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100 Floors Walkthrough

Updated on February 11, 2014

Welcome To 100 Floors

In the mobile gaming community, there is a new genre that has emerged. The "room escape" genre is a phenomenon that is sweeping the globe.

The objective of these games is to solve a puzzle or brain teaser to get the door, elevator, window, chamber or exit to unlock. Once that happens, you advance to the next floor and puzzle.

There can be objects in the room that have to be moved in a certain sequence or a brain-teaser style math problem.

You might be required to shake your handheld device, turn it upside down, swipe with two fingers simultaneously or even rotate it in a circle. These games are fun because they test your intellect AND are interactive.

(All Images Provided Courtesy Of 100 Floors Walkthrough)

100 Floors Is Challenging

Stimulate Your Mind By Playing 100 Floors

Critical thinking is an important element to this game, as well as most of the other room escape mobile apps. Sometimes the levels are straightforward and literal. Other times, you are required to think of unorthodox ways to solve the puzzle and move on to the next floor. The problem I have discovered, while playing these games, is that I'm not much of a critical thinker.

Finding the abstract concepts they want you to learn has been a chore. I've found myself banging my head against a wall, in frustration, while trying to figure out how to advance. I don't like to play games that seem to be futile. That's what these room escape games do, make me lose hope in solving the puzzle.

When I get stuck to the point that there is no hope of me moving forward to the next level, I go to 100 Floors Walkthrough, in hopes of learning something. It never fails that they have the answer for any level. Download the app and give it a try. if you get stuck, check out the site!

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100 Floors For Android - Play The New Room Escape Mobile App - 100 Floors

100 Floors For Android
100 Floors For Android

The best part about this puzzler is that it's absolutely FREE. See what this "room escape" phenomenon is all about. Download 100 Floors for any Google Android device and delve into hours of great fun. You might consider purchasing this game, if you happen you have younger adults in the house, as this mobile app is perfect for developing critical thinking skills.

Developing the thought processes of young adults at an early age can really pay dividends, when they get to be in junior high, high school or pursue higher education. Room Escape mobile apps, Words With Friends and other games that require thought and have multiple options are the little things you can do to stimulate young minds. Did I mention this is FREE?


100 Floors Walkthrough Levels

100 Floors Screenshots - Screenshots Of Different Levels From 100 Floors

Click thumbnail to view full-size
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 96100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 97100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 98100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 99100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 100
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 96
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 96
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 97
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 97
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 98
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 98
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 99
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 99
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 100
100 Floors Walkthrough - Floor 100

Survey Says

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Room Escape Mobile Apps - Other Room Escape Games And Apps For Learning

There are several popular "Room Escape Apps" that are enjoying robust download business in the app marketplace. 100 Gates, 100 Chambers, 100 Exits, 100 Doors, 100 Lights, Dooors and 100 Doors X are just a few. There are more available, but only a few are currently offered for Android devices.

Mobile app developers are busy working on Android versions of the games that are currently on Apple's iOS platform. As they are released, I will add them accordingly.

Have You Played 100 Floors? - What's Your Favorite Room Escape App?

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