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100 things you can do when you are bored

Updated on September 24, 2012

100 things you can do when you are bored

1. Ride a bike around and view the scenery.

2. Go on an excursion to a neighboring town with a camera.

3. Go shopping, visit stores that you normally wouldn't go in. Males have a look at female clothes and women have a look at clothes for men.

4. Hop on a bus that you normally wouldn't ride. From the first stop to the last stop.

5. If it is sunny, go to the park and read a book or lie down and have a nap.

6. Go fishing.

7. Go to a former school and graffiti the walls at night.

8. Play childhood games such as hopscotch

9. Go shopping at the markets. Feel the sense of accomplishment you can get from bargaining.

10. Walk in a direction until you realize you should turn around.

11. Go to the beach, put a message in a bottle and throw into the sea. You can use the rest of the time to think whether or not the message has been received by anyone.

12. Go to a theme park a ride the most exciting ride repeatedly.

13. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Give them a surprise.

14. Visit a place you haven’t been to before in your city.

15. Volunteer for a day.

16. Visit your grandparents.

17. Secretly go to your parents’ work place and play detective.

18. Fly a kite, the ones that are extremely big.

19. If you are able to, go scuba diving.

20. Go bungee jumping.

21. Laser tag is also not a bad idea.

22. Go to a history museum, maybe it isn’t that boring.

23. Go with friends to the most prosperous part of the city and play rock, scissors paper. The losers have to do stupid things such as squat next to a trash can and sing a song or press your face against the window of a shop for 1 minute or until someone tells you to go away.

24. Visit teachers that have previously helped you along the way.

25. Stand in the downtown area and beg for money.

26. Catch some pretty butterflies and preserve them.

27. Go to the opera theatre and listen to a serious concert

28. Be a paperboy for a day. Wholesale 100 newspapers and try to sell them on the street.

29. If you know how to play a musical instrument, play at a place with a lot of people passing by and see how much money you would make.

30. Go horse riding, many cities have ranches where you can pay to ride a horse.

31. If you are old enough, learn to drive.

32. Go to the book store or library and read a book. Bring enough food and water and read for a whole day.

33. Try on expensive clothes. Just try them on and take a photo of yourself. No need to buy anything.

34. Go to a movie marathon.

35. Cross-dress and go out for a stroll.

36. Get a part-time job.

37. Go to the city and offer strangers free hugs.

38. Wait at the traffic lights and help the elderly and the mobility impaired to cross the street.

39. Go hiking on the mountains and then have a picnic(eating wild animals are considered illegal in certain places.

40. Go to the farm and milk a cow.

41. Call a few friends over. Everyone must bring a dish.

42. Learn to cook.

43. Learn to use magic and perform at a park.

44. Make a video and post it on YouTube.

45. Learn some pickup lines. .

46. Cut your own hair. You can design the hairstyle yourself.

47. Dye your hail a colour your parents wouldn't approve of. Remember so use dye that comes off after a few washes.

48. Wear a wig and go visit your friends.

49. Learn Kung fu.

50. Clean your home.

51. Shave your excessive hair.

52. Confess to the person you are in love with.

53. Get a mirror and pretend you have a split personality.

54. Redesign your unwanted clothes into a costume.

55. Make a music video and post it on facebook.

56. Read a newspaper out loud, record it and play it back to yourself.

57. Imagine yourself as a talk show host and then interview yourself.

58. Send hate mail to one of your teachers or ex-teacher(remember to keep it anonymous).

59. Get a blackboard and pretend you are a teacher giving a class.

60. Decide the baby name for your future child.

61. Learn some stand up comedy jokes.

62. Make some paper planes and see how far you can get them to fly.

63. Make a website devoted to your favorite celebrity.

64. Make a girlfriend/boyfriend.

65. Replace the contents of a bottle of Coke with Pepsi and get someone to drink it. See if they can tell the difference.

66. Draw a comic book of your daily life.

67. Photoshop your friends photos and send it to them.

68. Raise a few pets

69. Sing to your plants.

70. Train your dog to sit, stay and rollover.

71. Cross the road with your hands.

72. Teach your dog to do simple math questions.

73. Rearrange your furniture.

74. Rearrange your closest.

75. Wash clothes that have been in your closet for a long time.

76. As you’re washing your clothes you can think of yourself as that hard working servant in TV shows.

77. Design your own curtain pattern.

78. Repaint your home with a funky color.

79. Read some magazines and pretend one of the models is your girlfriend/boyfriend.

80. Play trivia with your friends.

81. Play 4 player monopoly with your toys.

82. Have an eating competition with friends. For example see who can finish 2 kilos of grapes first.

83. Play true or dare with your friends. The harder the dares the better.

84. Play tricks on your neighbor’s dog.

85. Swap the salt and sugar and watch your mother cook.

86. Play treasure hunting with your friends. One person to hides something within a specific location and other try to find it in a limited amount of time.

87. Have a look at your parent’s old photos and listen to tell you stories.

88. Try to make some money by recycling unused goods.

89. Observe some habits of your family members and tell it to them.

90. Do 500 push ups

91. Do 500 sit-ups

92. Read some old childhood books.

93. Write a novel and try to get it published.

94. Label your household goods.

95. Learn the script of a TV drama.

96. Knit a scarf or sweater.

97. Read a dictionary and learn some new vocabulary so you can look smart in front of your friends.

98. Take some history classes about your country. Be patriotic.

99. Call people that you haven’t called in a long time.

100. Think of 100 things you can do when you are bored and post it online.


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