always).

The game mode in "WWII" multiplayer where I perform best has always been domination, right from the server appearing online get-go. There have been the occasion momentum-surging feelings that have led me to alternative multiplayer game modes like kill confirmed and team deathmatch, but I will always return to the standardised domination game mode. Typically, in Call of Duty multiplayer across the franchise, domination has almost always been the second most played game mode online, and this is largely due to the spawn system that always keeps the players spawning on the one side where the flag has been captured by the friendly team. In team deathmatch, a mode that I somewhat despise, the spawns flip randomly to various corners of the map, and for newer players this always feels like the best game mode option, as the online space in Call of Duty is always ever so competitive.

The best game mode in Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer is domination, as the spawns are easy to manoeuvre around without a sudden onslaught, the flag capturing objectives are always spontaneous in their capture, as there is almost always a great battle happening in the middle of the map (at flag B) as both teams fight till the relentless deaths in order for their team to come out on top with yet another victory. In domination, your kill-to-death ratio will be at its easiest to control, as the spawn locations in the domination mode are great because it is difficult to spawn trap without seeing harsh resistance. Capturing a neutral flag in domination, such as the flag closest to where you spawn into the map, will earn you 50XP (the same as a kill), and the enemy flag captures will earn you 150XP (the same as 3 kills), and if you do the match then you will double your overall match XP by simply capturing and recapturing flags. But, be aware, as in domination there is almost always a barrage of enemy grenades being thrown onto the middle B flag location area.

The Fifth: Use the Best Basic Training Ability (The Banner-Looking Option)

Overlook - now, Overlook is a basic training ability that gives you a bigger mini-map coverage in the corner of your screen, and this is perfect for knowing exactly where the enemies are pushing into friendly territory. Having a fast moving division like Airborne, coupled with a nerd sub-machine gun - like the Type 100, you'll be picking off enemies in no time. Primed - here, you'll be given the ability to have two primary weapons, the second replacing your side-arm, and this is handy on the bigger maps where there are long range of sights making the gameplay experience sheer perfection when you can whip out your sniper rifle secondary. Honestly, Primed will become a sniper's best additional ability, as there is always a close encounter with enemy forces where you just wish you had a shotgun or sub-machine gun to dominate at those shorter ranges where you feel less comfortable using the sniper rifle.

The Fourth: Play Every Map, Even the Particular Ones That You Hate

There is a total of 9 multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer, 6 in the normal multiplayer modes and 3 exclusive maps for the war multiplayer game mode. Now, that is a small amount of maps to have in a rotation, especially if you have become accustomed to playing the war mode regularly, as chances are that you are bored to death of building and exploding walls on Operation Neptune - taking the beachhead.

The 6 maps for the normal multiplayer modes is also somewhat depressing after playing for a few hours, as there is far too much of U S S Texas on the war ship, Gustav Cannon on the train track ambush location, and Aachen in the building wreckages location. Then, there is far too few matches of Sainte Marie du Mont in the small town, London Docks (well, that one is self-explanatory), and Pointe du Hoc in the trenches located just off the cliffside. Those are all great maps, and the only other map worth mentioning is Flak Tower, an enemy ground-defence for the enemy forces, as the map feels like it is relentless in appearing in matchmaking, and I have played the map that many times that I'm not even sure if I like it or not. The general layout of the map is great because there is a lot of building coverage from enemy fire, but then on a darker note, there is a lot of building coverage so camping becomes a problem.

Realistically, for the launch of a full-game Call of Duty multiplayer mode experience, there is not excuse for launching the servers with only 6 maps in the normal multiplayer mode map rotations, as none truly stand out as being amazing. Every Call of Duty multiplayer multiplayer title from the past has had that one great map, but in "WWII's" multiplayer the closest map to being great is Pointe du Hoc, but it is by no means of the so called 'great' standards that we have come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise.

Might have strayed off point there for some time, but the point worth making is that playing every map, even the ones you hate should eventually bring you to a playable state where you simply have no quarrels with the hatred maps in question. In fact, to start I hated the Sainte Marie du Mont map, but later found that it had some great passages that would (when used correctly, and to the tune of enemy movement) get you some truly memorable kill-chains. Similarly, I started out liking the Aachen map, but since running into countless camping territories dotted around the map it has become one of my least favourite maps. Now, the greatest difficulty map is the one oddly large map (as it is the only large map in the normal game mode map rotation) called Gustav Cannon, but rest assured that there will be some fun times ahead just as long as you place yourself aboard the giant train defence obstacle that stands directly in the middle of the map, as this is a haven for snipers, and even sub-machine gunners if you place your shots at a distant carefully.

The Third: Adopt the Run and Gun Tactics of King Call of Duty Multiplayer Gamers

There has long been the adrenaline boosting mindset for seasoned Call of Duty online players to simply use sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and even sniper rifles if you are comfortable with quick-scope killing, as this is the most secure way of obtaining victory for the match and large sums of kills. More recently, since the launch of "WWII" multiplayer there have been so many players falling prey to the slow movement play-style that simply doesn't materialise in Call of Duty. Hanging back from gunfights will ultimately win you more deaths, and your kills will be based simply on the luck of the draw, as a descent enemy team would notice your sludge in the trudge in the mud and target you before the rest. Unfair, I know, but Call of Duty is ever so competitive and requires all players to remain hot on their feet as enemies will not hold back from getting some fairly hilariously unfair kills on those that camp to the back of map spawns. Sorry, this is almost a certain technique that will get you headshot-killed, but by consistently manoeuvring around the map - with or without the team will secure that you do consistently well for score, but move slow if you like just as long as you keep moving towards enemy locations you'll always win a fair number of kills.

The Second: Keep Playing for Extended Periods of Time

Most Call of Duty gamers that are new to the multiplayer franchise will quit early-on into their matches, and the best thing to do would be to hang around so that you are learning the tricks of the trade. There is only so much a seasoned Call of Duty multiplayer gamer can do before the lesser experienced player wins a kill against them. Eventually, the Call of Duty servers will recognise your skill-level, and the Activision algorithm will matchmake so that you are put with similarly skilled players, but this can take some time before it will take effect. A few consistent matches should do it, and before you know it you are on easy streak with your kill count, and you are consistently being rewarded with score-streaks, but be aware that score-streaks in "WWII" multiplayer are earned through score earned and not necessarily just your kills, so keep playing the objective and you'll be having more success and fun in no time.

The First: Grab Your Buddies, Because You're About to Have A Whole New Experience

I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but remaining in an active chat party with your friends unleashing a whole new side to multiplayer gaming, and the endless fun that can be had on Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer. For a start, you'll be constantly chatting about the game that you'll instantly begin to feel more immersed into the experience of playing a game online, and it is also helpful that your buddy will tell you where the enemies were located when they last died. Get ready, because you're about to earn yourself a lot of revenge medals, and being this immersed into the gameplay experience, you even find yourself listening out for footsteps, whereas casually playing online by yourself you never did what could have saved your life 3 times out of 5 conflict occasions.

Plus, and this one is the most obvious, and this is your buddies individual play-styles, as if you and your friends consistently play on the domination multiplayer game mode then there are going to be those that like to circle the perimeter of the map picking off more difficult kills, and then there are going to be those that liked to straight away cap flag C at the friendly spawn, and then instantly cross the middle of the map (dodging grenades, the leaping enemy from the window above, and relentless gunfire as they make their way towards the middle of the map to cap flag B. Right, so now you know your closest buddy is a flag B capper, then it is time to assist the man in taking down all of the enemies that stand between you, your buddy and the success of capping flag B. This is probably when your buddy likes to hop across flag B (once capped), to go and attack the enemy flag spawn location, and now the enemy have already capped their flag A spawn, so it seems it is up to you and your closest buddy to kill every last enemy spawner at flag A. From here, likelihood is that the rest of your buddies are helping to capture flag A, and then your all going to make your separate routed ways back to defend flag B, and if the team is confident, go recapture the now lost flag C enemy spawn location.

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