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Water Balloon Activity Ideas

Updated on August 2, 2016
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Robertatalloni means creativity. Whether in writing, or in more typical art forms, artistry (and a bit of fun) must be part of the work.

Pastel colored water balloons contradict their potential.
Pastel colored water balloons contradict their potential. | Source

Water Balloon Ideas for Summer Events

Summer is the time for outdoor events and there are few activities that top the fun and excitement playing with water balloons provide.

They wipe out the boundaries keeping some from participating in games--age, gender, phobias, you name it--water balloon games have a way of enticing all of your family and friends to join the fun!

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Get your stash ready!A little experience teaches you how much water the balloons will hold--and it gets you wet!  With all sorts of tools available to help you make the most of the water balloons I found it to be a no fail procedure once I learned how much they hold without being too fragile.A small bag of 100 will take your fun a long way!
Get your stash ready!
Get your stash ready! | Source
A little experience teaches you how much water the balloons will hold--and it gets you wet!
A little experience teaches you how much water the balloons will hold--and it gets you wet! | Source
With all sorts of tools available to help you make the most of the water balloons I found it to be a no fail procedure once I learned how much they hold without being too fragile.
With all sorts of tools available to help you make the most of the water balloons I found it to be a no fail procedure once I learned how much they hold without being too fragile. | Source
A small bag of 100 will take your fun a long way!
A small bag of 100 will take your fun a long way! | Source

Occasions for Water Balloon Activities

From birthday parties to family reunions and patriotic holidays to weekend cookouts, water balloon activities can be the highlight of an event. Neighborhoods and communities add water balloon games to their schedules because they are a huge draw for their functions.

Including the fun of water balloons in your next event will result in photos and videos full of action and laughter. Memories of the strategies participants come up with to engage in the games with team members and opponents will motivate you to make the games a regular part of your summer plans.

Whether it’s an all pink water balloon party theme for a girl’s summer birthday, red, white, and blue balloons for a 4th of July family reunion, or a back-to-school-colors water balloon fest, everyone’s sure to enjoy mixing sun and water for summer fun.

Water balloon kits are available to make filling and even tying them off fast and easy. If you decide to check out products to help you plan your parties, be sure to take a look at hot potato styled toys like the Splash Outs.

The following activity ideas can inspire you to spotlight fun at your parties. Read through the 10 idea starters for different age groups and before you know it, you'll be custom designing special games for your family and friends!

• 8. Elementary kids will have no end of fun at reunions with balloon wars that are guys against girls, cousins against uncles, as well as among friends at parties. Contests to see who can throw the highest and farthest, who can hit a target, and who can collect the most in a game of chase are right up their alley. They will generally respond well to organized activities centered around team work for their age group and that have prizes at the end.

• 7. Relays that combine younger and older children are great ways to help teach them to rely on each other as family members and friends. Teaming a 6th grader and a 1st grader with instructions for the older to encourage the younger with a positive attitude can help degrade the sad effects of age segregation. Also, be sure to consider dodge ball type games with interesting contents for the balloons. Keep in mind that surprise ingredients like koolaide, jello, milk, and more will require an outdoor shower area.

• 6. Junior and senior high teens will have typical attitudes that range from mocking to wishing they could get the others to just have fun with the activity. Whether they are cousins or friends, getting them going may require some good leadership from the adults in the group but it will be worth it to see them have fun in spite of their insecurities. Give some thought to a relay that progresses from easy to difficult in either distance or complication. Once those kids are focused the camera shots will make super memories for them.

• 5. Big kids may want to plan ahead for their own balloon activities. Each one (or each family of them) could work together to create an activity for the rest to join in on, then a vote could be cast by a panel of judges (grandparents, great aunts and uncles) to decide which creative activity would receive the winning Tootsie Roll trophy.

Count Down by Age: 10 Idea Starters for Water Balloon Activities

• 10. When babies and toddlers are part of the mix, combining them with water balloons for photo and video ops is stupendous fun. Their first experience with a squishy, colorful blob of curiosity out in the sunshine can provide families with unforgettable pictures for baby books.

Tip: Balloons that are not very full of water will give the most opportunity for photography. If they pop too soon a baby’s attention will disappear. If they are too full the pop might scare them, meaning the activity is over for a long time.

Important safety note: Never leave a baby or young child alone with a balloon. It is unsafe for them to be with balloons in an unsupervised environment at any time. Little ones must always be watched closely when balloons are in their environment. Remove and dispose of all traces of the balloon pieces when the activity is over.

• 9. For preschool through first grade children a simple free-for-all may be the best scenario for their get together. Time to explore the balloons (with supervision) and toss them around with each other in a kiddie pool will satisfy them as much as an attempt at an organized activity. They will enjoy watching and learning about big kid team games at some point.

Going the Distance with Some Serious Fun!

• 4. Whole family balloon ball games on the order of bean bag tosses could include the traditional as well as the extraordinary. Think basketball hoops or grandpa’s swimming trunks, and don’t forget about variations on softball. Family relays could be designed to make the most of piggyback rides and crawling under and over each other.

• 3. Kids like to watch adults compete. (Adults need to be careful to have grownup attitudes.) Parent competitions can include tosses between grandmas with moms against grandpas with dads, relays, and count downs at filling stations to see which parent can fill the most balloons for the kids to play with. Adults could also compete to make up a two-minute story about two balloons for the audience. Storytellers line up at the end and the kids vote best to worst story with their own stash of filled balloons.

• 2. For creative and the engineer types in the group, being prepared to build something with the water balloons can be an energizing experience. Designs can be flat on the ground, or they can be 3D with the right preparation. Beginning in a square frame on the ground, who (or which group) can build the highest pyramid? Who can create the largest water balloon piñata by tying them together?

• 1. My all-time-favorite first-pick water balloon activities include an element of surprise. The unexpected can be incorporated into many of the idea starters in this list, but we can end on a stunning note with one idea. It’s for those who like to give and take practical jokes.

Surprise and cold water are the key elements to this plot. Only the moms know that iced-water balloons are prepared and waiting in coolers for just the right moment. Everyone’s played hard, fed their tummies with a great lunch-time cookout, and they are now resting in the heat of the afternoon. Placid is the scene--until the moms move into action. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, dads are getting hit with frosty splashes. Of course, one of the moms should be ready to video dads yelping and kids laughing.

For pulling this off, guess who gets to clean up the yard, the food, the dishes, and the kids at the end of the day? :)

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A Super Tying Tool--These Kids Have It Wrapped Up!

Final Instructions for Water Balloon Activities: Have Some Fun!

Here’s to having fun in the heat with your family and friends this summer! Stock up on water balloons and plan to get some great memories into scrap books and videos.

Feel free to list your game ideas in the comments section and maybe you'll decide to have a party just to enjoy water balloon activities. Opportunities to slow down and have fun with the kids are short-lived--don’t pass them up!

Slow Motion Water Balloons

Water Balloons in Flight

Concluding Balloon Excitement

More for Summer Parties

What else can you do for summer parties?

• You really can make DIY glow in the dark balloons!

Paint T-shirts for guests at family reunions and birthday parties.

• Dairy restrictions at your event? Check out a dairy-free ice cream cake!

• This salad recipe with a twist is perfect for picnics and parties.

Have you used water balloons at your summer events?

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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Great, fun suggestions! I wish I was a kid...oh, wait, I guess emotionally I still am! :)

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      No need to be a kid to have this kind of fun---it's for everyone! Thanks for checking out this hub on water balloon activities and for leaving input on it.

    • alissaroberts profile image

      Alissa Roberts 5 years ago from Normandy, TN

      Love these ideas! Especially that last one about the moms going in for the surprise attack. One time my boys and I had to teach my husband a lesson with water balloons because he was late for dinner and forgot to call again :) Fun and awesome hub - I will be using some of your ideas with my boys this summer!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey


      How lovely to know that you'll be using some of these ideas! How funny that you and your little guys surprised your big guy with water balloons. :)

      Thanks much for stopping in and letting me hear from you!

    • Jennifer Stone profile image

      Jennifer Stone 5 years ago from the Riverbank, England

      Hehehehe I can just picture my husbands face if I got him with a cold water balloon... also my toddler nephews would love them! Great ideas, voted up and sharing! Jen

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