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100 Pics Quiz Answers

Updated on March 4, 2014
All Images Used With Permission
All Images Used With Permission | Source

Let The Monster Loose

If I were to explain that 100 Pics Quiz is an absolute monster, it wouldn't do justice to the awesomeness of this game. The game is divided into category packs. Each pack has 100 different puzzles on its topic.

At this writing, there are literally dozens of different categories. There are bound to be a few that you would enjoy, as these topics are wide ranging and random.

An aspect of this game that has escaped most parents is that the game is not only fun for them, but it could also be a great learning tool towards helping a child learn about geography, landmarks and other cultures.

App Suggestion - 4 Pics 1 Song

4 Pics 1 Song
4 Pics 1 Song

Continuing to delve into the 4 Pics trivia app phenomenon, 4 Pics 1 Song focuses on all of the hits we know, instead of the band, in general. This is a fun app for musicologists everywhere.


How To Play

The way the game works is pretty simple. Each puzzle consists of a large image that is covered up by four panels.

The type of item displayed in the picture is listed above the image. Letters used to spell out the secret word are underneath the picture.

Your job is to correctly guess the puzzle with as few taps to those panels as possible.

The number of coins you earn is dependent upon how many panels were tapped to give you a peek of the image. The fewer taps, the more coins you receive. Once you have acquired these coins, you can visit the virtual store to purchase boosts or other category packs.

How Do They Recoup?

Most free apps typically have several revenue streams. For some reason, the developers have decided to create their own business model towards recouping their investment. A decent mobile app will cost upwards of $20,000 to create.

Unless the development team is loaded with investment capital or if they are a corporate firm, chances are pretty high that they need to somehow recoup the time and resources they spent to develop the game.

Guess The 90s

Guess The 90's
Guess The 90's

This app is a fun trip down memory lane. If you're a fan of Singles, Trainspotting, Seinfeld or the Grunge era, this game is just for you!


Ad Free Gameplay

One of the ways a free app generates money is through the ads that run between rounds or levels. In this case, there are zero advertisements in the game. They aren't showing between levels or even between benchmarks.

The casual player tends to look over or ignore the revenue stream that is typically, the bread and butter of the free model - the virtual store. If a game is cool or popular, there are usually a few boosts or items you can buy that will enhance your game or make the levels just a little bit easier.

Some of these games will allow you to use the coins you've earned to buy these items. Other games insist you spend real money to get virtual coins to use there. What 100 Pics Quiz is doing is a bit more complex, yet interesting.

From every crevace I have searched, there are no boosts to purchase for this game. The only thing to use your money on are new category packs. If you don't have the coins in your account to purchase the packs, they hope you will spend a few bucks to fix that.

Dozens Of Category Packs

The range of categories is breathtaking and the way this app was created will give the developers room to take this game in any direction that they see fit.

Some of the category packs include : U.S. States, Taste Test, Movie Stars, I Heart 80s, Pixel People, Music Stars, Silhouettes, What Job, Fairy Tales and much, much more.

Flow (Free)

Flow Free
Flow Free

It's fun to connect the points, but its not so much fun if you're color blind. I started out having fun, but as the levels got more intense, the colors became a blur. I'm most likely in the minority, though.


Think Jeopardy

If you can imagine all of the crazy categories that appear on Jeopardy, then you can definitely grasp the plethora of categories in this game.

As I found several topics that interest me, the puzzles were no cake walk. I found myself completely mind boggled on several of the levels and had to resort to an online cheat site to get me through the rough patches.

100 Pics Quiz Answers is equally amazing and a sweet counterpart to the game because all of the puzzles are organized in very easy-to-find ways.

Eventually, you will find yourself in a category that is not to your liking and getting more category packs will be important.

By visiting the site to get the solutions to some of your harder puzzles, you can keep those coins flowing and continue the exploration into cool topics. If you are any kind of a fan of trivia apps, nostalgia or picture puzzles, this game is a must-have for your smartphone or tablet.

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    • boutiqueshops profile image


      4 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      Haven't played this one yet, may have to give it a shot!


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