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100 ideas for hobbies/hobbyes (part nine)

Updated on July 12, 2012

100 ideas for hobbies 81-90.

So we have come to the penultimate instalment and oh boy what a journey its been, if you have been with me from the beginning I salute you, if you have just turned up and would like to read instalments 1 to 8 you can find them on my profile.

So let us see what the final 20 have for us, shall we?


81. Chess.

This activity has a low budget investment as chess sets can be bought very cheaply or even made if you are quite creative.

Have you tried playing chess.

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82. Doing magic tricks.

If you can master the art of magic you will be able to wow people wherever you go. You can even make a career of it if you get good enough.

Have you tried performing magic tricks?

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83. Learn to play an instument.

The instruments that I have always wanted to learn are the piano, violin and the harp. The closest I have yet come to learning an instrument have been the recorder and the harmonica, oh well. Instruments can be expensive depending on what you want to learn, it does take real determination, practice and commitment to become skilled at this.

Have you tried to play an instrument.

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84. Having a pet.

Don't go into this one lightly, you will be looking after another living being. They need feeding, cleaning, exercise and sometimes they get ill and will need to see the vet. But don't let this put you off pets are a very popular hobby.

Have you ever owned a pet.

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85. Bell ringing.

Although this is an activity only a few can lay claim to, it might just be the thing you have been waiting to try.

Have you tried bell ringing.

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86. Building castles out of sand.

This requires not much skill at a basic level but a huge amount of practice and talent at an epic level. As well as doing it at the beach it can also be done in your own home and bags of sand can be bought cheaply enough.

Have you tried making castles out of sand.

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87. Cooking.

Believe it or not cooking is a skill and you can easily identify a good dish from a bad one. To have the ability to cook well is a gift, just ask anyone that can't.

Have you tried cooking.

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88. Watching films.

Chances are your a film buff and you don't even realise it yet, if you think that films are definitely your thing write a list of 100 films you would like to see and watch them all.

Have you tried watching films.

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89. playing football.

Football is one of the most popular sports played in the world, football clubs also make and spend billions of pounds every year.

Have you tried playing football.

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90. Bungee jumping.

I'm in two minds about how I feel about bungee jumping, on one hand I think it will be a real rush but in the other the thought of it scares me. Anyway for all you fearless adrenaline junkies out there this ones for you.

Have you tried bungee jumping.

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