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100 Pics Game - Logos Pack Answer Sheet & Cheats

Updated on May 25, 2018
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100 Pics Logos Pack Answers

The 100 Pics Game

One of the latest puzzle quiz games to hit the app store is 100 pics. In this game you must try and work out what's hiding behind the tiles by fitting the letters provided into the blank spaces. You have the option of guessing the picture without revealing any of the four squares, this awards you more points. The more squares you reveal, the less points you are awarded for solving the puzzle.

For each answer you get correct you're awarded between one and five points, depending upon how many squares you have cleared. If you are struggling you can skip the level, or you can use a hint. Sometimes hints are free, you have to watch a video for thirty seconds and are then awarded a free hint. Most of the time though a hint costs you 30 points. You start off with 100 points and if you start to use hints often you will get stuck and not be able to progress through the game. You can purchase more points but this costs actual money!

There are various different level packs to play on 100 pics. At the start of the game you can play the animals, shadows and logo's packs. To unlock new packs you must spend your points.

Each pack has 100 pictures to play. Hence the name of the game. So there are thousands of pictures to play and you can play this app for days on end getting through all the levels.

However, some of the answers are very tough. So we thought we'd give you a helping hand. So below we have provided the answers to the Logo's Pack. This is one of the first packs you play so it should get you off on the right foot. Please be aware these answers should only be used when really struggling on a level, there is no fun in simply using every answer given as it will spoil the integrity of the game.

A Nice Easy One

Logo's Pack Pictures 1-50

When playing the game you go through various stages. Each stage has five pictures, we've noticed when playing that the order can vary. So answers 1-5 for example may not be in the correct order, but the answer will be in that first grouping so you should easily be able to work out which answer fits. We've divided the answers up into groups of ten to make it easier to follow.

So here are the answers for levels 1-50.

Answers 1-10

1 - Nike

2 - KFC

3 - Shell

4 - Facebook

5 - Pepsi

6 - Starbucks

7 - Mcdonalds

8 - Pringles

9 - Red Bull

10 - Dominos

Answers 11-20

11 - Twitter

12 - Wikipedia

13 - Puma

14 - Paypal

15 - Amazon

16 - Volkswagon

17 - Ikea

18 - Adidas

19 - Burger King

20 - You Tube

Answers 21-30

21 - Microsoft

22 - Skype

23 - Audi

24 - Google

25 - Fanta

26 - Pizza Hut

27 - Kodak

28 - Yahoo

29 - Calvin Klein

30 - Jaguar

Answers 31-40

31 - Instagram

32 - Krispy Kreme

33 - Nasa

34 - Michelin

35 - Pinterest

36 - Paramount

37 - Ups

38 - BP

39 - Evian

40 - Ben & Jerry's

Answers 41-50

41 - Air Canada

42 - Levis

43 - Xbox

44 - Lacoste

45 - PlayStation

46 - Android

47 - Dove

48 - Lego

49 - MGM

50 - Total

Those are the answers for the first fifty levels of the Logo's pack. Most of the early ones are very simple and take no time to get right, but as with most games it gets progressively harder. At this point the game gets quite a bit more difficult. So let's have a look at the rest of the answers for the Logo's pack.

Can You Guess This One?

Logo's Pack Pictures 51-100

'So these are the remaining answers for the last fifty questions of the Logo's pack. As mentioned the pictures of logo's do seem to get more tricky at this point, so you may need that little bit of extra help.

Answer 51-60

51 - North Face

52 - Toyota

53 - Dreamworks

54 - Timberland

55 - Snapchat

56 - HSBC

57 - Mercedes

58 - Unilever

59 - Louis Vuitton

60 - Honda

Answers 61-70

61 - Beats

62 - Spotify

63 - Vans

64 - Adobe

65 - Rolex

66 - Whatsapp

67 - Chanel

68 - Converse

69 - Unicef

70 - Ferrari

Answers 71-80

71 - History

72 - Quicksilver

73 - LG

74 - British Airways

75 - Lexus

76 - Japan Airlines

77 - Reddit

78 - Arm & Hammer

79 - Nestle

80 - United Nations

Answers 81-90

81 - John Deere

82 - Mitsubishi

83 - Tripadvisor

84 - Hyundai

85 - Mattel

86 - Chupa Chups

87 - Harley Davidson

88 - European Union

89 - Champion

90 - Reebok

Answers 91-100

91 - Atari

92 - Quantas

93 - Discovery

94 - Ralph Lauren

95 - Goodyear

96 - Monil

97 - Shazam

98 - Guinness

99 - Reuters

100 - Emirates

So those are all the answers to the Logo's pack. Some of them are quite simple whereas some are very difficult. Many are logo's we see on a daily basis whereas some are a little bit more obscure.

As mentioned earlier there are lots of other packs on the 100 pics game. We will at some point try and get round to uploading the answers for those packs as well. If you do find yourself stuck on a certain picture, these can be very helpful answers or cheats to stop you having to use those hints which take all your points.

How Ddi You Do?

Did you manage to get all the way through logos without looking up any answers?

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