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7 Ways to get better at League of Legends

Updated on January 14, 2017


Many people thrive to get better at what they do. But, often times they aren't able to that is why I propose that there are 5 ways to get a higher elo in League of legends (basically 5 Ways to get better at League of Legends).

1. Always Stay Positive

If you are looking to get better then when you play games you have to stay positive. I know the feeling where you want to rage at your opponents because you're better at League of Legends than they are. This will not... I repeat will not help the situation. #1 positivity motivates people and if people are motivate they tend to play League of Legends at a higher standard thus also increasing your winrate/elo. There is a fine line between criticism and straight out bludgeoning someone else. Simply asking them to do this better or that is alright if said in a way to help them. But, calling people names and telling them they're noobs does not help them play better or be better at League of Legends.

*Note there are always those people that QQ/rage at you and your teamates. That's why we have the ignore button :)

2. Trust is Key

In the game of League of Legend trust is a key tool to get better at the game itself. When you don't trust the person/player you have already destroyed a large percentage of winning each game. It doesn't matter if people mess up because everyone messes up. You have to still be willing to help them and trust that they are playing at their best ability in League of Legends.

3. Have the Right Mindset

Another thing that helps you and helps you get better at League of Legend is having the right mindset. If your mindset is not right then it's going to be hard to get better at League of Legends. Simply put... having the right mindset will help you to be better at League of Legends. Once you do, everything will fall into place and you will therefore have the ability to get better at League of Legends.

Having the Right Attitude

Attitude is key if you want to get better at League of Legends. An attitude that is rude and demeaning will get far but only on skill. Once the skill cap is reached then without the right attitude you will have reached your highest point in the League of Legends community. What does the right attitude consist of? Well... an attitude to get better, an attitude to win, and an attitude that doesn't put your teammates. Without the right attitude you can only get as far as your skill is but things will go south because of your attitude.

4. Play a Variety of Heroes

If you're playing the game to get better we have to focus on a certain group of heroes. Whatever heroes you have fun with and/or whatever heroes you play the best with should be the ones that you first try to get good at simply because of the amount of heroes in League of Legends.

Personally when I started I played every hero I could get my hands on, so by the first couple months I had only played heroes once or twice though I did get my some experience in different lanes. But, overall I enjoyed playing mid heroes (usually AP not all cases) and junglers. Not only were the heroes fun to play with but the roles themselves were my favorite in the entirety of League of Legends. This is also when I began to play Akali on a frequent basis. roles is very important. Because if you played every single hero in League of Legends once or twice and cycled through heroes quickly you would never be able to get "good" at one.

5. Vision of the Mini Map

Ever notice that box in the corner of your screen? Yeah the one that shows where people are and where people are going. That's the minimap! ... Sarcasm aside the minimap in League of Legends is one of the most important aspects of the game. It shows so many different things and it can give you a variety of information if enough vision of the map is given. That's the reason for wards! Everyone should be contributing to the wards because vision of the mini map shows everything you need to make the right decisions to win games. Think of it this way... Imagine if the enemy team was cheating and they could see the entire map. They countered everyone of your pushes, rotations, etc. Now imagine if you could see everything your enemies were doing without cheating! Yup! Wards and vision of the mini map is important.

6. Last Hitting

The term last hitting refers to being able to kill minions and taking their gold. There are two types of last hitting; the first is using your normal attacks (Attack Damage) to kill the minions right before they die from your minions and the second is using your skills (which is sometimes called farming due to certain abilities). But, with both the goal is the same.. to gain the gold.

When you last hit the way you last hit depends on your vision (see 5.) and your goal. If your goal is to just gain the gold then you want to be the literal last hit to kill the minion thus the lane does not push and thus you are not put in a dangerous position. But during certain situations you want to continually hit or use skills to kill creeps. When the opponents are pushing your creep waves to your tower and you are unable to kill creeps accurately then hitting your opponents minions to keep the waves at a certain distance is key. Secondly when you are pushing an opponents tower then it would prudent to continually use "farming" skills (Area of effect) and continual attacks to quickly kill an enemies minion waves to allow yours to "push" to their towers.

7. Last but Definitely Not Least...

Take advice from people. Learn what people do especially what the pros of League of Legends do. Mimic their moves but in the end you also want to play in a way that suits you. Taking advice and learning from people is what it is about. League of Legends is a social game... just look at the make-up, every team has YOU plus FOUR other people. You can't tell me League of Legends isn't a social game. This is extremely hard for people to do especially when in a game. For some reason in games people tend to get extremely defensive and will take no advice from others. Don't be one of these people they populate too many corners of League of Legends.


There is no one trick to getting better at League of Legends. Yes you can do things that can improve your play but in the end improving and getting better at League of Legends is a psychological thing. You have to be in the right psychological state if you want to get better.

Remember getting better is all the mind. Set your mind and you can achieve it.

Comment. What makes you better at League of Legends?


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    • profile image

      gamer314 5 years ago

      Hey, it's a very good! I search for more minecraft's secrets and found this. .. It's very usefully :)

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      Proofread your article, but otherwise thanks, I guess.

    • profile image

      Riley D 5 years ago

      I love playing support. I'm terrible with AD carries, but I have great pride in getting my AD fed.

      Sion/Taric too op.