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10 Free iPhone Game Apps You Should Download Today!

Updated on December 6, 2015

Are iPhone games really that cool?

They seem to be one of the most fashionable ways of video gaming at the moment and the best part is the are so accessible to both men and women, old and young and I spend a predominate amount of my day on public transport, so these games are a godsend at times. I sometimes even pick them up at home if I'm watching the telly, but are they all gold?

Well no, some are absolute dross and make you regret the waste of battery you used downloading them. So you'd imagine I'd made a list of the best of the best? Well no again, it's just 10 games you may or may not have heard that I think you might like to play, because I loved them. Some you may love, some you may hate... which is why I have given you an option to argue your point down below and I welcome that. I have put a list down there for people to add there own and also to debate whether or not my list is good, but remember it's not a 'top 10', it's just some games you might want to try before your phone dies.

I Spend a predominate amount of my day on public transport, so these games are a godsend at times. I sometimes even pick them up at home if I'm watching the telly.

These games are all free to download, but in most cases they are either filled with adverts or offer in-app purchases and even in the worst cases a combination of both. Well I hope you enjoy all the games I've listed below.

The Tribez - Simulation

Such an addictive little game and this RPG Simulation game reminds me so much of the old Settlers and Tropico games. You are set as a time traveller stuck in a prehistoric world trying to build a new civilization.

There are multiple islands to explore and countless quests to complete which are varied and interesting.

You don't have to be connected to the internet to play so you can play it even when you're underground.

The only major downsides are the ridiculous amount of 'pay for this' options that come up and the seasonal tasks that are timed and are impossible... but if you can get passed this annoyance you will have hours of fun.

New Star Soccer - Sports

Only recently went free, but a great little game where you rise from and amateur footballer to a professional and one day play for your country.

It's based on power and reactions as well as aim as your basically direct the ball with your touch screen. It can be frustrating but if you like football you will love this.

You can buy power-ups, boots and agents and the like, but the main game is free, which is amazing.

4 Pics 1 Word - Puzzle

You see four photos and have to guess the word that links them. Genius.

The best part about this game is that it can really help you learn English if you are a language student and if you already speak English it's still a challenge. I am an English teacher and I still found it a bit tricky at times haha

Candy Crush Saga - Puzzle

So addictive you may want to smash your phone to make it stop... possibly as addictive as heroin. For goodness sake make sure you turn off the music as it turns you into a moron.

This game is a block game a la Tetris and these sort but you're bringing lines together by moving gems.

You get powerups and you have to pay for them if you want more (apart from a free 'game of fortune wheel' for one a day) and if you don't have facebook then you need to pay to progress to the next level.

This game is great, but the major problem is you have to admit you play it to your friends on Facebook hoping they won't judge, a bit like Harry Potter, if you don't want to pay to move to the next block of levels

Angry Birds Star Wars II

I could not believe this was free, so much fun. Angry birds + Star Wars... say no more.

Temple Run 2

You may have seen people on the tube continuously flicking up and down or tilting there screen until they look devastated.

Basically you are an Indiana Jones style character running away from a monster collecting gems to get a high score along with power ups, dodging obstacles and going through mine shafts and across logs till you inevitably smash into something.

This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played, aside from Candy Crush and you constantly feel like you have to try and beat your old score.

Dungeon Keeper - Sim - Strategy

Build a dungeon full of monsters and traps, defend it and attack others which makes it a bit more like 'clash of clans', but the visuals are really nice for a free app. Yes, there are the bloody dreaded in-app purchases and they do seem to offer them quite often, but they are, thankfully, easy to delete. Hours of fun to be had here.

I really liked building a horde and invading and defending and watching where I went wrong. It somehow reminded me of a board game like 'Space Hulk' or 'HeroQuest'

Hay Day - Farm Sim

Like Farmville, but slightly better. Has a nice look and a lot of fun. There are of course in app purchases, but like most they are not too invasive. It does need to connect to the internet so if you've got no signal forget it.

I enjoyed looking after sheep and pigs for a while and its a quite addictive game. It seems to be one of those games you play everyday one month, then nothing for two then back to it.

It's cool and harmless fun

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

The first one was phenomenal and I was so shocked that they released this one as a free title.

Well the sequel that many fans waited for arrived and it doesn't disappoint, but instead of paying for the app it is now loaded with in-app purchases... but it's not too invasive. The levels are varied and the types of zombies fun and entertaining. You can visit worlds such as the Wild West and see cowboy zombies with chickens or go to Egypt and see Pharoah Zombies.

The only main fault with this game is that once I completed I never wanted to play it again, but the first time was great. So no replay, but good first play

Samurai Seige - Strategy

This game is very similar to 'clash of clans', but somehow it appeals to me more. I like the Japan theme and the fact it doesn't seem so childish, unlike 'clash of clans'. There are plenty of single player missions and it is really addictive. The ads about buying stuff are not too in your face

There are loads of unit types and the game has a pleasant nature that makes you want to keep playing it. The only problem is it needs to connect to the internet for you to access it, so if you are going underground, or your signal keeps cutting out this is not the game for you.

All these games are really wonderful!

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